“Go on!” Xia Wennan hollered.
“Spell it out for me, in what way am I lucky?”

Ming Sichen glared at him with deeply flushed eyes.
“Is the fact that you have an alpha who loves you not lucky enough for you?”

“In what way is that lucky?” said Xia Wennan.
“Let me ask you this then.
If I didn’t have an alpha who loved me, would I be unlucky? Or is it unlucky if the one who loves me isn’t an alpha, but a beta?”

“The alpha I love isn’t attracted to betas though?” Ming Sichen cast a glance at Lu Huaiye.

Xia Wennan jabbed a finger at Lu Huaiye and asked, “Are you not attracted to betas?”

Lu Huaiye didn’t immediately answer this question.

But Xia Wennan didn’t need an answer.
“He’s an alpha,” he continued as he waved him off.
“Even if he’s not into betas, well, that’s normal for him.
You’re the one with abnormal standards.
You shouldn’t go around equating abnormal with unlucky.”

“How am I abnormal?”

Xia Wennan brought up the theory he’d once told Ming Luchuan: “Alphas are, by nature, attracted to omegas, just as chickens would only love chickens, and dogs would only love dogs. You fell in love with a dog—if you absolutely insist on that dog loving you back, wouldn’t you be abnormal for it?”

Lu Huaiye’s imposing countenance immediately collapsed after Xia Wennan’s remarks, and he appeared both embarrassed and annoyed.

Meanwhile, Ming Sichen blanked out at his words, and it was a while before he retorted, “Then is Ming Luchuan a dog who fell in love with a human?”

“Don’t you understand analogies?” Xia Wennan asked.
“If Ming Luchuan’s a dog, wouldn’t you be one too? You’re brothers, after all.” Ming Sichen’s insult to Ming Luchuan made him feel somewhat offended.

“But the person you love is in love with you, regardless if he should be or not.”

Xia Wennan said, “Then that’s not me being lucky, that’s me being capable.
You shouldn’t blame your gender for your own inability to make him fall in love with you, let alone blame your brother for being an Omega—you should reflect on yourself.
Tell me, if Lu Huaiye loved a woman, would you undergo a gender change on a whim?”

Ming Sichen sniffed.
“So I tried my best, but what did I get?”

“You became an omega, but you still failed to attain the person you love,” Xia Wennan told him.
“Doesn’t that mean that the issue isn’t your gender, but rather the kind of person you are?”

“You don’t understand anything!” Ming Sichen shouted between sobs.
“You’re not even a typical beta.
You wouldn’t be able to understand me.
You were born with the ability to smell pheromones—if you were like any normal beta, isolated from the world of pheromones, how could you be where you are today?! How could it be possible for Ming Luchuan to choose to be with you!”

“So what? I can smell pheromones, yeah, but I’m still a beta,” said Xia Wennan.
“I can’t produce pheromones, I can’t use pheromones to seduce alphas, I don’t have heats, and I can’t induce an alpha’s rut with my own heat.
Is a one-way understanding and a mutual instinctive pheromone attraction the same in your eyes?”

Ming Sichen was somewhat stunned.

Xia Wennan barrelled on, “I’m really curious.
You received a gland transplant, so you can produce pheromones, but can you sense them? You think you’ve truly become an omega, that you’ve truly entered their world?”

Ming Sichen remained silent.

“Look, we’re all exceptional betas here.
Nobody is luckier than the other.
We’ll never be able to step into that world where you rely on pheromones to communicate with one another, and we’ll never experience what it’s like to rely on pheromones to love one another.”

Ming Sichen lowered his head and buried his face in his knees.
Only faint sobs could be heard from him.

Xia Wennan suddenly felt a twinge of pity.
“That’s why our love is true love.
It’s not an inferior instinctive attraction caused by the secretion of biological substances, but a higher form.” Xia Wennan pointed to where his heart was.
“It’s a soul connection.”

Lu Huiaye gave Xia Wennan an even dirtier look, as if he’d been insulted, but he couldn’t quite refute him at the moment.

“You were wrong from the beginning, Sichen,” Xia Wennan went on in a pitying voice.

Ming Sichen slowly raised his head.
He wiped the tear stains on his cheeks, then turned to face Lu Huaiye.
“Lu Huaiye, did you date me because you thought I was the old Ming Siyan?”

“Yes,” said Lu Huaiye.

Ming Sichen pushed back the soft strands of hair that had fallen across his brow.
“We were together for so long—did you break up with me because you felt that I was different from your first impression of Ming Siyan?”

“Yes,” Lu Huaiye said again.

Ming Sichen slowly inhaled.
“Does it have anything to do with gender?”

“I wasn’t sure, at first,” Lu Huaiye answered calmly, “but now I’m certain it doesn’t.”

“Are you in love with that Ming Sichen—the Ming Sichen you believed to be ill?” Ming Sichen asked.

“I can’t say it’s love,” Lu Huaiye paused, “but I do feel fond of him, and those feelings have nothing to do with gender.”

Both Xia Wennan and Ming Sichen understood what Lu Huaiye was saying.
Lu Huaiye had always believed that Ming Siyan was Ming Sichen; he was only a beta, so all of Lu Huaiye’s feelings for him had nothing to do with alpha-omega gender, let alone pheromonal attraction.

The Ming Sichen who possessed Ming Siyan’s pheromones, on the other hand, was unable to attract Lu Huaiye.

“I understand,” said Ming Sichen.
He then propped himself up on his hands, then rose from the bed, barefoot.

Xia Wennan took two steps back, still wary of him.
“What are you doing?”

“Giving it back to him,” said Ming Sichen.

“What?” Xia Wennan didn’t understand.

But in the next second, Xia Wennan saw Ming Sichen lift a hand.
Something gleamed silver in his grip—the blade of a scalpel.

Xia Wennan’s limbs reacted faster than his brain as he instinctively lunged for the scalpel, which was already pressed against the side of Ming Sichen’s neck.
As Xia Wennan hampered his movement, the scalpel grazed an artery and sunk into the skin right beside it.

Lu Huaiye swiftly bounded across the bed and grabbed Ming Sichen’s hand, snatching the scalpel from him and preventing a second suicide attempt.

However, that first cut hadn’t been shallow; it had slashed open his windpipe, eliciting an awful gurgle from his throat.

Xia Wennan only felt his palm going cold at first.
When Lu Huaiye scrambled for the blade, a vigorous sweep of Ming Sichen’s arm had collided with Xia Wennan’s cheek and knocked his head to the side, and it slammed against the wall with a muffled thud.

At that point in time, he was assaulted by a headache and an acute pain in his palm.
It numbed him from head to toe, and his mind was blank as his body slowly slid down onto the floor.

Lu Huaiye, who was restraining Ming Sichen, couldn’t exactly attend to him.

Soon after, the door was opened from the outside.
Xia Wennan’s vision was blurry, and he could barely see a thing.
He could vaguely make out a person coming in, then became aware that he was being picked up, and then passed a crowd as he left the room.

“Ming Luchuan,” Xia Wennan called out subconsciously.

“I’m here,” the man carrying him replied in a hushed tone.

“Mm?” Xia Wennan tried to widen his eyes, but he could only see the man’s jaw.
Xia Wennan rarely looked at the man from this angle, but he could tell that it really was Ming Luchuan.
“How did you get here?”

“I’m here now, don’t worry,” said Ming Luchuan.

He didn’t answer my question, Xia Wennan thought, but the present left him no room to mull over things.
When he returned his gaze to Ming Sichen’s room, he saw that the doctors and nurses on duty were all rushing inside, and the doorway was blocked by so many people that he could no longer see what was going on.

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