Xia Wennan tumbled onto Ming Luchuan’s body in one fell swoop.
In that split second, he caught a distinct whiff of Ming Luchuan’s pheromones.
He thus rolled over to the other side of the bed in a display of quick and nimble reflexes, swiftly moving away from Ming Luchuan and getting to his feet next to the bed.

He stood there, heart still racing from the scare, and looked at Ming Luchuan as he asked, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Ming Luchuan remained where he lay on the bed and drew the covers over his chest.
“Didn’t you say you came here to sleep?”

“Stop messing with me,” Xia Wennan said.
“I obviously don’t sleep in this room.
We live apart, don’t we?” 

Ming Luchuan left his question unanswered.

A thought popped up in Xia Wennan’s mind: technically, they were a married couple who slept in separate beds rather than who lived apart—but now wasn’t the time to make a fuss about the specifics.
He quickly followed up with another question, “Do you know the passcode to the safe in my room?”

Ming Luchuan glanced at him.
“There’s a safe in your room?”

Xia Wennan had no intention of wasting any more time talking to him.
“You don’t know then…” Since Ming Luchuan didn’t know, then whatever was inside his safe was probably important, and therefore he definitely wouldn’t have told him.

He was staunchly committed to the belief that he and Ming Luchuan weren’t really husbands.
From head to toe, nothing about Ming Luchuan matched his sexual orientation. 

Xia Wennan made to leave the room.

Yet barely two steps forward, Ming Luchuan called out to him, “Wait.”

Xia Wennan looked back.

Ming Luchuan said, “Could you get the lights.”

Xia Wennan fumed, “Are you a cripple? Turn it off yourself.” He stormed out of Ming Luchuan’s bedroom—but didn’t forget to close the door behind him.  

Back in his room, Xia Wennan rummaged through his wardrobe for some pyjamas then went to the bathroom for a shower.
Afterwards, he collapsed on the bed, spread-eagled, exhausted to the bone.
Even though his mind was still active, it was clear that his brain was protesting.
It was like a rusted, inefficient gear trying its hardest to turn, creaking all the while. 

He had an inkling that there was something else he’d forgotten, but he couldn’t think of anything right now.
Intense exhaustion gradually pulled him under. 

His slumber was probably not that deep, Xia Wennan recalled; it’d felt like he’d been dreaming all night.
His dreamscape was bizarre and motley, and he could only remember one scene that left a particularly deep impression on him: he was moving back home to live with his grandpa, and when he entered the room, the grandpa he expected to see was replaced by Ming Luchuan.
He knew that this wasn’t right, and yet he couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong with it.
His dreamscape gradually became hazy after that…

Xia Wennan woke up the next morning feeling light-headed.
He was lying on his side, and he stayed in that position for a few moments before he opened his eyes and turned over.  

The instant he turned around, Xia Wennan was startled awake—and it was all of a tall figure entering his line of sight, who else but Ming Luchuan. 

Ming Luchuan wore a shirt that was slightly open at the collar.
His hair was slicked back, exposing his brow.
Despite the lack of a tie, he appeared to be ready to leave the house at any moment. 

Xia Wennan had no idea when the man had entered his room, but by the looks of it, he’d already been standing at Xia Wennan’s bedside for quite some time.
His gaze never strayed from Xia Wennan’s face. 

In the face of the now awake Xia Wennan, Ming Luchuan remained unfazed, calmly asking, “You’re awake?”

Xia Wennan’s consciousness returned to him in the midst of his terror.
He subconsciously pulled the blankets up a little higher and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Ming Luchuan didn’t answer him and merely said, “I’m off to work.” 

This reminded Xia Wennan of the work ID he’d found the night before, so he asked, “Do I have work? Am I on leave because of my car accident?”

“I requested leave for you.”

“Until when?”

Ming Luchuan lowered his head to fasten his cufflinks.
“Until you make a complete recovery.”

Xia Wennan was slightly dumbfounded.
“Isn’t that too long? Is that allowed? Is my boss that nice?”

Ming Luchuan glanced at him but didn’t answer.
“I have to go.
Are you planning to stay at home or come with me to the company today?”

“Why would I go with you to the company?” Xia Wennan was a little baffled. 

“Suit yourself then,” said Ming Luchuan as he made his way to the bedroom door. 

“Hold on!” Xia Wennan stopped him.
He wanted to tear away the covers at first but then realised that he’d only worn his briefs to bed.
He dove back into the covers in a haste and asked Ming Luchuan, “Where are my ID and bank cards?” 

“I don’t know,” said Ming Luchuan.

“That’s impossible!” Xia Wennan had it all figured out.
“How did you take care of my discharge yesterday then? I know my phone is unsalvageable from the crash, but there’s no way my cards and ID were ruined too, right?” 

Ming Luchuan retracted his gaze and directly walked out. 

In a frantic rush, Xia Wennan couldn’t care less about his lack of clothes and shoved away the blanket to get out of bed.
Legs bare, he caught up to Ming Luchuan and grabbed his arm.
“Don’t go.
Give me my stuff back first.” 

Ming Luchuan stopped and turned his head to look at him from head to toe.

Xia Wennan deliberately puffed out his chest to cover up his shame.
“What are you staring at? Never seen a hot guy before?”

Ming Luchuan’s gaze slowly shifted to the hand on his arm.
In an icy voice, he said, “Hands off.”

Xia Wennan knew that he had to persist.
“Give me back my ID.” He’d already thought it through; if Ming Luchuan insisted on not returning his things, he’d tell Ming Luchuan that he’d call the police. 

However, Ming Luchuan said, “How am I supposed to do that if you won’t let go of me?”

Xia Wennan blinked. 

Ming Luchuan raised a hand and gripped Xia Wennan’s hand on his arm. 

Xia Wennan immediately shrunk back. 

Soon after, Ming Luchuan disappeared into his room for a while before coming out with a wallet, which he tossed at Xia Wennan. 

Xia Wennan caught it in his hands and rushed to check the contents.
As expected, it contained his ID, driver’s license, several bank cards, and a department store membership card he wasn’t familiar with. 

Immediately after, Ming Luchuan handed him a phone.
Though the phone came without the box, it appeared brand new.
The screen was even still covered in a layer of protective film. 

Looking at Ming Luchuan, Xia Wennan didn’t take the phone right away.

Ming Luchuan said, “I told Xu Feng to buy it yesterday.
Your old sim card is already inside.”

“Thank you.” The words were out before Xia Wennan realised it.
He reached for the phone, then asked, “Why didn’t you give them to me yesterday?”

Ming Luchuan said nothing.

With a smidgeon of impatience, Xia Wennan turned on the phone.
The phone was a new model on the market that Xia Wennan had never used before.
The brand was also one he wasn’t familiar with, but he figured that navigating the phone would be simple.
As soon as it booted up, he went through its contents, but found that it was completely empty save for the contacts. 

He raised his head to look for Ming Luchuan, only to notice that the man’s tie was already around his neck and he was headed to the door with his coat, seemingly on his way out.

“Hey!” Xia Wennan hastily called after him.  

Ming Luchuan had no intention of waiting for him.

Xia Wennan chased after him and grabbed his shoulder.
“Was I not loud enough for you?” 

Ming Luchuan looked back and sneered, “Is my name ‘hey’?”

Xia Wennan could only say, “Sorry, Da-ge.”

Ming Luchuan turned around, opened the door, and stepped out. 

Xia Wennan once again reached for his hand.
“Wait—Ming Luchuan!”

Ming Luchuan stopped and looked over his shoulder.
“When did you develop this habit of running around naked?”

Xia Wennan glanced down at himself.
In any case, he’d already shown Ming Luchuan everything; there was no point in caring now.
He hurriedly asked the question he had in mind.
“Is there any way I could recover my phone’s original contents? Like photos and messages and stuff.”

“No,” Ming Luchuan said, hand outstretched to close the door.

Xia Wennan hastily blocked him off.
“Okay then… one last question.
Could you give me a key to this place?” 

In lieu of an answer, Ming Luchuan suddenly grabbed hold of his hand and tugged him towards the door. 

Xia Wennan resisted on instinct.
“What do you think you’re doing?! I’m practically naked!” He wasn’t as strong as Ming Luchuan and was thus dragged by the other man until half his body was out the door.
His right thumb was grabbed and pressed to the surface of the fingerprint scanner, which was when he heard the door lock click.
The display screen showed that the door was unlocked, and it was only then did he realise that he could directly open the door with his fingerprint. 

Ming Luchuan released his hand and took off in the direction of the elevator.

☆ ☆ ☆

t/n – The word Xia Wennan used to describe his and MLC’s living situation was 分居 at first (which I tl-ed to ‘live apart’).
The full context of the word is basically when a married couple stops living together without getting divorced, either as a preamble to divorce or something else.
He then went back and changed it to 分床; separate beds.

cutie nannan is so adamant that ming luchuan isn’t his husband lol

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