Life Decided On Rankings

Target Of Misfortune And Ranking Scores

Two hundred years ago was the beginning of a new change. A mysterious force had appeared, and a ranking system was placed on everyone.

Because of this mysterious force, society began to change. Peoples values started to change, and the structure of the social ladder also changed.

At the age of eighteen, one would receive their rank. When ranked, one would look at the users number. The lower the number, the better it is.

The current world population is twenty billion people. Meaning that out of those twenty billion, your ranked number will be ranked out of those twenty billion. The lower the ranking, the better it is.

What makes these rankings so important is the prize that they give. Every month prizes from money to power to influence will be given according to ones ranking.

These prizes could help increase ones ranking and help one get a better prize. There were many rankings. Such as power ranking and charm ranking, and the most important ranking is the overall ranking. There are more, but the list would go on forever.

Sometimes when you receive your rank, there are times when you would receive a magical power that will improve your ranking by a large margin.

Some say people already have these abilities but don know they have them. But theories like these were impossible to figure out.

Today is the day when I will receive my ranking. My life wasn good, and today would cement what my life would be.

Even without these ranks, my reputation around my neighbor was horrible. I was born into a family full of scum.

My dad was addicted to gambling and had it rough because of his low rank. But just because of that doesn mean he has to ruin my whole life.

Then we had my mom, who was going around with multiple men. I was lucky that she was neglecting me. My life was already a living hell. I don want her to add problems for me.

Because of them, my reputation as their child had already determined how people perceived me.

Both of my parents were born from the very bottom, not to mention my luck was also shit. I can even get a day without any problems out of my way.

It was like everyone was coming after me. Multiple times, I was framed for an act I hadn done. Then there were times when accidents relating to injuries happened. And there was a case where the place I lived was destroyed.

I was surprised by the fact that I hadn died yet. I hate this world. Even if I wanted to live a life where I would be safe from everything, this world wouldn allow me to.

In three minutes, I would receive my rank and a system. One would receive their rank right when they hit the age of eighteen.

There was no fancy method to gain one right. When you turn eighteen, a ranking will be shown on your face.

Upon receiving a rank, you would gain a reward for your rank. It was a shame that there was no privacy of your rank.

With a shitty life like mine, I don have many expectations of getting a good rank. It was a good thing I moved out of my parents house.

At the age of fifteen, I started to work part-time. While my pay was right at the minimum wage mark for a teen like me, I found a small apartment with low prices.

The only thing I could complain about would be the noisy neighbor and snobby landlord, but it was better than being beaten by my father.

[System Received.]

[Ranking Received]

[User: Charles Anderson.]

[Age: Eighteen Confirmed.]

[Information Received.]

[Status Confirmed.]

[System Activated.]

[Ranking: 5000/20B]

[Reward: Body Enchantment Capsule, Skill Upgrading Capsule.]

I couldn believe my eyes. At first, I thought I had gone crazy after rubbing my eyes. What I saw was real.

”Hahahaha! ”

Tears flowed out of my eyes. I couldn believe it, just like that, and I could escape this shit hole.

Looking at the rewards, I got the items for it. There were two capsules for my reward. One was a skill upgrader and a body enhancer.

I grabbed a bottle of water with the body enhancer capsule and swallowed the capsule. Once taking the capsule pill, my body started to ache.

Every fiber of my body began to move. I was sweating intensely and felt some sticky substance that wasn my sweat coming out of me.

This lasted for four hours, and luckily I was used to pain, so something like this wouldn kill me. With the process finished, I went to take a shower.

I smelt like shit, even worse when thrown in a garbage dump. After I finished washing, I took a glance at the mirror.

Was this me? My scars, injuries, and bad parts of my body had all disappeared. I wasn ugly or handsome before since my looks were unique. But now I could say I was 10/10.

Looking at my body was more on the muscle side and was now perfectly flawless. This isn me being a narcissist but the truth.

My ranking had improved once again, and both charm and body strength had improved by a large margin.

I was already physically fit, so that I wouldn get picked on by anyone physically. My strength had improved by ten times and along with my sense.

This body enhancement capsule wasn a joke, as expected of a rank in the thousandth place.

My previous rank was at 5000. Now my current rank is 4342. Six hundred fifty-eight ranks may not be a lot to the billions, but it was something hard to do in my rank.

Once the rankers were already high on the boards, it would be harder for them to go up. And for me to go up was a miracle.

Looking at my system again, I saw that I had a skill. I couldn believe what I just saw.

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