Shaina , finally reached the seventy floor apartment, the corridor of the apartment is fancy and huge.

As in the lobby below, the ceiling above the head of the corridor has huge chandeliers.

One step at a time, she reached the door of the suite. As soon as she opened the door with the key and entered inside, she was overwhelmed with surprise.

What a wonderful luxury penthouse it is !

The entire penthouse is surrounded by glass walls. There are expensive and exotic furniture but what impresses she the most is the view of outside through the glass walls.

From the 70th floor you can see much of the city of London. The sky lines touching the sky are standing close to each other.

Shaina understood that Roze is very rich but what can people be so rich. she consider herself most fortunate to have such beautiful penthouses and the glittering views of London from the penthouses.

There is a note on the center table in the living room, it seems someone has written it for her. The note says, I will take Sylvi back from her school, you freshen up till we return.

And leave your luggage in the cabinet of your bed room. Your bed room number is 002.

Shaina thought that the note was written by Sylvies maid servant.

As per the note she went to her bed room 002 with the luggage note.

Again, she was surprised to see her bed room. It was very beautiful bedroom, surrounded by glass walls from ceiling to floor.

The bed is impossibly high and covered with a soft fluffy mattress. The cabinet is also designed in modern quality design.

There are many flower floats on the side table filled with fresh flowers. Thats why the smell of flowers came to the nose as soon as she entered the bed room.

Shaina said ,

I see there is a hanging balcony adjacent to the bedroom. I went to the balcony and it was like a dream to see the view of London city .

under the open sky from the hanging balcony. The balcony is furnished with sofas and center tables of various sizes.

There is a wide umbrella next to each sofa to protect you from the sun under the open sky. It is arranged so that one can sit or lie on the sofa under the open sky in sun or rain and enjoy the view of the city of London.

She never thought that something so wonderful could happen in her life. It is as if it is an illusion that it is the happiness of heaven.

Shaina thought that these happiness can be enjoyed later, now lets freshen up.

She went into the bathroom, there is a round jacuzzi in the bathroom, one side wall of the jacuzzi is surrounded by glass. This is arranged to take a bath in the Jacuzzi and enjoy the view of the city of London.

But for now, instead of taking a bath in the jacuzzi, She entered the shower cage to take a shower. For now, She want to be fresh with short cuts.

At night, she can take a bath in the jacuzzi and enjoy the view of the city of London.

She is listening to music with headphones on loud speakers and taking a shower in warm water. After taking a shower for ten minutes, She wiped her hands and wrapped herself in a towel and went straight out of the bathroom and entered the kitchen.

Shaina was very hungry, the kitchen is well arranged, but as far as food is concerned, she did not find anything except fruits and juice in the fridge.

She is dancing to the rhythm of the music on the head phone and taking out juice from the fridge. The towel is tightly rolled so that it does not unravel.

She was about to take out the juice and go to dance. She turned back and saw a man leaning on the kitchen cabinet and looking at her with an eyebrow raised.

As soon as Shaina saw him, she recognized him as Mr. Handsome.

Immediately she remembered that she was standing in front of him with a towel wrapped around her .

Shaina stood there shocked to see him, and he said with a smile on his face, then we met again, didn we?

Shaina asked him, what are you doing here?

Mr. Handsome said, if I ask you the same question?

Shaina said, what do you want to say?

She asked again what are you doing in my penthouse?

Seeing that Mr. Handsome glance and hubb were not holding well, so , Shaina picked up a flower vase kept on the kitchen table and was ready, if the man comes to arrest her , she will hit him on the head with this flower vase.

Seeing her pick up the flower vase, he said, leave the flower vase where it is.

You have no idea how much this flower vase can cost ?

Shaina said so or not, is this an object of another planet whose price is beyond my knowledge?

Mr. Handsome looked at me with a glance, looking at me with a glance, Shaina also looked at him with a deep glance.

Shaina will try to stop him from doing something.

Shaina asked again who are you?

He didn answer her question, his eyes were roaming all over her body.

From his gaze, it seems that she is standing in front of him completely naked.

In doubt, the towel opened again or not? So Shaina looked at her body once and made sure that the towel is tied properly.

Mr Handsome, now said, then you are the new maid here.

She said yes.

Shaina said to herself, how did he know that I am the new housekeeper here?

Your name is Shaina Hamid, right?

I said yes but who are you?

He said, I am Rened Kingston. Sylvie Kingstons elder brother. Grandson of Rose Kingston.

Rened, I was shocked to hear the name.

He said, you are welcome maam, this is your penthouse now and I am your neighbor.

Shaina said, neighbor ?

Rened said, I live in the penthouse next door, so we are neighbors.

Shaina said to herself, if I have such a handsome neighbor, I see that I will surely die.

When he enters the house like this, he will startle her and give her a heart attack.

Shaina said that it is good, if you are a neighbor, why should you enter the house without permission?

Renade said, I have come to make sure that you are Shayna Hamid or let anyone else enter.

I have to keep an eye on who will be with Sylvie and who won .

I have to check whether you are worthy of Sylvie or not.

Renade asked very seriously who is in your family ?

Shaina said, me and my mother.

Renade wanted to know, you don have a father ?

Shaina said, my father left my mother and got married with another person .

My mother is very distressed by my fathers behavior and she lives with me.

My mother owns a bakery shop and I work part time to cover my education expenses.

Renade said, I am very sorry to hear about your mothers heartbreak.

are you american ?

Shaina said, my father and mother are Bangladeshi, but I was born in America, so I am a citizen of both Bangladesh and America.

Renade surprised her and said, thats why I was wondering how people are so beautiful?

Shaina said, I did not understand anything about you.

He said, you are very very very beautiful and cute.

I have never seen a beautiful girl like you in my life.

When my grandmother was talking about you that a girl as beautiful as a fairy was destined for our Sylvie, I did not pay much attention to what she said.

But seeing you, I am truly saying that I have taken a huge stumble. You are truly a beautiful girl.

I have read your file.

Shaina felt good to hear Renades words and to hear her own praise.

Renade walked straight towards Shaina , coming so close that her backside hit the kitchen counter.

Renade came very close to her with her hands on both sides of the kitchen counter and said, I think someone needs to get undressed.

Shaina s breathing started to quicken as Renade came so close to her .

She said, suddenly, when you walk in, you will see someone wrapped in a towel like this.

This is definitely not the fault of my clothes.

Renade said, then what is my fault?

Shaina said Hmmm, entering without permission is not a sin.

Renade, now began to caress her entire face and lips with his fingers.

Even though Shaina felt her touch very well, she managed to control herself and said to Renade,

Mr Renade you have come very close.

Miss Shaina, do you feel bad for me coming here?

She said yes.

”But I see you are enjoying the touch of my fingers, ” said Renade.

There is a shadow of tranquility in your eyes.

Shsina said to herself, this is why I hate myself so much.

I can even try to hide my thoughts, my eyes are coming out through my gesture .

A womans voice called out from behind Renade.

Renade pulled away from Shaina as soon as he heard the womans voice.

He looks very shy and nervous now.

He said while going to the living room, we will meet again Miss Shaina.

Now lets see good clothes instead of wrapping towels on your body.

Saying this he went to the living room to meet his sister Sylvie.

As soon as Renade went to the living room, Shaina quickly went to her bed room and put on a simple dress and went to the living room to meet Sylvie, she saw that Renade was still talking to Sylvie.

Sylvi looks very beautiful, skin color is as white as snow but Sylvi is a very serious girl. There is no smile on her face and she speaks very little.

Although Sylvie is very beautiful, she has nothing in common with Renade.

Shaina can think whether such a serious girl will like me.

Sylvies maid gave a smile to Shaina .

Sylvis maid said, I am Scarlett, I am engaged in the work of meeting and listening to this family.

Its nice to meet you.

Shaina said, I am also very happy to meet you Scarlett.

Shaina said hi to Silvi.

But Sylvi did not answer hi and kept looking at Shaina with a shy face.

The girl is serious and shy.

The middle-aged Scarlett and Renade both left, leaving Shaina and Sylvie alone.

Now Shaina got a chance to get to know Sylvie.

She went and sat on a couch facing Sylvi,

Shaina introduce herself with Sylvi ,

I am Shaina Hamid, I am very happy to meet you Sylvi.

Sylvi said, have you become my teacher?

I don need any teacher.

Shaina said, I am not your teacher, I have become your friend.

Shaina saw that Sylvi became very excited, as soon as I announced that I would be her friend.

Sylvi said, if a beautiful girl like you is my friend, I will like it very much. I can proudly tell everyone at school that look how beautiful my friend is.

Shaina said it would be very good.

Sylvi said well what were you doing with my brother?

Without hiding anything, Shaina started telling the whole story to Sylvi that when I went into the kitchen to eat after taking a shower, and told her everything what her brother had done to Shaina .

Sylvi laughed out loud after hearing Shaina s story, realizing that she was having a lot of fun listening to her story.

Everyone likes to hear these stories when they are teenagers.

Suddenly Sylvi became very quiet and serious again.

Sylvi told , my brother is the richest and good looking person in this city.

Everything about him is interesting, isn it?

Sylvies way of speaking was such that Shaina felt Sylvie was trying to test her interest.

Shaina said, yes he is a very attractive personality but he has some flaws.

Sylvi asked with enthusiasm, what is wrong?

Shaina said, he lacks politeness and manners.

Sylvie commented directly, I think you are not very attracted to Renade.

Shaina said, look Sylvi, I have come here as your friend.

I have no interest in your brother.

I have come to my work, and my work is to be your friend and accompany you all the time.

Shaina asked Sylvie to be more free with Sylvie .

Well Sylvie, do you have a crush?

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