Inverted Mordent Industrial God Complex

Affinity of Magical Aspects

At one point as Illanoir walked through the hallway, he cast a magic that prevented as much blood from unnecessarily soiling the carpet. Either that he might be annoyed that his pay cut would extend, or the fact that it was just that troublesome to have a color liquid that kept dripping and staining more of his uniform.

The Guard Officer who saw the sight of the wounded elf that was exiting the building didn pay much attention, mostly because it was more of a normal occurrence and it would be weird if there weren any blood spilled for each and every week.

He took a fast visit to his home on the Nests and put the amputated hand on top of his desk. To prevent the flesh from rotting, he dried it to some extent before temporarily sterilizing it, preventing germs from invading.

”This will take a while to reconnect. ” He sighed. ”Ill stress this later. There are so many things to manage now that there are extra personnel from the fleet. ” He then started to caress his chin. ”I wonder if we need to expand the perimeter of the Nests. ”

Pretty much for the rest of the day, Illanoir was working with one hand. It didn affect the efficiency however, nor did it change his slightest composure. Because of that, his co-workers didn question and kept their mouths shut, as they had some hint on what was happening.

After working for 29 hours, the midnight time of the planet had arrived. Finally, Illanoir had finished his shift for the day.

”Doros, I want you to take a quick check on the drilling vehicle once more before resting. I don want to see the higher ups suddenly sabotaging the machines just to find any excuses to cut our wages. ”

”Consider it done! ”

”Oh, and. ” Illanoir eyed every pocket that Doros had. ”Has the special product been distributed yet? ”

”What product? ”

”So it hasn . ” Illanoir hushed his worker away. ”Don mind it. ”

For the first time once in a while, something had been bugging his mind like a nasty tick.

When he arrived at his humble enclosure, he took off his uniform and the fabric that was cut off along his hand. With only the oil lamp as the illumination for his enclosure, he started the process of fixing the wound.

Without muttering a single word, he began to rejuvenate the dead cells and the majority of the tissues, slowly turning them to the state where they had just been damaged while suspending any change and development. After an hour, he connected the limb with his hand. Beyond that, it was only a matter of perseverance and focus.

Despite Illanoir having one of the biggest lifespan reservoirs from all of the majority of Lunar Elves that were still alive, his innate talent and potential were still one of the worst levels that an Elf could ever reach.

”Hmm, I think Im getting better at this. Although a bit, I can now heal my wound in less than a day. ”

Back then, it took him an entire ten years to slowly modify his soul and appearance. His ineptitude was so low, healing a paper cut would take him two hours where most Elves could achieve the same result in an instant.

That was how inept Illanoir was back then. Although he managed to raise his proficiency little by little, he was able to preserve his will to learn and experiment like how an Elf would without any discouragement.

And because he had done this for a lot more than what he wouldve thought, connecting the lost tissues and the bones only took him another hour.

”Repetition is the road to proficiency, guess thats true in some way. ”

A little bit bored, he stitched back the disconnected sleeves from his uniform. After the trivial things had been removed from the table, he began to gaze at the elephant in the room.

”This candy. ”

Yellow colored convex pill with a smiley face. Seeing the appearance of it was enough to make Illanoir frown with discomfort.

The metal container carried five pieces. Each of them were then lightly scattered at his desk.

”Its been a while since I did an appraisal. ” He wryly snickered. ”Well, I have five hours left before the excavation mission. Energy is not going to be a problem either. ”

With the task of uncovering the composition of the candy in mind, Illanoir began his rather lonely attempt on the sliver of hope that he had for his elven kin.

That sliver of hope that mustn be broken, for it shall be the last of tolerance that he would heed by his heart.

”Are you sure that this is the way, Elder Kashk? ”

”Yep. ”

In the middle of the journey through the Vitas Void, Adoras voiced his concern for the lack of signs for directions. Numerous signs of discomfort could be noticed, despite that they no longer have a physical body. Elder Kashk didn care much either way

”I didn particularly dislike the method of this brute way to travel, but wouldn it be safer to cast a direct portal that connects the Ancestral Realm? ”

”It would cause a great chaos if we really did attempt that. ” Elder Kashk raised her index. ”The occupant of the Ancestral Realm didn really think of the Lunar Elves as their own. Our actions would be deemed over meddling with the inferior lifeforms if words were to spread. ”

”Great, now our side has been getting overbearing too. ”

Aside from two of them, there was an extra soul that was following right behind them. The youngest female elf that was welcomed to the Ancestral Realm, someone that didn really fit with the other occupant of the Ancestral Realm, so she was tagging along with one of the friendliest Elder that she knew.

”Yeah, I can see that. ” The junior wryly smiled. ”They were having fun playing ping pong and chess all day. It will be bad if we disturb their peace, knowing that most of them are the progenitors from the early creation of the universe. ”

e smart, Ishas. ” The Elder pointed it out, two finger-guns style.

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