Xia Wennan was lucky—in the graduate student group formed by Teacher Lin, he found a second person he recognised.
That person was an omega senior sister, and she had been a second-year student when Xia Wennan was in his first year.
As she was exactly a year above Xia Wennan, she should have been one year his senior in graduate school, which meant she would have known both him and He Yufeng.

This senior sister was in Xia Wennan’s WeChat friends list.
Xia Wennan had changed her WeChat nickname to her real name, Ye Xiaomeng.

Because they hadn’t been in the same cohort, Xia Wennan and Ye Xiaomeng were merely acquaintances, and their relationship couldn’t be described as close.
This was the first time Xia Wennan got in touch with Ye Xiaomeng since he awoke with amnesia.

Xia Wennan shot Ye Xiaomeng a message, “Senior.”

Ye Xiaomeng’s reply came soon after, but her friendliness surpassed Xia Wennan’s expectations. “Wennan! It’s been ages since you last messaged me.
How have you been?”

Xia Wennan had already returned to his own office at this point.
He sat in his chair, swivelling restlessly from side to side as his fingers flew across the keyboard: “I’m doing fine.
What about you, Senior?

“Senior hasn’t been doing too well, Senior has missed you!” Ye Xiaomeng replied along with a kiss sticker.

Xia Wennan had never expected that he and Ye Xiaomeng would become so close.
After a moment’s hesitation, fearign that Ye Xiaomeng would grow suspicious from his pleasantries, he decided to send: “I went to Teacher Lin’s for dinner with He Yufeng yesterday.”

After he sent this message, there was no reply from Ye Xiaomeng’s end for a while.

After around ten minutes had passed, Xia Wennan received a call from Ye Xiaomeng, and upon accepting the call, Ye Xiaomeng questioned, “Why the hell are you still talking to He Yufeng?”

“Ah?” Xia Wennan was caught off guard.

Fortunately, Ye Xiaomeng wasn’t waiting for his answer and proceeded, “Aren’t you already married? Has He Yufeng come back to mess with you? How jobless are you that you’re paying attention to him again?”

Xia Wennan heard the resentment Ye Xiaomeng had for He Yufeng in her words, so he simply told the truth, “Senior, I don’t remember.”

“Hm? What don’t you remember?”

“I have amnesia.”

It took Xia Wennan some effort to explain his situation to Ye Xiaomeng, and in the end, he said, “I think that Senior He is into me.”

“You’re not actually considering him, are you?”

“I’ve lost my memories.
I have no feelings for my current alpha partner,” Xia Wennan babbled casually.

“In that case, stay away from He Yufeng, okay? Have you forgotten when—” Ye Xiaomeng paused for a beat, “You really have forgotten.
Anyway, when you were a grad student, that shameless He Yufeng totally played you! He led you on for over half a year, but it turned out that he already had an omega boyfriend!”

This time, Xia Wennan was truly shell-shocked at her words.

Ye Xiaomeng’s indignance was apparent.
“I thought that he was serious about you back then, and I even wanted to set you two up.”

“No, hold on, why did you think that I’d be into alphas?” Xia Wennan was completely baffled.
He thought to himself, if he really had to choose, then the one he would definitely be into was Ye Xiaomeng.

Ye Xiaomeng said, “How would I know whether or not you were into him? You two were really close in those days anyhow—I could feel that he had other intentions towards you!”

“But Senior He is an alpha, isn’t it normal for him to like omegas?”

“Whatever the case, I’ve always thought that the guy was a player.”

Xia Wennan thought back to his dream the night before.
When he mulled it over, what Ye Xiaomeng told him sounded true; yet, due to his amnesia, he had no idea what He Yufeng’s actual intentions towards him were, and Ye Xiaomeng’s knowledge was clearly limited as well.

“Senior, let’s get dinner when you’re free.” Xia Wennan couldn’t think of anything else to ask her.

“Dinner my ass,” said Ye Xiaomeng.
“Does it look like I have the time to come back?!”

“When you have time to come back then…”

“Oh, by the way,” Ye Xiaomeng didn’t wait for him to finish his sentence before cutting in, “You asked me about He Yufeng’s little brother last time, how did that go?”

Xia Wennan furrowed his brows.
“He Yufeng’s brother? What about him?”

“How would I know? You called me out of nowhere and asked me if I’ve met He Yufeng’s little brother.”

Xia Wennan’s heart rate began to pick up.
“You’ve met him?” he asked.

“I told you that I’ve never met him,” said Ye Xiaomeng.
“His little brother is studying abroad.”

“Really? What else did I ask you?”

Ye Xiaomeng took a moment to recall.
“I think you asked me if He Yufeng’s little brother’s surname was Yin.”

Xia Wennan had long been sitting ramrod straight on his desk chair.
With a tight grip on his phone, he firmly pressed the earpiece to his ear.
“So He Yufeng’s little brother’s surname is Yin? Why isn’t it He?”

“I remember him saying that his little brother has his mother’s surname, which isn’t He.
But as for what the surname was… back then, he blurted it out at random, and I can’t recall what he said.”

“I asked you if his little brother’s surname was Yin?”

“Mm-hm,” said Ye Xiaomeng.
“You said that when the three of us had dinner, He Yufeng mentioned it after he’d had a bit of a drink, and you asked if I still remembered.
But it had been a while since then, and I couldn’t really remember.”

“So, I remembered that He Yufeng’s little brother’s surname is Yin, and then I called you to confirm?”

“That’s right.”

Xia Wennan sucked in a breath.
“Did I say anything about He Yufeng’s little brother’s first name?” he asked Ye Xiaomeng.

Even if you did though, I don’t really remember anymore.”

Xia Wennan said, “Okay, thank you Senior! You’re seriously awesome!”

Ye Xiaomeng laughed.
“All right.
Make sure you don’t get deceived by He Yufeng.
Isn’t your current husband pretty great? Give him a chance.”

“I will.”

Xia Wennan ended the call with Ye Xiaomeng.

He held his phone in his hand and sat on his chair for a long time without moving.
Yin was a rare surname, and as it happened, there was only one person with that surname around Xia Wennan.

During last night’s meal, Teacher Lin mentioned that He Yufeng’s little brother would be graduating this year.
This was also the case for Yin Zejing.

All at once, everything related to Yin Zejing flashed through his head.
He had always thought that Yin Zejing didn’t appear like an impoverished university student; he spoke and acted like a pampered young master, and Xia Wennan couldn’t understand why he was willing to be Ming Qin’s kept man.
In retrospect, Yin Zejing was indeed a young master from the start.
Perhaps, he was Ming Qin’s kept man not for the money, but for the purpose of obtaining Ming Yan’s trade secrets.

But Yin Zejing’s identity had somehow been discovered by Xia Wennan, and then Xia Wennan had gotten into a car accident and lost this part of his memory.

How could it be so coincidental?

Xia Wennan’s mind had already conjured up many kinds of possibilities that made his heart pound without end.

At this time, his phone screen lit up; someone in his work group chat had sent a news article.
Xia Wennan swept a passing glance at the headline and caught sight of the word ‘Moze’.
He unlocked his phone, opened the group chat, and this time, he read the entire headline: On the eve of launching all new pheromone perfumes, will Moze be able to thoroughly destroy the former perfume market structure?

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