He was having trouble passing his body through the window.

”Why… can I pass… THROUGH?! ” he said, mad and confused. Its not like the window shrunk?? The window is 30 cm high and 40 cm long.

- ”Fricking… WINDOW!! ” wanted to scream louder but I can or else they will be caught me trying to get out. I tried to think how I could pass through it. I wiggled until I passed to the other side. I brushed off the dust on my clothes. God damn do I really have gone fat??? O is it that I just have a … Was my mom right or was she just giving me confidence about my body?? Or was the window just too small?? Whatever. That is not very important right now-

-The place was very humid and fresh, and I felt more relaxed in this atmosphere. The place was a little abandoned, the building indeed had a theater inside. The place looked gloomy and didn bring much attention. The floor was wet from the humidity or it rained not so long ago. I started to walk on the sideway until I noticed a man that had just arrived on a motorcycle. I proceed to walk beside him.-

”Hey!! Be careful where you
e watching ” said the man with a leather jacket.

”Sorry ” As fast as he could he grabbed the mans motorcycle key. He almost got caught when holding the keys, the keys almost fell from his hands. If the keys had fallen from his hands he would have made a very distinguished noise of the keys crashing to the floor and made it a disaster.

He started to walk slower so it would not look so weird that a person is waiting, for another person to leave the place and proceed to make a there thing. He looked back and the leather jacket man was long gone. He now finally could get to the action of busting out of this place. The compartment had a helmet, I felt so happy that it was there. It looked like the owner had or has a lover or just a friend, so there is another helmet prepared for them.

-I put on the helmet and started the vehicle and abandoned that place. I didn know at all where I was but I was only traveling on an infinite road. It was so dark that the only thing that I could notice was the lights of the cars.-

-Suddenly behind me, I heard people shouting, I turned my face to where the sound was coming from. The cars from the theater building were rushing to catch me, so I speeded up.-

-Suddenly a very loud noise came from beside me, a motorcycle flying in the air and then landing with a screeching noise, the driver was having problems balancing himself. I gave him more space so he could use it and if he falls I don want him to fall with me. The person was steady enough to control his movement. He gave me my space back. All of a sudden I heard the police siren, I looked back at the police siren. There it was, more disaster.-

Is it going to get even worse??

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