Inverted Mordent Industrial God Complex

Conquering the Dune\'s Hell Bringers

Still in the process of appraising the compound of the malicious candy, Illanoir couldn help but to let his hands shaken by the accumulation of information that he found.

”Neurotoxins Ibotenic Acid and Muscimol. These are hallucinogens, what are they thinking!? ”

Unwavering by the thought of suspicion that kept growing and growing in every passing wind on the surface of the industrial dune, Illanoir had found more than 126 compounds within half of his appraising progress alone.

Androstenedione, Erythropoietin, Anabolic Steroid, Taurine, Creatine, Dextroamphetamine, Methylphenidate, Encapsulated Radiation, Mana Ambrosia…

Not only that this candy was using a lot of stimulant and performance enhancing materials like it was a dark hot pot, the amount of Artificial Incantation and lifeline energy infused to activate the formation was so absurd and ominous, it make the amount of germs within the public bathroom to be pale in comparison.

”They really did it… They really did this far… ”

Illanoir might be gazing at the creation of his kin, yet the intense glare that he donned was enough to scare any food chain predator from getting in the vicinity.

The ingredients alone can single handedly make a persons heart beat faster than what the blood vessels could sustain. Not only that they were forcing it by using an artificial incantation to siphon the consumers life fuel, they didn put any counter safety to prevent permanent damage from happening!

Magic is the world of visualization, but sometimes, a person couldn really do it with a mere thought and strong mind because of their determined affinity. Because of that, Incantation was founded to assist the act of assimilation and energy conversion that took place in the Elves soul.

A single word held its power, a sentence held many times more! But this kind of casting assistance had its major flaw, as it would force the user to deplete more energy than its worth if the Incantation was less powerful than the magic that would be cast.

Because Elven Magic were foundated by their own lifespan, it would be terrible to have your own spell to kill yourself unintentionally. Illanoir on the other hand, didn really want to be dependent on Incantation, so he rarely used it.

Artificial Incantation was a type of Incantation that was engraved and bestowed upon a medium and a catalyst. In some sense, it was more of a separate category for magic that was utilized.

The Artificial Incantations that Illanoir detected were the kind that was using the whole structure of the candy as the medium, and the persons direct lifespan as the catalyst.

Illanoir gritted his teeth, clenching the side of his head using his hand. Hoping to ease his unrelenting conflict by repeatedly stroking up the side of his hair, he faced the ground, keeping his eyes closed.

”Just, how long do I need to keep patience? ”

On the sky, outside of the former Heros tent, were the three spirits of the Ancestral Elves. One of them donned her eternal smile. One of them was anxious, and one of them couldn really believe that planet Emmir was this hospitable.

”It seems like that is the tent where the Liberator resides. ” Elder Kashk kept her easygoing attitude, all while teasing one of her former students in constant uneasiness.

”Elder Kashk, you still haven told me why we need the Hero of the Lunar Elves. ”

”Think about this, young Adoras. ” Elder Kashk placed her index right in front of her smiling lips. ”The Liberator, Illanoir, albeit weak in his general affinities, he kept on his research for magic like any normal Elves.

”Such stubbornness has its strength, especially for an extremely loyal individual like him that would do anything to keep his kin from being oppressed. In the Lunar Elves jargon…

”Illanoir is the manifestation of benevolent patriotism to his own blood! ” Elder Kashk kept her floating spiritual body in front of the closed Illanoirs tent entrance. ”Until this moment, he hasn laid a single harm to his own corrupted descendants. Because deep inside, he still believes that they are still connected to him as his brother and sister.

”But he is not dumb. ” Elder Kashk turned around, facing both of her juniors. ”Residing near his willingness to believe, came the massive doubt that is questioning whether the current Lunar Elves were truly his kin or not. ”

”He is on his wits end then, ” said Adoras with a solemn expression, as he could relate with the Hero of the Lunar Elves to some extent.

”He will snap out at any moment, is that what you want to say, Elder? ” With a mixed smile, Ishas flailed both of her clenched hands downward, slamming the air. ”As expected of our Elder! ”

”Yepper! ” Elder Kashk gave her double-finger guns.

”I see! ” Adoraseyes were enlightened. ”You
e planning to entice him to do something about the depressing state of his own kin! ”

”Huuh? Isn the Liberator already on his wits end? Why the effort to come here to entice him? ” said Ishas, donning a weird reluctant face.

”Young Ishas, you forgot that Illanoir is still a true Elf. ” Elder Kashk winked, crossing both of her indexes. ”He is unlike the current Lunar Elves with an extremely low life expectancy of hundreds. Some Elves of our era can live up to fifty thousand years~ To him, the whole 25,000 years of Lunar Elves Liberation is a small amount of time.

”Now think about it, what would happen if we let that kind of individual with an extremely slow perception of time, to think of the time of when he will make his move. ”

”Ah! More than 10,000 years will go by without him doing anything then! ” Ishas somehow became the one who was panicking.

”But Elder, you said that he is extremely loyal to his own blood of origin, to the point of not hurting a single soul of these depraved Lunar Elves. ”

Elder Kashk playfully inserted her right hand into the door of the tent. Obviously, her hand was going through it because she didn have a physical body.

”Thats where you
e wrong! Tch, tch, tch. Illanoir is an egoist, despite his extreme mindset. He didn really see much of the current Elves. To him, all of them were like an intelligent pet to him, a low life. And as someone with a great tolerance, he wouldn let a pet give him mental hardship. ”

Elder Kashk passed through the door.

”I still don understand, ” said Ishas with derpy face.

e still too young. ”

Afterwards, both of them followed their Elder.

Just right after they entered the domain of the Lunar Elves Hero enclosure, they completely stopped moving. Freezed, but not temperature related. The word terrified didn give it enough justice either. If one were to describe it in a sentence.

It was the feeling of a second possible death.

”E-Elder, ” said Adoras, trying to remain calm with his utmost best. If he were still to possess a mortal body, his body would be already releasing gallons of cold sweats. ”We have become Ancestral Spirits, no mortal can perceive us unless we allow them. ”

”Yup! ” said the Elder nonchalantly. While she still maintained her smile, she was donning an unhinged seriousness on her face, even with both eyes closed.

Ishas didn have enough mental power, she was on the verge of crying and terror.

For the individual that was in front of them.

Were maniacally staring at them with unhinged open eyes. That person didn even move nor breath. Even when three minutes had passed, he didn flinch for the slightest moment, nor did he blinked after that period of time.

Meanwhile, on the gazers side.

Huh, weird. I feel like there is something there but I couldn really quite grasp it.

To Illanoir who had the majority of his whole life, suppressing his turmoil of expression and emotion, his private haven with no surveillance magic, was the only place where he could convey his oppressed intent and desire.

I don know why, but I kinda forgot what I wanted to do, was what Illanoir thought right after, while still maintaining his creepy gaze.

Just like how a boulder can be compressed into a diamond with enough oppression, a mere desire to glance through the unseen was enough for Illanoir, to unleash a deadly intent and facial expression that was so terrifying, that it could affect the noble spirits from the Ancestral Realm.

Currently, Illanoir was in a comfortable state, where his urge and expression weren suppressed.

”Ah, it is nearing the morning of this planet. ”

In an instant, Illanoirs face shifted into his dormant state. With his current appearance, he looked like a troubled child that was conflicted on whether he should sleep to squeeze as much of resting time he could get, or go commando and stay awake, even though it didn matter regardless.

With a purely innocent face, he placed his index to his cheek to help himself to think

”Hmm, I guess I should sleep. One hour or two is still a blessing. Id better get some rest instead of stressing. ”

The three Ancestral Spirits were still kept frozen, until the unbecoming silver-haired lion laid his body in a state of bliss on top of his beloved floor bed.

”Hmmn, I want fried potatoes… ” muttered the aforementioned sleeping lion.

”… Is this just me, but doesn the Liberator look extremely adorable? ” said Ishas, still with a mixed feeling, just like how indecisive she was with what expression to use at the current moment.

”… I couldn believe that someone with a cute and pretty face would emit such a terrifying killing glare. ” Adoras looked dumbfounded.

Meanwhile, Elder Kashk had already closed the gap between her and the sleeping Illanoir. She was slowly gesturing her finger in the air again and again as if she was activating something. Along with it, a faint sound of a camera shuttering could be heard periodically.

The Elder then turned around. ”Huh? Why are you both looking at me like that? ”

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