Feeling that something was fishy, Xia Wennan asked Lu Wenxing, “If that’s the case, why have you never clarified anything to the media in all these years?”

“Because the media has never questioned me.
So many years have passed since then, and even if it had been posted on the internet, it’s all ancient history.
Must old affairs be brought back up? But, if you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.” Lu Wenxing’s tone was natural, and he even sounded courteous.

“Then, do you know Ming Qin?” Xia Wennan asked.

This time, Lu Wenxing said, “We’ve met before.
I suppose you could say that we’re acquainted.”

Xia Wennan slightly narrowed his eyes.
Lu Wenxing had already denied his relation with Ming Luchuan, so he had no need to keep him here any longer to get to the bottom of things.

Furthermore, at this time, voices could be heard from the corridor outside.
It seemed that Li Xin’s concert had officially come to a close, and there may even be people entering the toilet in a short while.

Lu Wenxing ought to have come to the same conclusion.
He lowered the brim of his cap and said, “If that’s everything, I’ll be taking my leave.”

“Hold on!” This time, the speaker wasn’t Xia Wennan, but Lin Shuqiu.
Despite his trembling voice, Lin Shuqiu pressed on, “What’s your relationship with Li Xin? Aren’t you already married?”

Lu Wenxing sized him up.
“And you are?”

Lin Shuqiu plucked up his courage.
“I’m his fan.”

Lu Wenxing chuckled at his words, and said, “I’m his friend, and my marital status is none of your business.” With that, he opened the door and exited the toilet.

That night, Xia Wennan accompanied Lin Shuqiu to meet Li Xin to ask for an autograph and a photo.

But they didn’t run into Lu Wenxing in Li Xin’s dressing room; who knows where the man had gone off to.

Both Xia Wennan and Lin Shuqiu sported a downcast and dispirited countenance after leaving the backstage area.
As they arrived at the plaza outside, Lin Shuqiu asked Xia Wennan, “How are you getting back?”

Xia Wennan said, “The subway has already stopped running, right? Let’s just take a taxi then.”

Lin Shuqiu nodded.

Xia Wennan took out his phone to order a taxi when he suddenly received an incoming call from Ming Luchuan.
The man asked him where he currently was, told him to wait there as he’d have the driver come to pick him up.

Xia Wennan agreed and told Lin Shuqiu to wait a while.
When Ming Luchuan’s car gets there, they could drop Lin Shuqiu off at his house first.

The two of them sat down on a flight of steps.

The late autumn night grew increasingly chilly.
Xia Wennan and Lin Shuqiu tacitly wrapped their arms around themselves.

“He wasn’t telling the truth,” Lin Shuqiu said.

Xia Wennan turned to look at him.
“Why do you think so?”

“His answer about his relationship with Li Xin wasn’t convincing.”

“You still care about Li Xin, huh?” Xia Wennan lowered his head, resting his chin on his arm.

“Xinxin is too pure, I think he’s been deceived.”

Xia Wennan thought for a bit before asking Lin Shuqiu, “Do you think he was also lying about Ming Luchuan?”

Lin Shuqiu said, “I’m not sure.”

Xia Wennan was a little vexed.
“I keep feeling that something’s off.
Do you think he resembles Ming Luchuan?”

Lin Shuqiu mumbled, “They look quite similar.”

Xia Wennan searched for the paparazzi photo exposing young Lu Wenxing’s love affair on his phone, gave Lin Shuqiu a look, and asked, “Does this look like Ming Qin?”

Lin Shuqiu said, “I’ve never seen Ming Qin…”

Xia Wennan took his phone back.
The photo was indeed blurry, but both the omega’s physique and features, though vague, were similar to Ming Qin’s.

Lu Wenxing had claimed to know Ming Qin.

“Are twins hereditary?” Xia Wennan rattled off unthinkingly.

Yet Lin Shuqiu answered, “Yes.”

Xia Wennan turned to him.

Lin Shuqiu gave a firm nod and repeated, “They’re hereditary.”

Ming Luchuan came to pick up Xia Wennan.
He had a social engagement tonight, and he’d given Xia Wennan a call after it was over, then had the driver pick Xia Wennan up on the way back so they could go home together.

Because having three passengers squeezed into the rear seat was inconvenient, Ming Luchuan sat in the front passenger seat and allowed Xia Wennan and Lin Shuqiu to sit in the back.

When Ming Luchuan saw Lin Shuqiu, he enquired about Xia Wennan’s therapy, to which Lin Shuqiu responded carefully.

In the back seat, Xia Wennan stared out the window dazedly.
He reflected on the likelihood that Ming Luchuan, like him, had been deceived.
Lu Wenxing had stated unequivocally that there had been nothing going on between him and Ming Qin, so unless the guy was lying, Ming Luchuan wasn’t their child—at least, he wasn’t Lu Wenxing’s.
Or was he not Ming Qin’s?

The latter was such a bizarre and absurd idea that the mere thought of it made Xia Wennan reject it.

But regardless, Ming Qin had lied to Ming Luchuan.

They first dropped Lin Shuqiu off at his residence, after which Ming Luchuan moved to the back seat.
The driver then restarted the car and drove them home.

“How was the concert?” Ming Luchuan asked, looking straight ahead.

“It was all right,” said Xia Wennan.

“Hitting it off with Dr.

“Yeah.” This time, Xia Wennan went on to add, “After all, he’s the only friend I have from the past in this city.” Technically, they hadn’t really been friends before, but they had now become pretty good buddies.

Lin Shuqiu was a slightly introverted, gentle and quiet-looking guy, but he was in fact very loyal to his friends.

Xia Wennan couldn’t bother to explain all that to Ming Luchuan.

And Ming Luchuan only nodded mutely.

When they got home, Xia Wennan simply said good night to Ming Luchuan before retiring to his room.
He took a shower, turned off the lights, and lay on his bed, but his eyes refused to close.
Tonight events repeatedly played out in his mind, and in the end, he lifted the covers and sat up, stretched out his feet and put on his slippers, then stood up and stepped out of his bedroom.

Ming Luchuan hadn’t locked his bedroom door.
Xia Wennan gently twisted the handle and opened the door, his soft-soled slippers barely audible when they came into contact with the floor as Xia Wennan slowly approached the bed.
The room was too dark to make out anything but Ming Luchuan’s silhouette on the bed.
He appeared to be sleeping.

He bent down and quietly called out, “Ming Luchuan?”

Before he could finish his sentence, Ming Luchuan’s hand shot out in the darkness and accurately grabbed him by the neck.
“Who’s there?!”

“It’s me, it’s me, let me go!” Xia Wennan cried out in agony as he swatted the back of Ming Luchuan’s hand.

Ming Luchuan let him go while turning on the table lamp.
He sat up and faced Xia Wennan.
“What the hell is your problem?”

“My problem?” Xia Wennan felt aggrieved.
“What the hell is your problem? What did you choke me for?”

After a brief pause, Ming Luchuan said, “How would I know that it was you?”

Xia Wennan was miffed.
“Who else would be in this house aside from you and me?”

“What if it was a ghost?” said Ming Luchuan.

“Why would a ghost be looking for you? If you’ve never done anything to be ashamed of, you shouldn’t be scared of ghosts knocking on your door, okay?” Having said that, when he saw that there was a fine sheen of sweat covering Ming Luchuan’s forehead in the lamplight, he was a little surprised.
“You really thought that I was a ghost, didn’t you? Were you scared?”

Ming Luchuan coldly said, “What are you doing here instead of sleeping?”

Xia Wennan hesitated for a beat before kicking off his slippers and climbing onto Ming Luchuan’s bed, plopping down cross-legged in front of him.
“Can we talk?” he said.

Ming Luchuan still sounded somewhat unhappy.
“About what?”

Xia Wennan was a little scared.
“I met with Lu Wenxing today,” he said, after working up the courage.

As a result, after he said this set of words, he saw Ming Luchuan’s gaze abruptly darkening.
Immediately after, he heard Ming Luchuan say, voice laced with suppressed fury, “What did you do that for?”

Xia Wennan bit his lower lip and decided to confess everything to Ming Luchuan.
“I know that I shouldn’t have.
I’m a total blockhead.
But I found out that—your dad has been lying to you all this time.”

Ming Luchuan stared at him without speaking.

Xia Wennan whispered, “Don’t look at me like that, I’m not the one who lied to you.”

“Tell me, what did he lie to me about?”

“Lu Wenxing may not be your real father—your alpha father could be someone else.” After uttering these words, Xia Wennan had a startling realisation: Isn’t this a good thing? Perhaps Ming Luchuan’s alpha father is actually a decent man? But soon after, he became skeptical: If that’s the case, why would Ming Qin lie?

Ming Luchuan’s gaze fell on Xia Wennan’s face.
“Does it matter?”


“What’s the point of looking into this?” said Ming Luchuan.
“It’s not like matters.”

“Of course it matters!” Xia Wennan blurted.
“Each and every one of your relationships should matter to you, okay? Do you still not get it?”

All of a sudden, Ming Luchuan lurched forward and hugged Xia Wennan tightly.

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