Yes, it does look to me like he cares about the Duchess very much.”

Queen Ellemiel helped Theodore.
When she looked alternately between me and Theodore with her gentle gaze, I naturally smiled back.

Inwardly, I was just completely baffled.

After the commotion was settled, the memorial service was quickly conducted and ended.

As we left the hall, I was nervous the entire time that Hessen might come and pick a fight.
But he just stood far away from us and kept glaring at Theodore.

‘…Owen must have returned to the Everett residence first.’

I don’t see him anywhere, so he probably left already.

…If it was like before, Hessen would have followed after Owen.
But seeing as he didn’t, maybe there really was some kind of conflict between them.


Without my knowledge, one corner of my lips went up.

I couldn’t help but feel delighted just thinking that they had a falling out.

I couldn’t control my expression, so I hurriedly moved.
But then, my eyes caught sight of Adeline, who was standing on the other side of the room.


At that moment, chills came up my spine.

…And a smirk was still pasted on my lips.

I smoothed it over and changed it to a polite smile, however, Adeline’s blue eyes were like a sharp blade that seemed to cut right through me.

‘…How do I put this.’

…It felt as if the kind of animosity she held towards me had changed into something else.



* * *



Theodore was swept away by the crown prince, and now they were sitting at the same table, drinking together.
People were now drinking in memory of the departed knights.

Of course, however, people wouldn’t just drink in this place.

In any case, thanks to this, he’s not constantly bothering me anymore.
Thank goodness.
I can finally breathe a little.

With Charlotte’s help, I changed into a nightgown and lay down on the bed.
We’re probably going to return to the Valentino residence tomorrow morning.

‘…Return, huh…’

I began to question what the right word for it was.
A place to return to was often called ‘home’, but that’s not something that I had.

Just rest.’

I stopped thinking and closed my eyes.
Charlotte lit up some incense in advance so that I could sleep a little.

And at some point, I fell asleep.

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