Law of Return Online

Chapter 11: Beginner Animal Tamer

While walking in the forest, the two little monkeys helped occasionally, they mostly liked to pick up the silver and gold coins that were sometimes dropped when Jacob killed some wild animal.

It wasn many times, only 5 wild animals in total tried to fight back when Jacob stopped them from hunting other smaller animals.

The little monkeys couldn go into battle since they were only level 1. Perhaps their level would go up when Jacob signed a contract with them and let them stay in the Contract Space.

The Contract Space is a farm, and even though he only saw it in miniature, Jacob realized that there were vegetables and other things that could be eaten. Although he was curious to know how efficient it would be if the contracted animals would be able to eat it, he also wanted to try to see if it was possible for a contracted animal to get things out of it.

Otherwise, whatever, as long as the hired animals can get stronger faster and help him in the future.

”We are almost out of the forest. ” Jacob said softly, ”Don be surprised to see people like me. Some may even try to get close to you since you are so adorable but don try to get too close, there can always be people with bad intentions. ”

”Sing, sing… ”

The two white-headed capuchin monkeys opened their mouths showing their large teeth while making a hissing sound.

Despite being smart, Jacob still made gestures trying to be similar to what he said. After all, it must be the first time that these little monkeys have had contact with humans, it would be strange if they understood everything he said.

”Hahaha, no need to worry too much. Im still strong, am I not? As long as you are by my side, nothing bad will happen. ” Jacob said. He used his face to rub the faces of the two little monkeys when he felt that the two trembled a little.

The forest was almost over, he was already able to see the dirt road.

When he was about to leave and enter the road, Jacob stopped and looked at his status and thought.


Name: Achilles

Title: First Player

Class: N/A

Level 7 – Exp (357/640)


Strength: 28 (+7)

Intelligence: 29 (+1)

Physical: 30 (+3)

Attack: 140 – Agility: 35

Magic: 120 – Resistance: 30

Life: 660 – Defense: 33


Its getting harder and harder to level up. It will be easier to level up if I can already do dungeons, but Im still not strong enough, and I don want to take any chances. Leaving that aside, there are still quests, however, its not easy to find quests now. Only after the first month did the quests appear more frequently…

Even though he knew he was at an advantage compared to other people in the entire world, that wouldn stop him from being greedy. The more he manages to gain an advantage, the better it will be for him in the future.

Its no use thinking that if you don seek death, you won die. It might work though, you never know when someone random is going to just hate you just because they don like something about you.

Its the same case with his neighbor, ever since they met, hes been hated by him for no reason. There is nothing he has done to make this boy hate him because when they first saw each other, he had just moved in and he simply greeted him kindly, however, he was returned by a cold look and even some hateful words.

[ ”You disgusting bastard, do I know you? ”]

Jacob at that time was confused by Maicons reaction and was silent and a little stunned. With a mocking look, Maicon spat on the ground and left with his hands in his pockets.

Remembering that scene, Jacob simply shook his head. As long as Maicon didn do anything serious to him, that was fine, however, if he tried to go overboard… Well, he was more than willing to teach him a lesson.

”Huh? ”

Jacob thought he was seeing things, as he could have sworn across the road, he was seeing a holographic screen suspended in mid-air. With his good eyesight, he saw that something was written on the blue screen, but not close enough as it was in small print.

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