Liehuo Village is the easternmost coastal village in the harbor town, and it is inhabited by fishermen.
In recent years, with the depletion of marine resources, many young people have gone out to work, so there are many vacant houses in the village.

Yang Xiaolong rode a shared bike to Liehuo village, where it was very quiet except for a few sea ducks and two big dogs playing around.
After walking for half a day, he finally saw a girl repairing fishing nets under a shelter made of a sunshade net.

“Hello, do you have any empty rooms for rent here?” Yang Xiaolong shouted.

The girl turned around.

Yang Xiaolong was first stunned.
Wasn’t she the little girl who set up a stall with him a few days ago? They had also met a few times at the market, although they had not spoken much.
But they were considered acquaintances.

“It is you?”

The little girl smiled, her two small tiger teeth sparkling and very cute.

“I’m Yang Xiaolong,” Yang Xiaolong introduced himself.
They had set up a stall together before, but they hadn’t communicated much, so they didn’t know each other’s names.

“I’m Jing Tian,” the little girl introduced herself confidently.

“Hehe, you’re even a big star,” Yang Xiaolong joked.

Jing Tian smiled lightly, but didn’t say anything in response.

After chatting for a while, Yang Xiaolong explained his purpose for coming and mentioned that Liehuo village was a great choice for easy access to the sea, with a pier just a ten-minute walk away.

“We have a room for rent in our house.
Do you want to take a look?” Jing Tian offered.


Jing Tian was a local and only lived with her grandfather.
Her parents had gone out to sea a few years ago and unfortunately perished in a typhoon.
Their home happened to have an empty room available.

Yang Xiaolong followed her to her house, where he saw two tiled houses in front with a small courtyard in between.
Behind them was a two-story building with a sign reading “room for rent” posted on the glass window.

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