Chapter 4

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    The calm emotions of the person in front of her reassured Chu Yu.
She did not see the appearance of this future husband, but judging from the hand he handed over, it was probably not too bad.

    Chu Yu was pulled by him into the palanquin, and he did it carefully all the way, as if she was a delicate woman who needed extra care and attention.

    Chu Yu had never had such an experience, she had been a clanking woman in everyone’s heart for the past thirty years, not needing pity or pampering.

    Gu Chusheng had never treated her with respect, but with the icy attitude of a superior to a subordinate.

    Chu Yu sat in the palanquin and secretly lifted the curtain to see Wei Jun in front of her.

    However, Wei Jun drove his horse in front, instead, she saw Wei Yun who was guarding the side, Wei Yun noticed Chu Yu’s movement and hooked her lips, her eyes were full of smiles of understanding, as if she had caught her handle.

    It was as if Chu Yu had been seen through, or by a child, and she couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

    After sitting in the sedan chair, Chu Yu began to calculate.

    In her past life, the border news arrived in Huajing on this day, but at what time exactly, Chu Yu did not know much.

    The border is now in danger , and the Wei family is the most suitable candidate for the expedition, so she can hardly find a reason to stop the Wei family from going out.
Wei Jun can try to stay in the name of the newlyweds, but others do not have much reason.

    The only thing that can be done is to prevent them from losing the war.

    I heard that it was because Wei Zhong was chasing the remnants of the soldiers, but fell into a trap.
This time, if the Wei family properly guarded the city, there should not be this disaster.

    Chu Yu pondered, listening to the outside blowing for a long time, the palanquin finally stopped.

    Not long after, she heard the sedan chair door was kicked open, in between the sound of laughter, the side of red silk was handed over again.

    This time Wei Jun did not stammer and said with a smile, “Miss Chu, I’ll take you in.”

    Chu Yu held the red silk, looked at her feet, and was pulled forward by Wei Jun.

    She walked steadily, and Wei Jun reminded her meticulously, surrounded by the voices of the Wei family’s children whispering, small but enough for her to hear.

    Many of them are half-grown children, and said with vigor: “I heard that sister-in-law looks good.”

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    “Xiao Qi said so, especially beautiful.”

    “Can it be prettier than that first beauty Chu Jin?”

    “Xiao Qi has a very high vision, definitely more beautiful than Chu Jin!”………….

    Chu Yu listened to the Wei family’s frank and sincere words, and couldn’t help but a smile.
Wei Jun also heard it, slightly embarrassed, he knew that Chu Yu was practicing martial arts, thinking that Chu Yu must have heard.
So he helped Chu Yu over the fire pot gap, he whispered next to her: “You do not get angry, wait a while I go clean them up.”

    When Chu Yu heard this, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud and said, “No harm, they are like this, I like it very much.”

    Wei Jun heard Chu Yu’s voice, although he had not yet seen Chu Yu’s appearance, but he would also think, such a girl, must be very good-looking.

    With some anticipation in his heart, he led Chu Yu to the lobby.

    The two worshiped heaven and earth according to the chanting of the ceremonial officer.

    The journey was smooth, Chu Yu’s heart was happy, and she had so much more expectation for the life of the Wei family.

    She was calm inside, a kind of relaxed joy that spread out when she finally straightened up.

    She did not marry Gu Chusheng, everything will start over again.

    She stood in front of Wei Jun, and was eager to lift the cover and take a look at the man in front of her.
She felt that Wei Jun should be half a head taller than her, and intuitively felt that Wei Jun should be a slightly more civilized man.

    Chu Yu stood still, the next person came up to help her to go back to the room.
Wei Shu came forward, coaxed: “Brother, hurry up to lift the cover, do not drink!”

    “Yes, yes,” the other boys shouted, “Brother, go lift the cover! We don’t want you to drink!”

    “Go, go, go!” Wei Jun blushed and said to them, “Follow the rules, go aside!”

    Saying that, he was a little worried that Chu Yu was not happy, he twisted his head and whispered, “Miss Chu, you go and wait for a while ……”

    “will shizi come later?”

    Chu Yu spoke in a small voice, that voice was soft and crisp, Wei Jun’s heart softened into a piece, and said in a small voice: “Well, it won’t take long.”

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    “Then promise me,” Chu Yu’s voice took on a bit of solemnity: “No matter what happens, be sure to come back as soon as possible.”

    Saying that, Chu Yu felt that the words were a bit abrupt, so she whispered, “I’m waiting for Shizi to come back and pick the cover.”

    Wei Jun was a bit puzzled at first, then he understood that Chu Yu was afraid that she did not like the cover.
He whispered: “If you don’t like this cover, and if others are not around, you can take it off and wait for me.
The Wei family does not have so many rules.”

    After saying that, Wei Jun was worried that Chu Yu thought he was going to stay out more, so he added: “I will come back as soon as possible.”

    Chu Yu nodded and was helped by the others to go back to her room, while Wei Jun turned back and started greeting the guests.

    After Chu Yu returned to her room, she sat on the edge of the bed.

    It is true that she does not like this cover, but she likes the Wei family, Wei Jun treats her with care, she is willing to use the best she can to repay Wei Jun.

    When she sat on the bed, she was a little bored, so she began to fantasize.

    She is not a person who holds grudges, and since what happened in her past life.…… 

Since things didn’t happen in this life, she didn’t want to be bitter about it.
Gu Chusheng has left Huajing, she also married into the Wei family, now the past with Gu Chusheng and Chu Jin is not the most important thing, the most important thing is to look forward.

    Today, the Wei family is really as good as the legend, she will be in the Wei family, the days should not be too difficult.
When Wei Jun returns later, she will try to let Wei Jun stay in the name of the newlyweds, if not, she will also try to follow Wei Jun to the front line, if she can not go, she will remind them not to chase the remnants of the soldiers, such that there should not be anything wrong.

    As long as the Wei family overcomes this, she and Wei Jun will be able to live a good life in future.
She knows that the next twelve years are of dynastic changes, she can defend the family in an invincible position

    The family is well, Wei Yun probably will not become the god of killing in the future.
She saw the teenager today, still as cheerful as a bird, he should also grow into a gentle general by his brother’s side, right?

    Chu Yu pondered, her thoughts were a little far away.

    After waiting for half a day, the maid next to her saw her not moving and came up to ask: “Does the young lady need to eat some pastries?”

    “No ……” Chu Yu spoke in a warm voice, and it was at this moment that the sound of war horses neighing and the sound of hurried footsteps came from a distance.
Chu Yu’s heart tightened, she fiercely lifted the cover and walked outside.

    The maid, startled by her, stepped forward to stop her and said anxiously, “Young lady, where are you going?”

    Chu Yu did not dare to act too strange, after all, if others knew about this kind of thing, she was afraid that she would be burned as a demon.

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    She suppressed her anxiety and said with a frown, “I heard the sound of war horses outside, I’m afraid that something has happened, I want to go and see.”

    “Young lady doesn’t need to worry,” the maid smiled up, “Shizi will take care of everything, the young lady can just wait here.”

    “I can’t worry.”

    Chu Yu pushed the maid away and headed out, coldly saying, “I must go and see.”

    She did not know the structure of the Wei family, and could only go in the direction of the noise.

    At this time, the sound of footsteps outside became more and more urgent, and there were more people.
The maid chased after Chu Yu, her face full of anxiety, trying to pull Chu Yu and said: “Young lady! Young lady you have not lifted your cover, you ……”

    The words did not finish, outside came the sound of hurried footsteps, then Wei Yun appeared from around the corner.

    He was dressed in armor, and his still boyish brow was full of slaughter.

    Chu Yu stopped and clenched her fists.
Wei Yun looked at the woman in front of him dressed in the phoenix crown, met the other party’s clear eyes, he decisively knelt down on one knee, performed a military salute to Chu Yu and offered the jade pendant with both hands, and said calmly: “The front line urgent report, is that the major general was ordered to go out on the expedition, and at the end of the order, he will hand over this jade to the young lady, and tell the lady that he will return triumphantly, there is no need to worry.” 

    Hearing these words, Chu Yu saw the jade pendant held by Wei Yun, which was caressed smoothly and was obviously something worn close to the body.

    She raised her hand to hold the jade pendant and raised her eyes to look outside, “Where is Wei Jun?”

    “The major general has set off.”

    Wei Yun’s voice was smaller, and he seemed to know how devastating it was for the woman to go out on the day of her new marriage.
He thought for a moment and was about to comfort something when he saw Chu Yu rushing out violently.

    She ran so fast that her wedding dress flew in the wind.
Wei Yun froze, then reacted and rushed out after Chu Yu, saying anxiously, “Sister-in-law!”

    Chu Yu did not say anything, she rushed all the way to the gate, raised her hand and grabbed a general and threw him down, grabbed the horse and rushed out.

    The Wei family looked dumbfounded until Wei Yun chased after her and followed Chu Yu’s example and grabbed the horse and chased her out, then they reacted.

    “Is that the Shizi Consort?”

    “It’s the young lady?!”

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    While everyone was astonished, Chu Yu was extraordinarily calm.

    The September cold wind brought chills, her horse beat so fast that it hurt like a knife on her face.

    Wei Yun followed closely behind her, and he had no idea that this sister-in-law’s riding skills were so superb.

    He spoke out with difficulty: “Sister-in-law! Don’t chase after him, it’s useless to chase after him! My brother will come back, don’t worry!”

    Chu Yu didn’t say anything, she knew the route out of the city, from Huajing to lead the soldiers out of the city towards the northern border, it was bound to take the northern gate.
She went all the way around the road and saw the galloping group from the hill, she clipped her horse and swooped down the hill.

    Wei Yun was so frightened that his heart was split, wondering how he would explain to his father and brother if something happened to his sister-in-law here.

    He gritted his teeth and followed Chu Yu’s charge, then saw her rush directly to the official road, one person and one horse forcing a team to stop.

    The Wei family looked at the sudden appearance of the woman in red, they were frozen, and then saw that she was being followed by WeiYun, Wei Zhong came forward, some disbelief: “Xiao Qi, this is ……”

    “Father in-law.” Chu Yu gave a military salute towards Wei Zhong and said respectfully, “My daughter-in-law is out of order.”

    Hearing these words, the Wei family army crowd had colorful faces.

    Looking at this person’s wedding dress and Wei Yun he had a guess, He did not expect that the one who came was really Chu Yu.

    And Wei Jun was stunned behind Wei Zhong.

    Then he saw that Chu Yu’s eyes fell on him, the autumn rain is fine and dense, Chu Yu was holding the reins and the big red wide sleeve wedding dress stained with rain and dust.

    She slightly tilted her head, raised her voice and spoke aloud: “Where is my husband Jun Wei?

    Wei’s troops have bowed their heads, not daring to look up.

    Only Wei Jun stiffened his head, rode his horse out and spoke out with difficulty: “I …… am here.”

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