Mad Dog

CH 5.2

Mad Dog: Chapter  5.1




 Translated by: periwingkle wings   


Jiang Qi’s appearance became engraved in Zhi Qi’s memory for a long time.
As a matter of fact, for a ten-year-old girl, she should have been afraid to see such bloodthirsty eyes from a young boy, but she was strangely not afraid.  Most likely, because her pure eyes can capture the struggling soul beneath his skin.
Zhi Qi was more concerned that at the moment Jiang Qi was being suppressed, bullied, and in pain.


Thus, Zhi Qi pursed her lips and did something quite bold coming from her.
The little girl knocked on the door and shouted but no one answered.
Seeing that Jiang Qi was beaten by the senior boys inside, her heart was burning with anxiety.


She continued and took out her stationery box from her schoolbag, then smashed it against the locked glass window with all her strength!


Of course, the school bullies couldn't match the solid iron stationery box bought by the girl from a well-off family.
With the crashing sound, everyone's movements stopped.


Several boys in the dark classroom were startled and looked up suddenly—


“Jiang Qi!” Zhiqi saw Jiang Qi’s state as she saw through the window, then quickly kicked a piece of glass towards him, “Take it!”


Occasionally, violence may help some people solve things.
For example, in this current situation when those senior boys saw the sharp glass in Jiang Qi's hand.
They didn't dare to throw their fists at him like before.
They just take turns staring at Zhiqi and Jiang Qi.
Cursing and leaving them before the security guards patrolling the school found them.


After all, it was the first time that Zhiqi had ever done such a reckless thing.
After they left, the courage she held on to was relieved.
She leaned against the wall behind her as if she had lost her strength.
Her face was pale and she was short of breath.
Jiang Qi looked at her with a little beam and said nothing.


After a long time, he heard the little girl's soft murmur, “You…you didn't have your school bag.”


Zhiqi hadn't forgotten why she was looking for Jiang Qi.
The boy lowered his eyes, walked to her in silence, bent down, and picked up his schoolbag.


“Jiang Qi.” I don't know if it was because I was frightened just now.
The girl's voice was a little weak and she asked him timidly, “Can you pull me up?”


Her legs were a little weak.


So, Jiang Qi threw away the broken glass in his hand, grabbed Zhiqi's hand, and pulled the girl up.


It was the first time they held hands.
It was only a short contact but Jiang Qi had only realized how pampered and soft the girl's hand was compared to the rough hands he use to pick vegetables to work with since he was a child.


It was Zhi Qi who gave a soft “Huh”.


She couldn't see the boy's hand in the darkness, so she tilted her head curiously and asked, “Jiang Qi, do you have something in your hand?”


She accidentally touched a scar on the back of the boy's hand, but she didn't know what it was.


Jiang Qi's fingers stiffened immediately.
He pursed his lips and let go of her.
Then he resumed his indifferent voice, “Let's go.”


Later, Zhiqi told her parents that she accidentally broke a piece of glass in the school and ended up paying money to the school.
After Jiang Qi found out about it, he took the initiative to look for Zhi Qi after class for the first time.


The little girl was stunned and ran over happily, “Jiang Qi, why are you here?”


With people coming and going, Jiang Qi straightened his posture and became a little bit uncomfortable.
He looked at her with light eyes, “How much?”


The smile on Zhiqi's face froze and she frowned in confusion, “How much money?”


“Classroom glass.” After Jiang Qi finished speaking, he seemed embarrassed and paused before continuing, “I will pay you back.”


The little hand hanging by his side clenched involuntarily.
As far as he can remember, everything related to money made Jiang Qi feel ashamed – besides he didn't want to owe Zhiqi.
Since children from poor families are in charge of the family at an early age, Jiang Qi had already understood how to live by the word ‘self-esteem’ at a young age.


“Oh, that.” Zhi Qi's long eyelashes blinked.
She didn't know why she was a little disappointed, but she quickly ignored the short-lived emotion and smiled again, “Why do you want to pay me back? That’s right, it was me who broke it.”


Although she was young, she already understands the truth of being responsible.


“No.” Jiang Qi said stiffly, “It's because of me.”


“No way.” Zhiqi was already leaning on the railing to drink milk.
Her voice was vague, “I broke it and I didn't have much money.
Both my mom and the teacher said that it was good enough I was fine and didn't get hurt.
There were only five in total.
Ten yuan…”


Fifty Yuan.


She didn't care about it at all, whereas Jiang Qi wrote down the number silently and he hummed softly.
Zhiqi didn't realize how stubborn Jiang Qi was until later.
In the end, he gave her fifty yuan when they graduated from elementary school.
For a little boy who needed to help his uncle sell vegetables to earn money to go to school, fifty yuan was his savings from every cent for about two years, but he still insisted on paying her back.




Withdrawing from her memories, Zhiqi found that she had saved a folder’s worth of Jiang Qi's pictures.
All of which were searched on the Internet.
She almost saved all high-definition pictures, raw pictures, etc.
She sighed with regret, it was a pity there were only few photos of Jiang Qi and not much news of him.


When Meng Chunyu opened the bedroom door and saw Zhiqi staring at the computer.


“Oh my God…” When she saw the pictures of Jiang Qi on the screen, the girl's mouth opened in surprise and she walked over quickly and asked, “Xiqi, do you like this Jiang Qi? “


Zhiqi's heart thumped and her fair face turned pink at a speed visible to the naked eye.
She held the mouse tightly and asked dryly, “How, how do you know?”


Her voice faltered nervously.


“Hahahaha, how could I not know.” Meng Chunyu couldn't help laughing at Zhiqi's behavior, “Why are you nervous? You have the symptoms of a typical star-chasing girl!”









I just finished reading the novel.
I enjoyed it and love it so much.
Despite the rejection and discrimination, ML encountered FL and their good friends were there for him.  Feel free to leave a comment or reactions.
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