Xia Wennan shut himself away in his room, reading books late into the night, and what first appeared to be a complex and obscure craft proved to be not so difficult to grasp as time passed.
He discovered that he hadn’t completely lost that part of his memories—it was more like something had been obstructing them, and everything would clear up in an instant as long as the fog was lifted.

His laptop was filled with documents concerning the research and development of Ming Yan’s Emotions pheromone perfume line.
Initially, Xia Wennan had discovered a species of insect that possessed human pheromone receptors in its body.
When exposed to human pheromones, this insect emits a fragrance, so Xia Wennan had gone and injected a human pheromone extract directly into the insect’s glands and extracted the quasi-pheromone transmitter substance it secreted in response.

This quasi-pheromone transmitter was able to bind human pheromone receptors and carried its own natural fragrance.
In the beginning, this quasi-pheromone transmitter only expressed a single smell, but Xia Wennan led his team to conduct countless experiments in the lab, giving the insect different stimuli and looking for the same genus of insect for breeding, and was eventually able to extract up to seven types of stable quasi-pheromone transmitters for seven different “emotions” in a strictly controlled laboratory environment.

This was the origin of the Emotions pheromone perfume line.

Presently, various perfume brands were all researching pheromone perfumes, but the patent for the extraction and development of quasi-pheromone transmitters was in Ming Yan’s hands alone, and those other brands all encountered a number of difficulties.
Perhaps, it should be said that Ming Yan was only able to succeed due to Xia Wennan’s unique constitution, because alphas and omegas had no way of detecting the subtle changes in an insect’s secreted fragrance under the influence of pheromones.

But, because Xia Wennan had already overcome the biggest challenge in developing pheromone perfumes, with patented technology and a professional team behind him, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to continue making breakthroughs.

The opened document before him was a project proposal he’d submitted.
The proposal mentioned two brand new pheromone perfumes, the alpha perfume Xishui Hall and an unnamed gender-neutral perfume.

The descriptions for the two pheromone perfumes were very simple; it appeared that the idea had yet to fully take shape in Xia Wennan’s head.
As for what his original idea was, Xia Wennan couldn’t remember at all.

The manager of the marketing department sat across from him at the long table in the meeting room, reading out dull and tedious numbers.
As Xia Wennan listened to him go on and on, he became increasingly sleepy.

He cast a glance over at Ming Luchuan, who sat at the head of the table, his head bowed and a focused expression on his face as he studied a report on his tablet.
Xia Wennan thus leaned forward and rested his chest against the tabletop, lifting one hand to prop up his face.

The effects of last night’s all-nighter were starting to show, and with his head on his hand, Xia Wennan unintentionally dozed off.

He didn’t know how long he’d slept, but he awoke with a start when his arm slipped, his eyes flying open as he straightened up in his seat—only to find that everyone had already left the meeting room and he and Ming Luchuan were the only ones remaining.

Ming Luchuan was still seated at the head of the table, but he was now lying back in his chair, his posture casual as he looked through the files in front of him with his head lowered.

There was a red imprint on Xia Wennan’s cheek from where his hand had pressed against it.
He was a little disoriented as he asked, “Why has everyone left?

Ming Luchuan looked up at him.
“The meeting’s over.”

“How come you’re still here?” Xia Wennan couldn’t stop himself from rubbing his cheek.
As he asked Ming Luchuan, he realised that everyone had definitely noticed that he’d dozed off when the meeting was adjourned earlier.

In lieu of answering him, Ming Luchuan said, “Was I not supposed to wake you for the meeting?”

“I’m fine,” Xia Wennan said absently.

Ming Luchuan looked at him mutely.

Feeling uneasy under his steare, Xia Wennan quietly reached out to tidy his belongings on the table, wanting to leave the meeting room.

But right as he got to his feet, Ming Luchuan asked, “Been sleeping late recently?”

Xia Wennan looked at him with a face full of suspicion.
“Huh? Nope.
How’d you know? Were you spying on me?”

Ming Luchuan’s face clouded over.
He slightly raised his jaw.
“Do I need to spy on you?”

“My door was closed.
How would you know if I’m awake?” said Xia Wennan.

“……” Ming Luchuan appeared to be trying his hardest to be patient, but in the end he couldn’t help himself from saying, “From the light coming from the gap under your door.”

“And what are you peeping at my door for? Do you still want to pretend you’re not secretly in love with me?”

“Xia Wennan!” Ming Luchuan sat upright.

Xia Wennan took a step back.
“If you have something to say, then speak nicely.
Don’t use your fists.”

Ming Luchuan tossed the two documents on the table, stood up, and as he headed to the door, he said, “Bring those documents to my office.”

Xia Wennan had intended to return to his office in the R&D department, but when he heard Ming Luchuan’s instructions, he could only reluctantly pick up the folders and follow Ming Luchuan out.

When they emerged from the meeting room, Xia Wennan met Ming Luchuan’s pretty omega secretary.
As soon as she saw Xia Wennan, she smiled and said, “Manager Xia, let me help you with that, sir.”

Ming Luchuan was walking in front.
Without turning his head, he coldly dismissed her, “Let him be.”

The female secretary retracted her extended hand, her face still adorned with the same pleasant smile.
“Have a nice day, Manager Xia.”

When they entered Ming Luchuan’s office, Xia Wennan placed the documents on his desk and asked, “Anything else? If there isn’t, I’m going.”

“Come here,” Ming Luchuan told Xia Wennan as he sat down on his chair.

Xia Wennan looked at him, separated by the large desk.
“What do you want?”

Ming Luchuan swept his eyes over Xia Wennan’s body from head to toe and suddenly pushed the call button on his desk.

Almost immediately, there was a knock on the door, and Xu Feng’s voice floated from outside.
“President Ming?”

“Come in,” said Ming Luchuan.

Xu Feng opened the door and stepped into the room.

“Take him to get his hair cut tomorrow,” Ming Luchuan said to Xu Feng.
“It’s gotten too long.”

Xia Wennan frowned.
“Who? Me?”

“Who else is here?”

Xia Wennan ruffled a hand through his hair.
It was a bit on the long side, but it was still within a tolerable length.
“I don’t think it’s long,” he said, “plus, I don’t need anyone to take me.”

Ming Luchuan raised his head to look at him.
A moment later, he asked Xu Feng.
“What time does the banquet start tomorrow?”

“Half past seven.” Ming Luchuan nodded, then told Xia Wennan, “There’s a charity banquet at half-past seven tomorrow night.
We’ll be going together.”

“A charity banquet?” Xia Wennan’s curiosity was piqued.

“Should I prepare a suit for Mr.
Xia?” Xu Feng asked quietly.

Ming Luchuan turned to Xia Wennan.
“You should have some event-appropriate formal attire in your closet, but preparing a new set should also be fine.”

Xia Wennan didn’t care much for the topic of formal attire.
He bent forwards and rested his upper body on the tabletop, leaning closer to Ming Luchuan and asking, “I’ll be going with you?”

“Who else would you be going with?”

As he pondered this, a faint wrinkle appeared on Xia Wennan’s brow, his gaze wandering.
A short time later, he turned around and looked Ming Luchuan in the eyes.
“What am I going as? Don’t tell me I’m going as—your wife?” Xia Wennan felt somewhat ashamed when saying that last word, so it had come out rather vague.

Ming Luchuan didn’t answer him.

“You’ll be going as President Ming’s partner, as well as a prominent pheromone perfumer in the industry,” Xu Feng explained.

Xia Wennan was abruptly intrigued, he turned to Xu Feng and asked, “Am I the father of pheromone perfumes?”

Xu Feng paused for a beat at his question before responding, “Perhaps some would call you that, sir.”

Xia Wennan patted his chest.
“Thank god no one calls me the mother of pheromone perfumes.” He figured that it was all on him for being married to an alpha.

“And? What does it matter if you’re the father or mother of pheromone perfumes?” Ming Luchuan uttered icily.

Xia Wennan smiled his way.
“It doesn’t.
It’s just a personal preference, it doesn’t matter one bit.” After that, he got up and patted Xu Feng’s shoulder.
“I’ll get my hair cut tomorrow.”

He’d rather like to go to this charity banquet and broaden his horizons.

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