Motorcycle Boy

Finally...Oh, nevermind-

-I was in the changing room. They took away the blindfold and changed my clothes so I will look more presentable for the customers. I had a fishnet shirt beneath a tank top and tight skin pants, and some type of army boots. I like the style that they used, I sometimes dress in that style. –

-There were just two guards at the door, looking straight at the floor, they were just standing there like they were some robots that will only activate when there is motion.-

-I had some kind of stun gun on my leg, I have never seen one of this before. I think they don even sell them, it should be illegal. Luckily there was a container for the batteries so I could take them out and I don need to worry about getting electrocuted on my way out of here. But the only problem was with what tool I am going to use to take them out.-

While getting prepared for the customer he was thinking about how he could escape without making so much mess.

His hair was so wavy that every strain of hair had its place. The turquoise of his hair on the nape made him look wilder. His lips looked like peaches, and his eyes were like lava stone and obsidian, with all types of grays and black that made it look like the black was the shadows of the rocks of his eyes.

-The lady that was putting on my makeup dropped a metal tool beside me and left the room without saying anything. I glanced at the tool and it was a hair picker. I could use it to take off the screws. I wanted to pick it up until I remembered that there were guards, so I scanned them from head to toe.-

-They left the room quietly to make me not notice but I did notice, they weren that quiet. They must be in front of the door so that nobody can enter or I can leave. Then I just heard them talking with someone and then suddenly they locked the door.-

-I took off the battery of the stun on my leg, it was quite difficult. The screws were swept so they were hard to take off. Finally, I could take off the screws and the batteries.-

-I looked around me to see if there was any kind of window. There was only a small horizontal window, it was the type that you only needed to push upward. I grabbed the chair and yanked it near the window. I pushed the window and I was fortunate that it had no lock on it. I climbed to the window so I could pass through it.-

When he was about to pass through the window, he remembered that he should check first what was outside. There were no guards on the watch out so he could pass through it easily. He checked outside, there was no one, there were just a lot of cars parked in front of the building, very luxurious cars.

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