Motorcycle Boy

CH6 Carving for sleep

”WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT HE ESCAPED?! ” said the unknown man while smashing objects to the ground and scattering the broken pieces. ”Do you know how MUCH IT COST ME TO FIND A PERSON LIKE THAT? ”… The male assistant hugging a tablet was still bowing at the unknown man. The unknown man fixed up his hair and tightened his tie. He was trying to calm down but the way his veins on his forehead looked like they were about to burst. The unknown man threw himself to the couch and crossed his legs, and looked at the assistants face. ”you have at least 1 to 2 weeks to find him, if not I may sell your precious little sister ”. The assistant had an aghast feeling, he was filled with all types of thoughts and feelings. But the main one was ”I can let that happen… ”


-My blurry sight began to clear up from the darkness of the night, I started seeing some lights and signs, but there was a big one that said Welcome to California. finally, I am within the borders of my city, starting from here I am away from being kidnapped or assaulted.-

Xiao asked the cops if it was the closest police station, they were a little confused but they told him the direction. He went in the direction of the police station. He got there, got off the motorcycle and took off his helmet, and bush the door open. The cops there were busy, some were checking something on the monitors, others were packing up materials, a big group of them were preparing to go outside with a lot of weapons and supplies, and they had a different uniforms.

”Hey! What do you need? ”

-I looked at the voice coming, it was a Black woman. She had a clean uniform cop with all equipment on, her hair was tied up, and she was looking at me with a glare. She had her hand resting on her waist and she was leaning a little bit. I felt chills from the glare of the woman. I came back to my sense and said,-

- ”I was a victim of human trafficking… ” the lady looked at me from head to toe, She looked even more annoyed than from the beginning.-

”Look, kid. You can just come here just to make pranks. Can you SEE that we are busy?? ” She said while crossing her hands and looking very irritated. I frowned and sigh.

- ”Do you think I am joking?? I just escaped and I have evidence. ” I walked to the closest table and put on the helmet down on the table. I uncovered the bulgy taser leg and showed it to her. She looked at the taser and then at me.-

”Hey! David, bring me the metal scanner! ” she said to a workmate. The workmate came with the metal scanner and gave it to her.

”Separate your arms and legs. ” He did what she asked for.

She started to scan his head, chest, and back then when she started on the left hand it started beeping. She looked confused, she passed the scanner again in his left hand.


-I look at my hand with confusion. I noticed that there are traces of needles between my thumb and my index finger. Where the mark was, felt something bulge, like a grain of rice. Did they but a-

”Boy you will need to be in interrogation and see what the hell you have in your hand ”

-She said while putting me in some handcuffs.-

”Eh? ” I was lost.-

”You thought you were going to go free yourself just like that? ” She said while pulling out a walkie-talkie.

”Uh, no? ” Xiao said he remembered that he needed to talk with someone.

”Hey, can I speak with someone before we do the interrogation? ” Xiao was hoping that they would let them.

”Sure. Family, friends, workmates? ”

”Friend ” She guided me to a phone station in the police office. Xiao sat down in front of the black woman police officer. He picked up the phone and put down the digits.

Beep Beep Beeeeep Beep beep

”Hello? ”

”Hi, Ethan, ”


I could hear his voice trembling. I was relieved for some reason.

”Why did you go missing out of nowhere, doyouknowhowworriedIam- ”

”Calm down Ethan, I am okay now- ”

”Waaaaaaaaa- ”

-Hearing him cry makes me just want to hug him and stroke his hair while comfortably snuggling on the bed.-

-The black woman looked at me with a serious face but I could see that she had a cloying face. She left, so she would not hear the cloyed conversation.

”*sniff* Where are you-u right now?! ”-

”I am at the police station, they- ”


”Hey, Ethan calm down- ”

Beep beep beep-

-Ethan had hung up the call. I needed to tell him to come so they could talk and get more details that I don know.-

”So… done chit-chatting with your friend? ”

”Yes, he is coming so you guys can get more details of the incident ”

”Ok, I talked to the chief. He thinks we need to see first what you have in your hand. ”

”Sure, are we in need of extracting it right? ”

-I said with a face of anxiety. I didn like the idea of going to the doctor or doing surgery. Lets just say that Im still scared of it. Now thinking more about it only mixes up my stomach even more.-

”Yes, I do think we are going to need to take it out. This situation has become more serious than I thought. ”

”Ugh ” I didn want to but I had to.

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