Motorcycle Boy

CH6 Carving for sleep

ont of Xiao.

”I ask my boss if you could rest, so we will talk tomorrow, ” Xiao lighted up hearing the good news, ”but I am only going to ask some important questions so that you can leave and rest. ”

David looked at his watch.

”sure ” Xiao yawned and straighten up, pulling his chair closer to the table.

”O-kay. What was the place like? ” Said, adjusting the papers that he had with himself.

”Inside, from what I felt it was a theater. outside looked abandoned. There were some buildings around the area like small abandoned stores. ”

”you felt? ” David asks with curiosity.

”I was blindfolded but I could hear and feel that the inside it was a theater The floor was made of flexible wood like plywood. What is most common in theaters ”

David looks impressed, this kid knows how to think. ”hmmm ” David tried so hard to remember a place like that but he just didn know or remember.

”Oh, I almost forgot. ” Said Xiao. ”The motorcycle that I came with is not mine, it was one of the persons that were there, ” I said looking straight into Davids eyes. ”You can start your investigation with that ”

”M okay ”

David stood up ”Now that we are done, you and your friend may rest. ”

I stood up too, David stood up, and he opened to door. the man guided me to the reception. There I was waiting for Ethan while putting my information on a piece of paper.

”Sir, please calm down. We will be speaking again tomorrow. Your friend is in the reception waiting for you. ”

Ethan looked in the direction where the reception was and ran there.

”Sir! Don run inside! ” the officer told Ethan.

Ethan stop running and looked for Xiao. Their eyes meet. I could see how his face was all red from crying and his eyes were swollen.

”yeonghon!!! ” Ethan ran at him and hug him so tight that Xiao can move a cm.

”Hey wait, I can breath. ” Said Xiao with difficulty.

Ethan realized what he was doing, ”oh sorry, ” he let go of him so he could breathe.

”I didn know that you had that much strength, ” Xiao said while hugging back. Xiao caught his eyes with something.

”Hey, have you grown taller? ” I was confused, is it that I haven seen him in a week?

”No, I am the same, 177 cm.- ”

”WHAT 177 CM??? SINCE WHEN HAVE YOU BEEN SO TALL? ” I said with confusion.

”Two years ago we were the same height, 167. ” said while holding my waist.

”Wait so I grew only 3cm!? ” I no wonder why he needed new clothes so often. I was so mad and flustered.

”Well, what did they feed you so you will grow so tall?! ”

Ethan giggled,

”I eat the delicious food that you made ” I love how yeonghon got flustered for just realizing my height. Ethan leaned on Xiaos forehead.

”Ugh, lets just go home. I am tired. ” Xiao said, then gave the papers to the receptionist. the face of the lady was blushing from the romantic atmosphere.

”May I ask, are you too partners? ”

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