Mad Dog

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Mad Dog: Chapter 3


An indifferent person is irresistible to others




Zhiqi and Jiang Qi were found in the suburb of Shimada, unfortunately, the police station was far from the city.

Zhiqi’s second uncle happened to be nearby and arrived first.
When Zhiqi’s parents arrived in a hurry, they saw her sitting in the corner with Jiang Qi and the two children were leaning against each other.

Zhiqi's mother Mei Ran was in a state of torment all night.
Her hair was a mess after running over.
Once she saw her daughter tucked in safely, she hugged her and cried.

Without a doubt, a mother’s biggest worry is for her child to have an accident.

For this reason, when Mei Ran and Zhi Minglin found out about what happened, they expressed their gratitude to Jiang Qi and even offered money as a reward, however, when they wanted to contact Jiang Qi's family, they were stopped by the boy's indifferent and alienated voice——

“No need.” Jiang Qi shook his head and simply rejected the kindness of Zhiqi's parents: “Thank you, uncle and auntie, I don't need it.”

Zhi Minglin and Mei Ran couldn't help but have some doubts.

The boy in front of them looked underdeveloped.
Although he was not short, his body was almost bony.
He looked pale and malnourished and his clothes were ragged…

He lacked money, but said he didn't need it?

This comes as a surprise to adults who are used to measuring society in terms of money.

After Jiang Qi finished speaking, he followed the police to explain how Zhiqi was discovered.
Mei Ran and Zhi Minglin only understood the events as they listened to him.

It turned out that the place where Zhiqi was kidnapped and thrown into the truck happened to be a wholesale vegetable market.

Vegetable sellers from all walks of life would buy goods early in the morning.
Coincidentally, Jiang Qi followed his uncle who sold vegetables that morning.   Fortunately, Zhiqi's hair tie fell outside the broken truck and he noticed a faint whimpering sound inside.

Jiang Qi ‘s sense of danger was extremely acute.
At that moment, he subconsciously felt that something was wrong, so he opened the curtain and took a look.
He saw the little girl curled into a ball and tied up.

If he had told his uncle, he would say don't meddle.
So Jiang Qi could only take action by himself and run away with Zhiqi.

He has lived amidst 'bulls, ghosts, and snakes'1 since he was a child, and his sensitivity and ability to respond to the right set of circumstances are incomparable to a flower who grew up in a greenhouse like Zhiqi.

Just like people living in a peaceful period cannot understand the suffering of people in wartime, these healthy ordinary people in the police station were stunned by the timely rescue measures taken by a ten-year-old boy.

What's even more incredible is that Jiang Qi can still remember the truck’s license plate number in such a dangerous situation!

This undoubtedly gave the police a great clue to solving the case.

In the stunned eyes of the crowd, the boy's expression was calm and his glass-colored eyes showed no emotion.

Jiang Qi only asked: “Can I go?”

There was an inexplicable silence in the police station.

It was Zhiqi who broke the silence and ran to Jiang Qi's side with her short legs and held his hand.
She did not want to let him go, her eyes were full of reluctance, “Little brother, where do you live??”

Jiang Qi frowned and didn't answer.

“What do you say?” Zhiqi was a child who grew up in a honey pot2 since she was a child.
She’s not very good at reading people’s faces.
She still asked reluctantly, “What should I do if I want to play with you? I want to thank you very much.”

“Uh, Xiqi.” As an adult, Mei Ran could already see the inconvenience of Jiang Qi.
So she hugged Zhiqi and whispered, “Don't force elder brother to answer questions that others don't want to answer.”

Do not want to answer? This phrase undoubtedly made the little Zhiqi feel pricked.

But if I don't ask where Jiang Qi lives now, how will I find him in the future? Will I never see him again?

Zhiqi's eyes turned red, which looked pitiful on the porcelain white doll’s face.

It seemed that she was about to burst into tears in the next second.

Zhi Minglin and Mei Ran couldn't help feeling a little embarrassed and they hurriedly comforted their daughter in a low voice.

Jiang Qi frowned and after a while, he opened his mouth, “Sixth Elementary.”

He didn’t want to say it at first but in the end, he mentioned he was from the sixth elementary school.

Mei Ran was overjoyed and hurriedly whispered to Zhixi in her arms, “Xixi, look, brother is from the same school as you!”

It turned out that she was also from sixth elementary school.

Jiang Qi regretted telling her.

“Really?” Zhiqi raised her head and stared at Jiang Qi.
She asked excitedly, “Little brother, which class are you from?”

He didn't want to answer, but her tearful surprise made people feel irresistible.
After a long while, Jiang Qi said, “Third class”

At that time, the boy didn't understand that a typically indifferent person was irresistible to one’s fated person.

In the same way, Jiang Qi did not expect that later in his life, a brief encounter with Zhiqi would forcefully give him sunshine.

Jiang Qi also resisted at the beginning, he had fought his heart.
But just like everyone in hell can't resist the existence of heaven, he couldn't persuade himself to resist Zhiqi.

For Jiang Qi, Zhi Qi was the only color in his entire gray childhood.
As for Zhi Qi, Jiang Qi was the most special friend she ever had.

The ten-year-old girl is still at an age where she doesn't understand anything, but she can already judge a person by instinct.

Children's preferences are much clearer than those of hypocritical adults.
If they like something, they like it and if they don't like it, they don't.

At that time, Zhiqi knew very clearly that he liked Jiang Qi.


The case of Zhiqi's kidnapping was quickly investigated with the help of the license plate number provided by Jiang Qi and the surveillance in Lin Lan's various intersections.

Another reason for the fast investigation is because the man who kidnapped Zhiqi was a wanted criminal on the run, specializing in cases of child trafficking and abduction.

The middle-aged man who threw Zhiqi into the truck was tall and big as shown in the surveillance video.
After using the facial recognition system, they discovered that he was a trafficker.
The police dispatched a SWAT team overnight to encircle the criminal gang.

In the end, a big syndicate was unearthed.
It turned out that this group of scumbags tied up and kidnapped children and sold them off to rural places.

After finding Zhiqi escaped from them, the group had already started to escape.
However, the legal network was very prudent and the perpetrators would eventually be arrested and brought to justice.

Although, no one would ever think that the clues which solved the case would come from a little boy.

It's really…yin and yang.

If Jiang Qi hadn't gone to the suburbs to collect vegetables with his uncle that morning and hadn't accidentally discovered Zhiqi, this girl's life might have been ruined.

Those girls who were sold to the deep mountains must’ve shouted help to the heavens1, but how many of them managed to escape?

After the incident came to light, Zhi Minglin and Mei Ran felt their hair stand on end just thinking about it and they couldn't sleep all night from fear.

They couldn't help but thank Jiang Qi even more.
They regarded the boy as a savior.

But Jiang Qi was still unmoved and refused them.

The little boy said the same thing: “Thank you uncle and aunt, but no need.”

Although the boy was small, he was very stubborn and Zhi Minglin and Mei Ran gradually had to give up.

They vaguely felt that Jiang Qi was a little strange, but they couldn't say why.

It was rather strange that The ten-year-old boy had injuries on his body,  perhaps his small hands showed traces of hard work from helping his family in the early morning or from saving a little girl in an orderly manner…
but from which perspective is the truth?

Besides, since Jiang Qi arrived at the police station, no one has called for this little boy…one couldn’t help but feel lonely for him.

Mei Ran guessed that Jiang Qi's family conditions might be very bad, but it was strange that Jiang Qi's conditions were so obvious yet the boy refused their compensation and help.

There was no other way, but to tell Zhiqi to take care of and help Jiang Qi at school.
She was thinking that maybe only a child could heal another child’s heart.

This reminder is left in  Zhiqi's heart.
Even if her mother didn't tell her, she subconsciously wanted to find Jiang Qi and pester him.

In school, Zhiqi volunteered to be the boy's little tail.
She didn't care about Jiang Qi's indifference and the unknown reasons why her classmates ignored her.
She just wanted to repay his kindness.

It's a pity that Jiang Qi's reputation in the school is not good and Zhiqi soon found out that his classmates reject him.

Theoretically, elementary school students should still not understand what 'grouping' and 'bullying' mean.

Once she got to know Jiang Qi, Zhiqi would hear classmates calling him the 'son of a murderer' everywhere.


The immature girl couldn't help but tremble when she heard this word and her dark pupils were filled with misty confusion.

Even Cui Shuangshuang, who was playmates with Zhiqi couldn't help but gossip when she found out that she goes to the next class to find Jiang Qi, “Xiqi, are you playing with that Jiang Qi?”

A distinct trace of fear and contempt flashed across Cui Shuangshuang's immature eyes: “I heard from the boys in their class that he is the son of a murderer.”

Children are mostly not as hypocritical and snobby as adults.
At their age, most of the emotions they show are impulsive.

Such as like, fear, dislike, despise, etc…

But it was precisely this 'subconscious' emotion that made Zhiqi's soft heart feel a little thorn.
Even though she didn't understand anything yet, with her pale and tender cheeks bulging and her crisp and tender voice said,  “Jiang Qi didn't Murder anyone, why are you afraid of him? Why not play with him?”

The articulate little girl can't help but feel the unfairness.

But how can there be any 'fairness' in the world of children? The more innocent and pure, the more cruel the truth.

Cui Shuangshuang didn't seem to understand what Zhiqi was talking about.
She blinked and said as a matter of fact, “Of course the son of a murderer can kill someone, everyone said that.”

“You are talking nonsense!” For a moment, Zhiqi was like a milk cat whose tail had been stepped on and her whole body blown up, “Jiang Qi can't kill people, he saves people, he's a good person!”

After speaking, Zhiqi ignored Cui Shuangshuang's stunned face, picked up her school bag, and ran away with her short legs.

This was the first time after school that she didn't wait for Cui Shuangshuang to leave school together.

The little girl was depressed and wanted to cry inexplicably.

It was only after many years that Zhiqi understood how she felt at the time, which was called 'distressed'.

She felt distressed that Jiang Qi did not do anything, he was a good person who saved people, but he was born with a heavy shackle because of his family background.

And Jiang Qi had to keep working hard to break free from that unbearable shackle.

Because a person can be destroyed, but not defeated.




牛鬼蛇神  Bull ghosts and snakes-  a metaphor for all kinds of bad people in society. 抱蜜罐子- Holding honeypots a metaphor to enjoy blessing, figuratively enjoying happiness. 天天不应叫地地不灵- means ‘there was no response to the calls to heaven from earth, or to be without any aid

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