They settled in the car; Ming Luchuan grim-faced and quiet, and Xia Wennan sitting next to him.
He lightly elbowed him.

Duan Ning and Li Xin had yet to show up; the car was parked at the side of the road, and the driver was squatting by a flowerbed in wait.
Ming Luchuan and Xia Wennan were the only ones in the car.

Even so, Xia Wennan still looked out the car window uncomfortably before saying to Ming Luchuan, “I’m sorry.”

Ming Luchuan didn’t give him a response.

“I only kicked you because I was shocked that Xue Jing suddenly came in,” said Xia Wennan.
He then remembered Xue Jing’s request and asked Ming Luchuan,“It’s not like she did it on purpose, so why are you being so petty?”

Ming Luchuan glanced at him at last.
“Are you pleaing on her behalf?”

Xue Jing was in charge of paperwork and meeting arrangements most of the time.
Ming Luchuan normally only brought Xu Feng with him for business and travel.

“I feel bad for her,” said Xia Wennan.

Ming Luchuan shifted his attention to the front indifferently.

“You don’t need to take something so trivial personally,” Xia Wennan continued.

“Shut up.” Ming Luchuan sounded even more displeased.

Xia Wennan had already figured out the reason behind Ming Luchuan’s current temper.
He moved closer to Ming Luchuan and gave him a look.
“You don’t want to hear me mention her, is that it? Then should I change the subject?”

After saying that, Xia Wennan retreated slightly, his back almost brushing against the car door.
He lifted a hand and began unbuttoning his shirt, saying, “Come on then.”

Ming Luchuan looked at him, then lifted his eyes towards the car window, and asked, “What are you doing?”

Xia Wennan patted his chest.
“Don’t you want to return the kick? Have at it.”

“Here?” Ming Luchuan wrinkled his brows.

“Where else? Should we get out of the car?” said Xia Wennan.
“If you want to kick me, just kick me.
Stop being angry after.”

“You think I can lift my leg that high?” Ming Luchuan asked icily.

“You have such long legs,” said Xia Wennan, but upon seeing the displeasure on Ming Luchuan’s face at his comment, he changed his tune and said, “Should I crouch down then?”

Ming Luchuan remained mute.

Xia Wennan thus crouched between the seats.
Fortunately, the car had enough space.
“Hurry up,” he urged as he got down.

“Come closer,” said Ming Luchuan.

Xia Wennan moved forward.
Right as he neared Ming Luchuan’s leg, Ming Luchuan seized him by the lapels, hauled him up, and kissed him on the lips.

The kiss was so sudden that Xia Wennan had no time to react—he could only stare at Ming Luchuan with wide eyes.

However, the kiss ended as quick as it started, and Ming Luchuan let him go with an icy sneer.

Xia Wennan immediately flew into a rage.
“You practically pounced on me! What are you sneering for!”

“Xia Wennan,” Ming Luchuan’s tone was stone-cold.
“Be honest with me, are you willing to go this far all for Xue Jing’s behalf?”

“I can’t believe I’m wasting my time!” Xia Wennan fumed.
“She’s not my secretary.
Do whatever you want! I’m only going this far because I don’t want you to be mad!”

“I’m not mad anymore,” said Ming Luchuan stated calmly and naturally.

Xia Wennan’s blood continued boiling.
“Well now I am!”

“Why would you be mad?” asked Ming Luchuan.

“Why did you kiss me?!”

“You prefer me to kick you?”

“Just keep to your word.”

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to remember what happened in the past?”

Xia Wennan went still upon hearing this.

Ming Luchuan was watching him.
“I’m helping you remember what happened in this car.”

All of Xia Wennan’s fury vacated him in an instant as his anger transformed into shock.
“In this car?”

“Straighten up your clothes.”

Xia Wennan carelessly pulled his shirt over his chest and half-perched on the car seat, his face filled with disbelief.
“What’s the car got to do with anything? What happened?”

“Would you like to continue?”

“What?” Embarrassed, Xia Wennan simply acted as if he didn’t understand.

“There’s not enough time.”

Xia Wennan gave him a look and gave up on questioning his intentions.
He lowered his head and silently refastened the buttons at his chest one by one, mind churning as he thought: Turns out I’m such a degenerate….

Li Xin had finished changing his clothes.
True to his word, it did take him a long time to get dressed.
When he exited the studio, he got into his own nanny car.

Duan Ning also took his own car, trailing behind Ming Luchuan’s car as they headed towards the dinner location.

Dinner was at a distinguished private restaurant, and their table of four were the only ones present today.
Because Duan Ning and Li Xin didn’t drink, Ming Luchuan followed suit, and everyone dug into the food while conversing.
The atmosphere was rather laid-back.

Xia Wennan had never dined with a celebrity before.
He was a little nervous at first, but after exchanging a few words, he found that Li Xin was a rather simple guy, so he relaxed entirely, slouching in his chair and gazing out at the nightscape beyond the balcony.

The private restaurant was a small, two-storey building.
They dined in a private room on the second floor that overlooked an osmanthus tree outside.
At night, as long as there was a gentle breeze, a refreshing scent would waft from the gold osmanthus flowers; this, together with the soothing music playing in the private room, made the satiated Xia Wennan drowsy.

Ming Luchuan and the others were no longer discussing work, their conversation taking a turn into light chit-chat.
Li Xin was a great conversationalist; he prattled on about the rumours and gossip circulating in the entertainment industry with gusto, while neither Ming Luchuan nor Duan Ning spoke a word, sitting quietly to the side listening to Li Xin.

Xia Wennan had no idea what Duan Ning thought about all this, but he knew that Ming Luchuan hated hearing such things.
This time however, Ming Luchuan was masking the fact quite well.
Xia Wennan scrutinized Ming Luchuan’s face, but his expression didn’t reveal the slightest sign of impatience.

Xia Wennan surmised that every drop of Ming Luchuan’s bad temper was reserved for him alone.

Since Li Xin already had two listeners and it didn’t seem to matter whether Xia Wennan was there or not, he stood up and headed to the balcony.
He leaned over the railing and craned his neck to observe the osmanthus tree, then closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.
When he opened his eyes again afterwards, he peered down and noticed a car parked downstairs.

It wasn’t Ming Luchuan’s minivan, Duan Ning’s personal car or Li Xin’s nanny car—it was a sapphire blue sports car.

There clearly weren’t that many cars around when they first arrived.
Who knows when that car had parked there.
As the second floor wasn’t too high up, Xia Wennan could see that there was a man in the driver’s seat, but because he was wearing a hat and his head was slightly bowed, Xia Wennan couldn’t catch a glimpse of his face.
However, based on the man’s physique, he appeared to be an alpha.

“Wennan.” Duan Ning called him from inside.

Xia Wennan answered Duan Ning over his shoulder.
Before heading inside, he took one last look downstairs and incidentally saw the man inside the car lift his head at the same moment.

Their eyes met for a brief two seconds.

The man appeared to be an alpha in his forties.
Although he was no longer young, his features retained their handsomeness.

When Xia Wennan turned around, he had a brief moment of disorientation—he felt that he’d seen that face somewhere before.
Upon returning to the private room, he sat down next to Ming Luchuan, had a bite of dessert, and chatted briefly with Duan Ning.

It was only when he looked up at Ming Luchuan did he suddenly remember who that alpha was—he was Ming Luchuan’s alpha father, Lu Wenxing.

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