Ming Luchuan bent down and extended his arms to embrace Xia Wennan.
He poured all of his energy into the hug, pressing Xia Wennan down with his entire body until Xia Wennan was forced to recline as Ming Luchuan buried his face in his chest.

Truth be told, Xia Wennan hadn’t expected Ming Luchuan to react this way.
When he cast a downward glance, he only glimpsed the top of Ming Luchuan’s head and couldn’t see his expression.
Thus, he softly placed his palm on the man’s head.

He wanted to say, “What do you think? Did I hit the nail on the head?”, but in the end, the words never left his mouth.
His heart ached for Ming Luchuan, and he didn’t want to pour more salt in his wounds.
This kind of mood was already fine.

“Isn’t this loving hug warm?” Xia Wennan murmured as he caressed Ming Luchuan’s short hair with his hand.

Ming Luchuan remained silent for a long time before eventually answering, “Mm.”

A smile graced Xia Wennan’s lips, unbidden, and the arms that encircled Ming Luchuan tightened their grip.

That night, it was as though Ming Luchuan had turned into a child, refusing to move from where he lay in Xia Wennan’s embrace.

Having been pressed down for a long time, Xia Wennan felt a little uncomfortable and reached out to push the man away.

Ming Luchuan, however, snarled, “Don’t move!”

Xia Wennan stilled and thought to himself: Forget it, you lack love anyway.
I’m not going to get into a fight with you.

They stayed like that till late at night.
When it appeared that Ming Luchuan had fallen asleep, Xia Wennan attempted to gently push him away, but the moment he moved, Ming Luchuan tightened his arms around him.

Xia Wennan thought back to little Ming Luchuan’s drawing of a mother—he’d undoubtedly been looking forward to this loving hug for a long, long time.

Much later, Xia Wennan could no longer hold in his urge to use the bathroom.
This time, he decisively shoved Ming Luchuan away with little regard for his reaction.

A half-conscious Ming Luchuan looked up and let out a puzzled grunt.

“Sleep!” Xia Wennan snapped.
“I have to pee.
I’m going to get sick if I hold it in any longer.” He then climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom, and when he came back out, Ming Luchuan was laying on his side, his gaze fixed on Xia Wennan.

“I—” Before Xia Wennan could finish speaking, he heard people talking outside the window, their voices not exactly quiet.
Suddenly curious, he turned to Ming Luchuan and said, “I’m going to take a look.”

Ming Luchuan neither moved nor said anything.

Xia Wennan approached the window and silently drew the curtain.
He placed his face against the glass and looked down, noticing someone standing in front of the building.
Despite the fact that the darkness made it difficult to see, he was able to make out Yin Zejing’s figure with the help of the lights.

Yin Zejing was standing motionless.

Shortly afterwards, Xia Wennan heard Ming Qin’s voice float out, “What were you up to this late?”

“I went out for drinks with my classmates,” said Yin Zejing.

Ming Qin was most likely standing by the doorway; Xia Wennan couldn’t see him from his vantage point, but he could hear him just fine.
Because Ming Qin’s tone didn’t sound much different from usual, Xia Wennan had no idea whether he was angry.
All he could hear was Ming Qin’s relentless inquiry.
“Where did you drink?”

Yin Zejing mentioned the name of a bar, then said, “It’s near the campus.”

“Who did you go with?” Ming Qin asked.

This time, Yin Zejing laughed instead of giving an immediate answer.
His voice was slurred, precisely like someone who was half-drunk.
“Qin ge, are you jealous?” he asked.

Ming Qin said nothing.

Yin Zejing smiled a little frivolous smile and said, “Just my university classmates, there were two omegas.” After that, he lifted his arm and sniffed at his sleeve.
“I’m not sure whose pheromones are on me, but I dare to swear that we didn’t do anything.”

Ming Qin said, “Swear it then.” He used a light tone this time, as if he was kidding, but also enraged.

Yin Zejing did, in fact, raise his hand.
“I, Yin Zejing, swear to the heavens that I did not engage in any intimate behaviour with any omega whatsoever tonight—”

“Or else your glands will explode and you’ll die a tragic death,” Ming Qin supplied.

Yin Zejing paused, then put down his hand and said, “Qin ge, you’re so mean.”

“What are you scared of?” said Ming Qin.

Yin Zejing said, “I’m not scared, I’m just a little heartbroken.
First you didn’t believe me, and then you were very mean to me.”

Ming Qin sneered.
He had probably turned around and headed inside, because Xia Wennan saw Yin Zejing chasing after him.

Xia Wennan was really curious, so he walked to the door and opened it as quietly as he could.
Discovering that the corridor outside was unlit, he composedly stuck out half of his head to peek outside.

Two distinct footfalls ascended the stairs, activating the sensor lights in the staircase.

When Yin Zejing finally caught up with Ming Qin on the second floor, he hugged him from behind and buried his head in Ming Qin’s shoulders, coquettishly crying out, “Qin ge.”

The dainty omega was completely enveloped by the alpha.

Ming Qin didn’t push him away, but his tone was ridden with disgust as he stated, “You reek of booze.”

Yin Zejing smelled Ming Qin’s neck and the skin behind his ears, saying, “You were drinking too.” He then kissed Ming Qin’s ear.
“Don’t be mad.
Next time, you can come with me.”

“I have no interest in that,” said Ming Qin.

Yin Zejing laughed the sunny laughter of a male university student.
“I’ll always have friends and classmates I would need to socialise with.
If you don’t like them though, I’ll just sit on the sidelines and drink with you.”

Ming Qin also laughed.
“You’re not afraid of being made fun of by your classmates?”

“What would they be making fun of?”

“The fact that you have such an old lover.”

Yin Zejing clasped his hand and said in his ear, “You’re such an amazing man, they can’t be more envious! Besides, I don’t care if people laugh; aren’t we going to be together for the rest of our lives?”

“The rest of our lives?” Ming Qin’s tone was full of amazement, as if he had never considered spending a lifetime with Yin Zejing.

“Yeah.” Yin Zejing exuded confidence.
“I’m always going to be younger than you.
If you’re looking for a young alpha, I can meet your needs for the rest of your life.
What do you think?”

After relaying this, Yin Zejing cupped Ming Qin’s face and kissed him.

It was at this point that Xia Wennan lost all will to watch.
As he stealthily ducked back inside, the back of his head collided with someone behind him.

He almost shrieked in fear, but fortunately, the sound was smothered by Ming Luchuan’s hand, and with one hand covering Xia Wennan’s mouth, he used his other hand to silently close the door.

Xia Wennan’s heart was racing.
It wasn’t until Ming Luchuan let go of him did he whisper, “Why were you peeping at your dad and his boyfriend?”

“Why were you peeping?” Ming Luchuan asked in return.

“…I was just a bit curious,” Xia Wennan said as he walked to the bed.

He and Ming Luchuan laid back down, yet sleepiness seemed to elude them for a short while.
Xia Wennan pillowed his head on his hands and said, “Do you think Yin Zejing is serious about Ming Qin?”

“How would I know?” Ming Luchuan said lazily.

“He’s a university student.
How could the guy live such a complicated life?” Xia Wennan suddenly lamented.

“Who else here is a university student?”

“Uh… I’m going to bed.” Xia Wennan turned his back to Ming Luchuan, a little unhappy.

Ming Luchuan grabbed his hand and pulled him over.
“Come here.”

“What are you doing—I’m trying to sleep!”

Yet Ming Luchuan kept pulling him until he was right in front of him, at which point he put his arms around Xia Wennan.
“Sleep,” he whispered, face to face, their bodies fitting snuggly.

Xia Wennan had a meltdown.
“How am I supposed to fall asleep?”

“Close your eyes.”

Xia Wennan was speechless.
He shoved Ming Luchuan away to no avail and had no choice but to try and find a slightly more comfortable position in Ming Luchuan’s arms.
The next thing he knew, he couldn’t fight the onslaught of tiredness, and drifted off to sleep.

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