He Yufeng only appeared to see that it was only after greeting Xia Wennan, a trace of surprise visible on his face.
“President Ming.”

Ming Luchuan gave him a nod.
“Hello, President He,” he responded in a faintly cold tone.
He then lifted a hand and patted Xia Wennan’s head.
“Come home early.”

Xia Wennan, who was hardly used to Ming Luchuan’s unexpected display of intimacy, hurriedly said, “Got it.”

At this time, He Yufeng had gotten out of the car and opened the door to the front passenger seat for Xia Wennan.

Xia Wennan shot a look at Ming Luchuan, and when he saw that he was still standing there with no sign of leaving, he could only thank He Yufeng and climb into the passenger seat a little awkwardly.

Right after he got in, as He Yufeng was closing his door, Xia Wennan suddenly stopped him; he stepped out of the car, leaned over to Ming Luchuan, and pressed a kiss to his cheek.
“Wait for me to come back,” he said as he got back into the car.

He Yufeng had his hand propped on the car door; he glanced at Ming Luchuan before pushing Xia Wennan’s door shut and saying, “President Ming, we’ll be going now.”

Ming Luchuan, who was visibly in a much better mood, nodded and said, “Drive safe.”

He Yufeng smiled.
“I swear to keep the missus safe.”

When the car drove out of the Ming Yan building’s driveway, Xia Wennan couldn’t help but gaze in the rear-view mirror at Ming Luchuan, only to see that Ming Luchuan hadn’t moved from where he stood.

He Yufeng looked at him and said, “Your relationship is getting better and better, huh?”

Xia Wennan smiled mutely.

The car was deafeningly silent for several minutes.

When he stopped at a red light, He Yufeng struck up a conversation, asking, “Are you upset with me because of that thing with Duan Ning back then?”

“What thing with Duan Ning?” For a moment, Xia Wennan couldn’t recall.

He Yufeng laid his arm on the edge of the car window, fingers pinching his brow.
“The time I didn’t help Duan Ning in fending off alcohol, and President Ming got drunk.”

Finally recalling the memory, Xia Wennan said, “I’m not upset.
Duan Ning and I aren’t close anyway.” Having said this, he turned to He Yufeng.
“I was under the impression that Duan Ning was your boyfriend.”

He Yufeng laughed when he heard his words.
“We have a working relationship.
We’re just friends.”

“I think Duan Ning’s a pretty nice guy.
He doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend yet either.
Would you be interested?”

The red light turned green.

While slowly crossing the intersection, He Yufeng said, “Hm? Is Duan Ning interested in me?”

“I don’t know,” Xia Wennan admitted.

He Yufeng smiled.
“Then why are you playing matchmaker? How would you know whether Duan Ning would be interested in me?”

“With two people, one always has to make the first move, right?”

The smile on He Yufeng’s face had yet to fade.
He didn’t pick up on Xia Wennan’s subject, and it wasn’t until the car had passed two streets that he said, “He and I aren’t a good match.”

Xia Wennan wasn’t the least bit interested in He Yufeng and Duan Ning’s relationship; he was simply looking for something to talk about with He Yufeng in order to avoid making things awkward between them.
At this point, he stopped bringing up Duan Ning and instead said, “I’ve told you that I don’t really remember Teacher Lin, right?”

He Yufeng nodded.
“You have.”

Xia Wennan straightened up in his seat.
“If Teacher Lin asks about it, you have to help me out.” After saying that, Xia Wennan added, “Senior.”

He Yufeng didn’t respond immediately.
Instead, he asked, “Then you don’t remember me either, do you?”

“I still remember a little,” said Xia Wennan.

He Yufeng suddenly glanced at him.
He then turned back to face the front, and softly said, “It seems that you don’t remember me quite the same.”

Xia Wennan had the impression that there was something amiss with his words.
He remembered He Yufeng only because they knew each other from an earlier time, but that had nothing to do with what He Yufeng was like as a person.
His mouth fell open slightly, hesitant on whether or not he should explain.
If he did explain though, it would show that he was concerned about it, when He Yufeng had obviously just thrown off that remark casually.

Before Xia Wennan could utter a word, He Yufeng had already changed the subject, asking him, “How is work these days? You’ve been busy?”

Xia Wennan was a little reluctant to talk about work; he turned to look out the window, tone light as he said, “I work for a boss.
How can I not be busy?”

“Then why don’t you consider changing bosses and working for me?” He Yufeng said.

Xia Wennan’s head swung around of its own accord.
“You think that’s appropriate?”

He Yufeng had a serious expression on his face.
“Why wouldn’t it be? Feelings are feelings, and work is work, right? If you come to Moze, I will absolutely provide you with all the freedom and rights you deserve.
I won’t interfere with your personal life and affect your work.”

Xia Wennan knew what He Yufeng was alluding to, but he pretended as if he hadn’t understood anything the man said.
“I think I’m good where I am now.”

He Yufeng laughed.

They returned to the school.

This was Xia Wennan’s second visit to his university after his car accident and subsequent memory loss.
Unlike his first visit, he didn’t get out of the car this time, merely speeding through the campus that was shrouded in the early winter air.
The car’s wheels rolled over the dried yellow leaves cluttering the road all the way to the old teacher’s dormitory deep within the campus.

Xia Wennan followed He Yufeng out of the car and into a dim corridor.
He didn’t speak as he hid behind He Yufeng, apprehensive at the prospect of meeting his teacher.

Teacher Lin was an old professor who had taught in their faculty; presently, he was already retired.

When He Yufeng knocked on the door, it was Teacher Lin himself who opened it for them.
The white-haired old man was wearing an apron and holding a spatula; the instant he saw He Yufeng and Xia Wennan, he broke into a smile and beckoned them in, telling them to sit.

Tonight, Teacher Lin had invited his two students for a meal he personally prepared himself.

Teacher Lin and his wife were both betas, and the married couple were friendly and welcoming people.
Tonight’s meal went much more smoothly than Xia Wennan had anticipated because Teacher Lin didn’t inquire about his career, nor mention anything about his past studies.
All they talked about were recent happenings in their lives.

Even after the meal, under He Yufeng’s cover, Teacher Lin never noticed that Xia Wennan had lost his memories.

Later, everyone sat around the table talking, while Mrs.
Lin cleaned the table and went to the kitchen to do the dishes.

Teacher Lin discussed artificial gland development and artificial pheromones in the medical field with He Yufeng.

Xia Wennan’s phone faintly vibrated.
He lowered his head to check his phone, where he discovered Ming Luchuan had sent him a message asking where he was.
Xia Wennan immediately shared his location with Ming Luchuan.

Ming Luchuan replied shortly after, “Wait for me, I’ll come pick you up.”

When Xia Wennan raised his head, the smile in the small upturn of his lips vanished.

Teacher Lin was coincidentally asking He Yufeng, “I remember that you have a little brother who’s abroad.
Has he finished his studies?”

“He’ll be graduating this year,” He Yufeng replied.

Teacher Lin nodded.
“Make sure to come back after graduation and develop himself here.”

He Yufeng smiled and said, “He’ll come back.”

He Yufeng and Xia Wennan left Teacher Lin’s residence not long after they finished eating.
They walked to He Yufeng’s car, which was parked in front of the building, where Xia Wennan stopped in his tracks and said, “Senior, you can go home first.
I’m waiting for Ming Luchuan to come and get me.”

He Yufeng, who stood in front of him, asked, “President Ming is coming?”

Xia Wennan estimated the time.
“He should be here in a few minutes.”

“Then I’ll accompany you till he arrives,” said He Yufeng.

“There’s no need!” Xia Wennan hurriedly declined.

He Yufeng’s demeanor was rather natural.
“Since it’s been so long since we’ve returned to school, why don’t we go for a walk? It’s not that often that I get a chance to talk to you either.”

Xia Wennan looked at the campus roads over his shoulder and saw that there were still people around at this time.
Struck with the same desire to go for a walk, he thus agreed with a nod.

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