Motorcycle Boy

Almost there

-hello- first person

-I felt exhausted and immobilized. I could feel my eyelids very heavy, I opened my eyes, but I could only see pitch black. I was blindfolded. My sight was blurry and very unsteady. I could hear noises like people whispering and chuckling, people walking in the distance and close to me with trouble or in a rush. I couldn move very well. I was laying on the floor. I was tied up from my legs and arms. The thing that was tied up was a rope because it was very itchy and rough.-

Xiaos mouth was shut with a piece of cloth tied up to his face. It looks like Xiao is being tied up with only problems. He knew that he needed to leave that place.

”Hey, stop moving around! ”

-Judging from him, the person was with him the whole time since he woke up.-

”hwy stochp und le- ”

Xiao tried to get up,


The person had grabbed his hair and threw him to the ground without a second thought. Leaving Xiao back to the floor getting bruised and scraped on the knees and elbows.

-The floor was cold. I was half-naked. I felt like I had only a small pair of shorts and a crop top on. The clothes were so tight and it was even more uncomfortable down there. Well but thats not important right now.-

-The floor felt like I was on a stage, soft and flexible but the thing was that the floor was very creaky, so the place was old.-

-I am in an old theater.-

”Ladies and gentlemen! We have a new item! ”

The item was forced to stand up and walk with two guards. They placed the item in front of the stage so everyone could see clearly.

”You may be disappointed about this one at first, just please look at how it reacts to danger! ”

One of the men got closer and slapped the item and fell to the ground. The customer was disappointed to see that the item was not reacting to his actions.

The clients were getting their hopes up, but this was only a disappointment.

The guy with the microphone was looking at one guard and then at the other, his eyes were saying continue with a frown on his face.

”Some will say that it is not worth it or that it is useless, but just see what this item can do! ”

Said the person with anxiety so he wetted his lips and tightened his hand on the microphone.

They aggressively pulled me with some metal chains, they forcibly pulled me to stand up straight.

”Here we will show if the Item is in a dangerous situation - ”

Xiao was on alert, he put his foot in front of him so he could balance himself better, standing very still to feel where they would move.

One of the guards ran to slam the item to the ground.

He felt the floor rumbling coming even though he couldn see at all.

He kicked him in the stomach, it was hard and scary. Imagen, you could not see and somehow you need to defend yourself even though you can see where to walk or kick.

”Mph! ”

The guard fell on his knees due to weakness. He sounded like he was going to throw up. So the guard prepared and put one hand on his mouth and another one on his stomach.

The item was disgusted, he tried to not pay attention to that.

One other of the guards ran at him, he dogged the guard and grabbed the guard. Everything was going so fast that you couldn even process what was going to happen at that moment. He made the guard trip and falls on his stomach. The item got on top of the guards back and choked the guard with his chains of the handcuffs. The guard moved so desperately, he wanted to take a breath. The guard was turning red until his eyes looked like it was going to pop out of his red face.


-There was a stun gun on my leg. My body felt like I hit my funny bone, but it was worse. I could feel how my bones were shaking like they wanted to get out of my body. My brain was going to pop out with my nerves. While twitching on top of the unconscious guard I couldn move. I couldn move my leg away from the stun gun. As if I was stuck to the stun gun. They stopped the stun gun, but I was still twitching. My body hurt so much I wanted to cry, but I tried to not cry. I couldn let them see that I was powerless.-

The other two guards came to pick Xiao up, and move him to the center of the stage again because the clients were almost out of sight of him.

The clients were more than delighted, they were proud of the results. They all had a smile from ear to ear.

”… ”

”100,000! ”

”150,000! ”

”200,000! ”

”280,000! ”

The person with the microphone was so happy that he had a nasty grin on his face.

-While laying on the floor I could only hear the numbers going up and up. I felt tired, I was exhausted, and I was still shivering and twitching. My head was hurting so much, my eyelids were so heavy. I was dizzy, I felt like throwing up.-

”Again on the cold floor… ”

-Said while letting a small drop of tear fall on his cheek to the floor.-

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