Motorcycle Boy

Unexpected Visitors

I was sitting on a chair, in a room with a windowed mirror, a door, another chair in front of me, and a table. Xiao was sitting there waiting for the interrogator. He was handcuffed, He had a bandage on his left hand. Covering up the cut from taking whatever was the object that he had implanted in his hand.

The sound of taking the lock of a door attracted Xiaos, making him look in the direction. Someone opened the door. The person entered the room and slowly closed the door without staring at the doorknob, his attention was on Xiao. The person sat down and put some papers on the table.

The Person examined my face, then my hands.

”May I take off the handcuffs? ”

”Yes, you may. ” He stood up again and took them off.

”Thanks, my wrist was starting to ache a lot, ” Xiao said while ribbing his wrists.

e welcome, ” The man said while sitting down and opening the yellow folder that he brought with him. The man peeked at the material inside the folder. He took a remarkable 10 seconds looking at the papers—then he draw his eyes at Xiao.

”My name is David, what is your name? ” Said the man with brown short net hair with black eyes

”My name is yeonghon ”

”Nice to meet you yeonghon, ” he said Xiaos name with trouble. ”Well from what can I see, you have been human trafficked, right? ” he glanced at him waiting for a response.

”yes, I was, ” Xiao said, I started to get comfortable on my chair. This is going to be a long chat.

The man looked at the papers again to re-check something. ”From what I see, you escaped from it ”

”yes, it was very hard but I did what I had to, ” I said while looking straight into his eyes. ”I don remember how I got there or before that. ”

”could you tell me a summary of what happened? ” the David said

”Yes, ” Xiao said.

The chat was long which made Xiao tired, he felt his eyes were flickering like a worn-out light bulb, his head like a bag of sand.

David stared at Xiao while Xiao dozed off. Look at him he is so exhausted, this kid went through many things in just half a week.

”Yeonghon I will be right back, ” David said pushing his chair backward.

”Ok ”

David left the room. Ugh, I am so sleepy, that some questions were difficult to respond to with a smash jelly brain. I felt like at any second I was going to faint any time soon.

I rubbed my eyes, then I covered my face with my palms. I am so tired that my eyesfeelliketheiahegoingto… Xiao was now dead asleep. The sound of the air heater was cooing him.

Slowly but steadily his head was falling to the table.

”I am back! And with good news! ” David said with excitement.

Xiao made a little jump, his vision was still in not prepared for the light of the room. His eyes were still dry. He look upwards mad and annoyed, that he couldn get a blink of sleep. He groaned while rubbing his eyes.

David looked at Xiao, yeah, he should rest. David stood in front of Xiao.

”I ask my boss if you could rest, so we will talk tomorrow, ” Xiao lighted up hearing the good news, ”but I am only going to ask some important questions so that you can leave and rest. ”

David looked at his watch.

”sure ” Xiao yawned and straighten up, pulling his chair closer to the table.

”O-kay. What was the place like? ” Said, adjusting the papers that he had with himself.

”Inside, from what I felt it was a theater. outside looked abandoned. There were some buildings around the area like small abandoned stores. ”

”you felt? ” David asks with curiosity.

”I was blindfolded but I could hear and feel that the inside it was a theater The floor was made of flexible wood like plywood. What is most common in theaters ”

David looks impressed, this kid knows how to think. ”hmmm ” David tried so hard to remember a place like that but he just didn know or remember.

”Oh, I almost forgot. ” Said Xiao. ”The motorcycle that I came with is not mine, it was one of the persons that were there, ” I said looking straight into Davids eyes. ”You can start your investigation with that ”

”M okay ”

David stood up ”Now that we are done, you and your friend may rest. ”

I stood up too, David stood up, and he opened to door. the man guided me to the reception. There I was waiting for Ethan while putting my information on a piece of paper.

”Sir, please calm down. We will be speaking again tomorrow. Your friend is in the reception waiting for you. ”

Ethan looked in the direction where the reception was and ran there.

”Sir! Don run inside! ” the officer told Ethan.

Ethan stop running and looked for Xiao. Their eyes meet. I could see how his face was all red from crying and his eyes were swollen.

”yeonghon!!! ” Ethan ran at him and hug him so tight that Xiao can move a cm.

”Hey wait, I can breath. ” Said Xiao with difficulty.

Ethan realized what he was doing, ”oh sorry, ” he let go of him so he could breathe.

”I didn know that you had that much strength, ” Xiao said while hugging back. Xiao caught his eyes with something.

”Hey, have you grown taller? ” I was confused, is it that I haven seen him in a week?

”No, I am the same, 177 cm.- ”

”WHAT 177 CM??? SINCE WHEN HAVE YOU BEEN SO TALL? ” I said with confusion.

”Two years ago we were the same height, 167. ” said while holding my waist.

”Wait so I grew only 3cm!? ” I no wonder why he needed new clothes so often. I was so mad and flustered.

”Well, what did they feed you so you will grow so tall?! ”

Ethan giggled,

”I eat the delicious food that you made ” I love how yeonghon got flustered for just realizing my height. Ethan leaned on Xiaos forehead.

”Ugh, lets just go home. I am tired. ” Xiao said, then gave the papers to the receptionist. the face of the lady was blushing from the romantic atmosphere.

”May I ask, are you too partners? ”

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