Mad Dog

CH 6.1

Mad Dog: Chapter  5.2





Zhiqi was relieved her friend thought she was a star-chasing girl, for a minute she thought that she was discovered that she liked Jiang Qi.
Back in high school, everyone knew that she liked Jiang Qi.
 A hopeless love.
But now…


Zhiqi breathed a sigh of relief and smiled softly, “Maybe.”


There is nothing wrong with the title of 'star chasing girl', Jiang Qi herself is more shining than the stars.
But Meng Chunyu couldn't understand her foolish mentality.


She shook her head and sighed with emotion, “Babe, a 2G girl like you has finally connected to the Internet.
Is this the first time you like a male star? This little brother is quite handsome, but not like I haven’t seen one before.
It’s hard enough he was sent to jail.
It’s not good to be a girlfriend fan and career fan, so you might as well like someone else.”


Zhi Qi couldn't understand her “fan circle language” at all.
She just looked at her blankly.


Seeing this, Meng Chunyu couldn't help but laugh out loud.
Her slender fingers tapped her head, “Ah, I mean this Jiang Qi has no future, I guess he's just a newcomer who accidentally got popular.”


This time, Zhi Qi understood and pursed her lips a little displeased.


“Who said that?” She is gentle and rarely refuted her roommate.
She solemnly clenched her fist and said, “He has a great future!”

Meng Chunyu looked at her blankly, “Have you already entered the state of a star-chasing girl so soon?”


She looked like her when she chases her idol all night and fought with haters on the Internet.


Zhi Qi put down her hand in embarrassment and said wholeheartedly, “In short, don't talk about him.”


She didn't like to hear criticism of Jiang Qi from others.


“Okay, of course, I won't talk about it if you dislike it.” Meng Chunyu squinted her eyes and smiled.
She patted Zhiqi's shoulder compassionately, “It's unexpected that our Qiqi will also chase stars, do you want me to do this?  Should this old auntie in the fan circle teach you how to get started?”

Do you still need someone to teach you about chasing stars?


Zhiqi was stunned for a moment, but after a while, she realized that she had some questions that she wanted to ask Meng Chunyu.


“Chun Yu, that…” She thought for a while and then asked, “If I want to see Jiang Qi, is there any way I can do it?”


If she wants to secretly, just look at Jiang Qi.


“You're thinking about seeing your Gege so soon?” Meng Chunyu was digging out some yogurt to eat when she heard the words and she almost choked.
She looked at Zhi Qi with a serious face and big eyes and turned the spoon with her fingers, pretending to be mysterious.


“Well, it's not impossible.
Generally, if I want to see my idol, I follow the fan support club and professional fans.
Fan groups know about their idol's itinerary.
If there are public events, I can find a way to get tickets to the scene.”


The more Zhiqi listened, the tighter her brows became.
She wondered how chasing a star could be harder than writing a research report?


She simply asked shamelessly, “What are support clubs and professional fans?”

“Uh.” Meng Chunyu was silent for a while and then said awkwardly, “This, Jiang Qi from your family is still a newcomer, so he may not have any of these.”


Generally, artists who have to attract some fans have to do a lot of formal 'team building'.


Zhi Qi lowered her eyes in disappointment, “What should I do then?”


“This, don't be disappointed.
If you want to take a look, there are other ways.” Meng Chunyu disliked the fairy’s sadness the most and for her who had so many years of experience in chasing stars, she tried her best, “It's like this movie that Jiang Qi is playing now.
He’s a dark horse.
The better the box office, the more likely it is to hold a fan meeting.
Just find a way to get tickets and if it doesn't work, you can go to his Weibo to see if there is any news – by the way, do you have a Weibo?”


Under Meng Chunyu's guidance, Zhiqi downloaded Weibo.
She registered and followed the instructions to give her a Weibo nickname.
After thinking about it, she simply used the word 'Zhi Qi' and the first person she followed was the authenticated account of 'Jiang Qi'.


Looking at Jiang Qi's Weibo with the portrait of a tree, Zhiqi suddenly became a little nervous.
She grabbed Meng Chunyu's sleeve like a little mole and asked, “Chunyu, if I send him a message, will he get back to me?”


Thinking of this, her heart could not help beating wildly, and a feeling of wanting to send him a message but not wanting it to linger in her chest.


“…What are you thinking?” Meng Chunyu couldn't help but laugh again.
This time with even more exaggeration she leaned on the bedside and covered her lips out of breath, “Haha, little fairy, you’re making me laugh, okay?”


Zhi Qi was embarrassed by the smile on her face and her ears became hot.


“I don't know how many fans send private messages to their idol’s Weibo in a day.
Where would they get the time to watch out for it?”


After laughing enough, Meng Chunyu explained to her leisurely as if her soul was out of her shell, “All celebrities don't read Weibo private messages.
When they sign up for Weibo, they basically just give fans a tree hole.”1


Zhi Qi listened carefully and finally pursed her lips and smiled.


“Chunyu, thank you.”


Maybe for others, it will be very uncomfortable and disappointing if the message they sent out is not answered.
However, for Zhiqi, she happened to need a tree hole named 'Jiang Qi'.  She was afraid of disturbing him, but she still wanted to say something to him.
Now that Jiang Qi's Weibo doesn't read private messages, it’s just fine.


Lying on the bed after washing up, Zhiqi got into the quilt and wrapped her whole body as she did when she was a child and then went to Weibo.
She sent two private messages to 'Jiang Qi', taking the dialog box as her own record book without any scruples —


[I miss you so much.
It rained in Lin Lan again today.]

[ You said that every rainy day, you would buy me red bean milk tea to drink.]

[Day 1]





1. 树洞- tree hole- an internet buzzword, refers to a platform on the web that endures secret or private matters.
A tree cave has no function of speaking, so it will never tell the secret.
Private matters are mainly things that people want to vent about and are not convenient to tell people around them, mainly related to the real world and may also be the things of Weibo friends.

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