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The most authoritative orthopedic hospital in the country.

A well-equipped, high-class and spacious ward was slightly crowded with people standing around at the moment.

There was only one bed in the ward.

A circle of people stood around it, and another circle in the outer layer, in which grief and sorrow spread, mingled with choking, sobbing sounds that could not be concealed ……

Li Qingzhou lay weakly on the hospital bed, presenting the appearance of a patient who was critically ill – pale, thin and breathless.

On his deathbed.

He gestured to the doctor to remove the oxygen mask from his face, and his eyes, long blurred, looked at his sobbing parents and brothers, his tearful relatives and friends ……

At last, Li Qingzhou raised a smile to them, the same healing expression he always wore when he was suffering from illness.

‘I’m fine, it doesn’t hurt at all.’

‘Don’t worry about me, and don’t be sad.’


This time, it’s the last goodbye.

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-Don’t mourn my eternal departure, my beloved and loving family and friends ……

I have lived a good and happy life.

Li Qingzhou slowly closed his eyes, and the electrocardiograph connected to his body suddenly emitted an ear-piercing beeping sound.

The suppressed cries in the ward could no longer be contained.

The sobbing stopped only when a group of men in uniform knocked gently on the door and entered the room.

When they saw these people, all of them, except for Li Qingzhou’s parents and brothers, walked out in silence and closed the door of the room.

The middle-aged officer at the head of the group took off his hat, put it on his chest and said in a low voice, “Mr.
Li, Mrs.
Li, I’m so sorry for your loss ……”

Li Qingzhou’s mother sat in front of the hospital bed, her face full of tears that had not yet dried up, silently wiping her son’s bony fingers.

Behind her stood Li Qingzhou’s father, elder brother and younger brother.

Father Li said in a hoarse voice, “My son’s …… last research materials on spinal cord repair injections are all under the bed, you can take them.”

He knew why these people had come.

-The spinal cord repair injection was the research project his son most wanted to complete.

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But unfortunately …… midway through the research, his son couldn’t hold on and passed away first ……

“Please forgive me ……”

The middle-aged officer didn’t know what to say.

The spinal cord repair injection was one of the most important research projects of the Qingzhou Intelligent Technology Biological Laboratory, with Li Qingzhou proposing the research theory and leading the charge.

If the Spinal Cord Repair Injection project was successful, the country would again leapfrog a major stage in medical technology and lead the world.

And the country’s strength would inevitable.

But there was an unseen crisis.

To avoid some people taking advantage of the chaos and stealing information, the middle-aged officer could only bring someone to the hospital in the first instance to take away a few pages of key results from Mr.

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