”Pfff … haaaa haaaaa haha HA HA HA HA…. ”

A young man was sitting on a broken ship that was sinking between the waves while laughing.

”Indeed, a great ending to such a masterpiece. Its just a shame that I won be able to read the sequel since the author **ing died …. Great …. ”

The book that he was holding had been drenched by seawater, and the words written on the pages had long been washed away.

Finally, a colossal wave crushed against the hull of the sailboat. The ship completely broke into a million pieces and sank under the waves bringing down the crazy man that was laughing hysterically just a moment ago.


A dreadful and putrid smell assaulted my sense of smell. As I woke groggily, I noticed that I could hardly breathe.

I lifted my face from the sludge on the ground and spit blood mixed with foul substances.

My head immediately started to hurt as I tried to recollect what had happened and where I was.

I remembered my last moments.

I loved reading light novels, especially while going out with my sailboat when an unannounced storm showed up. A strong current of wind hit my sail while I was unprepared and almost snapped my mast. I fought for hours, trying to escape my predicament, but I couldn . While battling the storm, my boat got more and more damaged until I realized that I couldn even steer the ship anymore. Ultimately, I left everything to fate and started reading my favorite novel.

As I tried to get up, I realized that I didn end up on a beach or at the bottom of the ocean. I was lying in a sewage drain at the side of what could be barely considered a road.

I managed to stand up from where I was sleeping just a moment ago and looked around.

The whole place was dilapidated; two rows of tiny crumbling houses surrounded the muddy road. A couple of people were walking around and what surprised me was that they weren wearing modern clothes but old and brownish garments that resembled what you would see on a pirate in a movie.

I immediately looked down at myself and realized that my original clothes were replaced by a filthy black Victorian coat that reached my ankles.

While looking down, confused at my attire, another set of memories invaded my mind. I was finally able to understand my current situation.

My name now was Adrien Holmes, the son of one of the most influential aristocrats of the Woflen Empire. I would consider myself very lucky if I could live the life of an important noble, but from my current condition, most people would have realized that my situation was terrible, to say at least.

I was abandoned by my family a couple of days ago, and I ended up being robbed and left beaten in a ditch. But if it were just that, I wouldn be despairing as I was now because, from my original set of memories, I recognized that the body I was currently occupying was one of the main villains of the novel that I was reading before dying in the storm.

While I was putting myself together, the sound of boots stepping on mud reached my ears.

”Hey, BRAT! Are you still alive? ”

I looked towards the man that was approaching me, and I remembered his name, Otto Olbrich.

”Dammit, Otto, I can barely stand … damn. ”

”HA HA, as long as you can talk back, its fine. ”

Otto reached me, and I saw a well-dressed man in his 60s eying me with a smug smile.

He picked me up like a sack of potatoes and started walking.

”Hey, HEY! put me down! What are you doing!? ”

I started making a fuss as my memories were still jumbled up

”He he, I am bringing you to the house to patch you up and make sure that you don kick the bucket in a few hours since you still owe me money. ”

As he was walking, I started losing consciousness again, and I mumbled some incomprehensible curses under my breath.


The sound of boiling water reached my ears as I started to open my eyes

I lifted myself from the bed and sat up

I looked around and realized what happened yesterday wasn a dream.

My body had been bandaged, and my clothes, including my black coat, had been cleaned and put on a chair next to me.

I started thinking of what I was going to do. I recollected that I had reincarnated in a novel as a villain. My current identity was an important one.

As one of the novels main characters, I swore revenge on the family that had abandoned me and the one that had caused my banishment, one of the main heroines Lydia Richardson. She was the eldest princess of the Woflen Empire and a genius with the ability to wield powerful magic.

To be honest with myself, the previous owner of my body was a scumbag that tried multiple times to get together with Lydia despite her numerous rejections.

Ultimately, he tried to drug the princess, but he was discovered.

So, anyone would say I was lucky as I had gotten away with my life despite harassing the second most important person in the empire set to become an Archmage.

Well, maybe not since my predecessor got replaced by me after being left in the ditch.

So, if I followed the plot of the novel that I was currently in, I would meet the main pr

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