the dream… you chased the remnants of the army out and were defeated in the Baidi Valley.
You were the only one of the Wei family… to return.

       Wei Yun’s face instantly turned cold at those words. 

Saying such an uncertain thing just before the expedition! 

       He wanted to get angry, but the woman’s expression stopped him.

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       Her expression was full of sadness, as if this had really happened.
So he blocked those words of rebuttal between his lips and said, in a stiff voice, “Dreams can be reversed; don’t just follow them blindly.”

       With that, he turned away and went after his father and brother.

       He happened to turn around again and saw the paved plain all the way to the horizon.
The tall city stood behind the woman, and the sky and earth had the unique withered yellow of autumn.
The woman in red rode her horse, independent of the old, withered yellow field.

She seemed to be saying goodbye, but she also seemed to be waiting.

       Her thin face was well defined, and her slender eyes were calm and relaxed. 

       He had seen countless women in his life, but there had never been one so stunningly beautiful that it fell into his eyes and rushed straight to the bottom of his heart.

       After seeing the last of the Wei army off, Chu Yu rode back to the Wei residence.

       The steward saw her when she returned to the Wei family and said anxiously, “Young Madam, you have finally returned.
The eldest madam has asked you to go over.” 

“Please accept my apologies.” Chu Yu nodded, dismounted her horse, and said to the steward, “Please tell Madam that I’ll be right over.”

       The steward was originally displeased with Chu Yu.
He had never seen such an outrageous bride, but Chu Yu’s apology was sincere.
He felt better and said respectfully, “Young Madam, don’t worry, you go and wash up first.”

       With that, the steward arranged for someone to lead Chu Yu back to her bedroom.
After a brief moment to become familiar with the room, Chu Yu changed into a long aqua blue dress and followed the servant to Madam Wei’s room.

       Wei Zhong’s wife, whose name was Liu Xueyang, was the biological mother of Wei Jun and Wei Yun.

      There were seven children in the Wei family, two of whom were born to the first wife; Wei Jun, the eldest son, and Wei Yun, the seventh.
Of the remaining five, Wei Shu, the second, and Wei Ya, the fifth, were born to the Liang family of the second branch; Wei Qin, the third, Wei Fang, the fourth, and Wei Rong, the sixth, were all born to the Wang family of the third branch. 

       Liu Xueyang came from a family of poets and scholars and was not so much in charge of things because of her poor health.
Wei Zhong’s mother, the old lady Qin, did not care about trivial matters, she only cared about killing and fighting.
Therefore, the family’s affairs fell on Madam Liang of the second branch.

       Xie Yun had given a good account of the Wei family’s affairs before Chu Yu married into the Wei family.
When it came to Liu Xueyang, she simply said: “This lady is soft-natured and soft-eared.
She has never lost her temper, so you don’t need to be too concerned.
On the contrary, it is Madam Liang whom you need to please.

       This was the way of survival in the backyard; the bride flatters her mother-in-law.
Xie Yun had been doing this all her life, so there was nothing wrong with teaching Chu Yu this way.

       It was just that Chu Yu had grown up around Chu Jianchang since she was young, and she didn’t like Xie Yun’s way of doing things.

       Liu Xueyang is her mother-in-law, the proper first lady of the Wei family.
As much as she respects the Liang family, she can only treat Liu Xueyang better.

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What’s more, who said that Liu Xueyang was soft-natured?

       The soldiers seized the house after Wei Yun was imprisoned and dishonoured the women of the Wei family, all of whom left and fled.
Madam Liang had already collected all the money and disappeared, while the lady of the Jiang family chose to commit suicide.
Only the eldest madam carried a sword and directly killed someone.
She died under a soldier’s blade, which alerted the Emperor.

       Although it was a foolish act to risk her life, who could say she was weak when a soft-hearted woman from a scholarly family like her could carry a sword and kill people?

       With praise and admiration for Liu Xueyang, Chu Yu tidied her clothes and stood respectfully at Liu Xueyang’s door, waiting for a servant to go in and inform her.

       After a while, the servant led Chu Yu into the room.
She entered without raising her head and bowed meticulously towards the person on the couch above, saying respectfully, “This daughter-in-law has seen her mother-in-law.”

       A weak female voice came from above: “You look like a disciplined person, but why are you doing such a bastard thing?”

       Chu Yu did not say anything as Liu Xueyang was helped to straighten up.

       She coughed gently when she moved, and the maid next to her handed her a handkerchief.
After coughing lightly for a moment, Liu Xueyang looked at Chu Yu and said helplessly, “There are always battles in a general’s family.
I know that you have been wronged as a newlywed, but this is the fate of the women of my Wei family.
My sons defend and protect our country, and since we cannot serve our country by fighting on the battlefield, we should stay in the inner rooms and wait for our husbands to return.
You can’t stop your husband from going to the front for selfish reasons.
Do you understand? “

       Hearing this, Chu Yu understood that Liu Xueyang probably thought that she was going to stop Wei Jun from going to the battlefield.

        So Chu Yu said, “Mother-in-law is right, and this daughter-in-law also thinks the same way.
This daughter-in-law has some martial arts skills, so she wanted to go to the front line with shizi so that she could provide a little assistance.

      Liu Xueyang’s face looked much better when she heard this, and she sighed, “I misunderstood you.
It’s hard to have such a heart, but fighting wars is a man’s business.
As a woman, it is only proper to settle down in the house and spread the branches and leaves.” 

       With that, she beckoned, and a woman about the same age as Liu Xueyang came forward and held a box in front of Chu Yu.

“This is a meeting gift.” Liu Xueyang’s voice was much gentler.
She looked at Chu Yu with tender eyes and said, “You have now entered my Wei family.
Be obedient, and I will not treat you badly.

         She was saying to be obedient to Wei Jun’s words.
He was now twenty-four years old and had only been waiting for Chu Yu to reach maturity to complete the marriage contract with the Chu family.
Chu Yu replied sincerely, “Don’t worry, mother-in-law.”

       Chu Yu lowered her eyes as Liu Xueyang looked at her for a long time.
A moment later, she finally heard the person above her say, “Go and rest well.”

       Chu Yu answered and respectfully excused herself.

       She stood in the courtyard of the Wei family after going out and heaved a sigh of relief.

       She took out the jade pendant in her hand and thought of Wei Jun.
This person is a good man. She thought longingly, In this life, it will definitely be better.


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