Eileen’s body, what would have happened to Eileen’s soul? Did the two of us switch?

My body was in a car accident just before I came here and I think it would have died instantly in that situation, but it could have miraculously survived.
Eileen could have gone in there.

If so, it would be nice if the arrogant Eileen would flatten my arrogant brother’s nose.

When I thought of my hateful brother, I suddenly thought of my parents.

Come to think of it, what are mom and dad doing? Would they worry about me a lot?

I will do your back.”

My eyes immediately became moist when I felt the rough shower towel rubbing my back.

I couldn’t tell whether it was my back or my heart that was stinging.

Feeling like my heart was pounding, I shook my head vigorously.

I am possessed anyway, so what can I do?

I decided to forget about my previous life with my characteristic positive mindset.
Since I entered the novel, I have to live here since this is my life from now on.

Wrapped in a wide, soft towel, I wiped off the water, and came out of the warm steaming bathroom.
When the maids applied oil to soften the skin, my body was glowing.

What I’m going to wear today was a beige dress prepared by the Grand Duke.

The clothes of the duke’s daughter were a little less dignified, but they were too elegant to be worn by prisoners.

“Put your leg in here.”

As I lifted my legs to put on my dress, I tried to think more about my situation rather than grieve over it.

First of all, I think the hardware is here because I can speak and read letters, but I don’t know where the software is.* My memories are definitely those of Lim Yoon-Kyung’s, and all I knew about Eileen Cowet was the story in the novel, not her memories.

*TN: All the information is there but she doesn’t know where the information is coming from.

If I was going to possess her, it would have been convenient if her memories came with me.

It has its pros and cons, but I think it would be better to adapt to it.

Even if you thought about it, the most important thing is why the hell did this happen.
However, since the answer to this was not known, I had no choice but to find the correct answer myself while living as her.

After finishing dressing with such a mindless thought, I was guided to the dining room.
And there, Archduke Russlo had come beforehand and was sitting.

You’re here.”

He raised his head and met my eyes.

This must be a dream!

Unless it’s a dream, there’s no way such a beautiful man could come alive in front of my eyes.

All my worries and slight gloom evaporated sky-high the moment I saw him.

The Grand Duke, with his black hair combed back, had a handsome forehead.
As a result, blue eyes resembling the sky were highlighted more clearly.

Last night, no, every night, I couldn’t hide my excitement when the image I wanted to keep forever was in front of my eyes again.


I was so thrilled that I covered my mouth and let out a moan, then grabbed my heart with both hands.
Then the Archduke looked at me with curious eyes.

Are you sick?”

“My heart…”

I think it’s about to explode.
Looking at you.

However, the Grand Duke, who did not hear what I swallowed, stood up in surprise.

“I will call the doctor.”

“Oh, no.”

I shook his hand vigorously and stopped him hastily.

“I know my body well.”

“Are you sick?”

I have an illness.
The disease’s name is love sickness.

But don’t worry.
The disease will go away if I keep looking at you.

I, who had been playing janggu* by myself, hurriedly gathered my emotions as I couldn’t let the Archduke look anxiously in front of me.

*TN: Korean drum

I guess it’s because I’m hungry.”

“You must have been hungry.
Let’s have a meal.”

Upon hearing my words, the Archduke finally sat back in his chair, relieved.

I saw breakfast in front waiting for me.
The main menu was soup, bread, fried eggs, and a simple salad with sautéed cherry tomatoes, paprika, and onions.
And next to it was a plate of fried malkan mushrooms that I ate yesterday.

It’s  malkan mushrooms.”

I took a fork and poked it into my mouth.
Still, the chewy texture was still there.
It’s crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

But I soon found myself in a quandary.

I couldn’t neglect the food the Archduke prepared for me, but I didn’t want to miss the time to appreciate the Grand Duke’s face.
He’s so busy outside mealtime that he doesn’t have time to show me his face.

So, the solution I chose was to shove the mushroom into my mouth.
Just like a squirrel stores an acorn in its cheek.

I can just put it in my mouth, take it out with my tongue, and chew it, right?

As I tried to put one, two, three into my mouth at such simple ignorant thoughts, my cheeks quickly became full.

The Archduke was mesmerized by the quality of my infinite forking, and at some point he let out a “pfft” sound.
Judging from the fact that his shoulders were shaking slightly with his head down, he seemed to be holding back his laughter as much as possible.

Is my appearance that funny?

However, I liked the strategy I came up with.
Because my mouth and eyes can enjoy at the same time.
Plus, mushrooms are good for digestion!

I muttered diligently.

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