Ch 4 Great Sage Redstone Event

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At the Gold Guts Bank.

I ran into Grida, one of the main character of My Heart, the Dragon Guardian.

She was trying to collect the thing from the bank, so I stopped her.

“Should I stop…? What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

Grida, a beautiful red-haired woman, is approaching me.

She looks huge up close.
Is this what she looks like? She is just as beautiful as she looks in the illustration.

She has brown skin and frizzy red hair.

Fans of the original story will get excited here.
I was excited too, but there was no time for that.

“You’re going to retrieve something important from… aren’t you? Isn’t it dangerous to go alone? And what if you get robbed after retrieving it? It’s not safe to go alone.
It would be better to collect it at a later date.”

This is exactly what will happen today.
The… [Bank Robbery].

But if I honestly say that a bank robbery is going to happen, then I would be questioned as to how you know such a thing.


Grida growls, although she gives me the benefit of the doubt.

“… Well, sure.
It’s an important errand from the headmaster.
I cannot fail.”


“But I can’t not collect it either…”

Well, I can’t help but feel that I’m out as an errand boy when I’m giving out information to others.

But if it fails, that’s it, you’re out.

“How about asking the adventurers for more escorts?”

“Now? But I can’t be late.”

Oh shit, why are you trying to go with the flow of the original story? Is it that or the power of fate?

Is that the corrective power that you see in time leap stories, where they try to make the same result? Damn.

“Then I’ll be your escort.
I’ll send an errand to the Adventurers’ Guild.”

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“Why are you…?”

Why, you ask…? Well that’s right.
Why do I intervene?

Grida becomes suspicious.
Well,What should I do…

“Well… that’s it.
You’re a beautiful woman, aren’t you? So, I’m a little worried.”

I said something cheesy.

“… No, That’s not true.”

Did you start to blush and squirm?

What’s this reaction…

“Well, anyway.
You’d better hurry.
I’ll be ready.”

I go to Ariadne.

“Aria, Go to the Adventurers’ Guild right now and call for backup.”


I won’t explain, but the bank is about to be robbed.”

“The bank is about to be… attacked !?”

“Oh, yes.
Report to the guild that the bank has already been attacked and ask for their support.”

Aria hurriedly left the place.

I go to Grida.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“… Hey kid.
Who was that woman?”

“Oh, oh, well an acquaintance.”


I don’t know, she looks really grumpy.

Oh, that? What’s that reaction…

“Anyway, I called for backup.
Let’s hurry up and retrieve them.”

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This event is in the first volume of My Heart.
The content is as follows.

Harris, who has been expelled from the Draco family, is visited by Grida, a guardian.

Grida recruits Harris to the school of magic and sorcery.

Before going to the school, she went to the bank.
There, Grida collects the [Great Sage’s Red Stone] that had been stored there.

The Great Sage’s Red Stone.
This is a magical item with mighty magical power, created by a great sage who is an acquaintance of the school principal.

The main story in the first volume revolves around this Great Sage’s red stone.

The enemy… who was plotting to resurrect the dark wizard Noir, was after the red stone.

The headmaster orders Grida to retrieve the red stone before it is stolen.

Just then, however, a bank ro

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