Lu Wenxing stared at Ming Qin.
“What exactly are you trying to say? To be honest, you and I have nothing to do with each other.
And my business with your brother doesn’t concern you either.”

When Ming Qin smiled, his mouth was slanted higher on one side.
If Xia Wennan were in Lu Wenxing’s shoes right now, he would find Ming Qin incredibly irritating.

The sports car had a low chassis, which meant that if Ming Qin wanted to speak to Lu Wenxing inside the car at his eye-level, Ming Qin had no choice but to bend down.
Perhaps, he was getting tired, so he kicked at the car door and said, “Get the hell out of the car first.”

This time, Ming Luchuan jumped to action.
He walked over to Ming Qin and held him up, pulling him back slightly and preventing him from laying another kick on the door.
“Cut it out, dad,” he said.

Ming Qin grew even more riled up when he saw Ming Luchuan approaching, seizing Ming Luchuan’s arm and yelling, “Luchuan, take a good look at this alpha.

Ming Luchuan lowered his head and made eye contact with Lu Wenxing.

When Xia Wennan witnessed this situation, he became acutely aware of Ming Luchuan’s relationship with Lu Wenxing and inwardly tensed up.

Ming Qin continued, “This man is the most useless, most shameless alpha in the world.
You absolutely musn’t become someone like him.”

Lu Wenxing’s brow faintly wrinkled.

Ming Luchuan pulled Ming Qin back.
“I’m me, I’m not going to change into anyone else.”

Ming Qin, inebriated yet still trying to move about, kicked forwards, his toes brushing against the car door.
“I heard that you were married for a long time but had no children,” Ming Qin said to Lu Wenxing with a grin, “and when your relationship with your family’s omega fell apart, you went and cheated with a young omega?”

When Xia Wennan heard this, he couldn’t help but peep at Li Xin, only to see that Li Xin had averted his gaze slightly, and his complexion was extremely unsightly.

“Do you want a kid? Lu Wenxing?” asked Ming Qin.
He then looked up and turned to Li Xin, saying, “Don’t you ever trust this man.
He’s the type who won’t be responsible.”

As though unable to bear listening to Ming Qin any longer, Li Xin opened the door to the driver’s seat and got in, not caring about giving Ming Luchuan any face.
“We should get going,” he said to Lu Wenxing.

Ming Luchuan cast a brief look at Xia Wennan, apparently dissatisfied with his being so close yet merely watching everything play out.
“Come here and help dad back to the car,” he told Xia Wennan.

Xia Wennan walked over, stationed himself on the other side of the intoxicated Ming Qin, and hauled him to the car with Ming Luchuan.

However, Lu Wenxing abruptly exited the car, calmly asking Ming Qin, “What exactly are you trying to say? Must you be all cryptic?”

In that instant, Xia Wennan studied the unobstructed lower half of Lu Wenxing’s face, and couldn’t help but bemoan the fact that he and Ming Luchuan did indeed look alike.
Of course, in Xia Wennan’s eyes, despite their resemblance, Lu Wenxing was much older, which meant that Ming Luchuan looked much better.

Ming Qin, who had just provoked Lu Wenxing in an attempt to get him to step out of the car, now refused to say anything.
He pressed his index finger to his lips all secretively, the corners of his lips faintly rising.
“Take a guess.”

In lieu of guessing, Lu Wenxing merely shifted gaze from Ming Qin’s face to Ming Luchuan’s, but the latter didn’t spare him a single glance as he half-dragged, half-hauled Ming Qin to the back seat of their car.
It was only after closing the door did he wave at Li Xin, then said to Xia Wennan, “Get in.
We’re leaving.”

Xia Wennan climbed into the front passenger seat.
When he shut the door, he noticed Lu Wenxing standing on the side of the road, staring after them.

Ming Qin sat in the back seat, reclining on the back rest.
After several minutes, he burst out laughing with glee.

His laughing drew goosebumps out of Xia Wennan.
Unable to resist tugging at his collar, he shot a stealthy look at Ming Luchuan, who was currently driving the car away.

Ming Luchuan, on the contrary, was very composed.
He drove through two intersections, and when he stopped at a red light, he turned his head to Ming Qin and said, “Stop laughing.”

Ming Qin did so then.
He’d laughed himself to tears, and as he wiped them away with his fingertips, he exclaimed,“It’s been ages since I’ve been so happy.”

Xia Wennan and Ming Luchuan remained silent.

Ming Luchuan sent Ming Qin home.
As it was getting late, the two of them also decided to spend the night rather than return home.

Ming Qin retired to the third floor alone.

Xia Wennan stood at the top of the stairs and peered in the direction of the third floor; he was somewhat uneasy as he retreated to his bedroom.
“Your dad had so much to drink, will he be all right?” he asked Ming Luchuan.

“His alcohol tolerance is higher than you think,” remarked Ming Luchuan.

Xia Wennan hesitated for a beat, but in the end, he remained ill at ease.
He went up to the third floor on his own, walked to the doorway of Ming Qin’s room, and lightly knocked on the door.
In the absence of a response, he attempted to turn the door handle, only to discover that it had not been locked and could easily be opened.

He craned his neck inside to check; the bedroom was in complete darkness, and there was nothing save for the muffled sound of Ming Qin’s breathing.
Evidently, he was already fast asleep.

As a result, Xia Wennan closed the door and returned to his second-floor bedroom.

After showering, Xia Wennan lay down on the bed and saw that Ming Luchuan was lounging against the head of the bed, eyes trained on his phone.
He curiously shifted closer to take a look at Ming Luchuan’s phone screen, discovered that the man was reading the news, and then looked up to check Ming Luchuan’s expression.

Ming Luchuan’s face was blank, but he slightly turned at Xia Wennan’s gaze.
“What is it?”

“Nothing,” Xia Wennan replied.
He lay back down and drew the blanket up to cover his shoulders.

“Just spit it out.” Ming Luchuan put his phone away.
His eyes fell shut as he tilted his head upwards.

Xia Wennan thought for a bit before saying, “Your dad went crazy tonight.
He’s not normally like that when he’s drunk, is he?”

“He’s in a terrible mood.”

Xia Wennan’s gaze was fixed to the ceiling.

“Couldn’t you tell?”

“I could.” Xia Wennan sighed.
“If I’d known, I wouldn’t have given that ring to Yin Zejing but to your dad instead.”

“There’s no need for that.
His mood would only worsen.”

“What should we do then?”

“He’ll probably be fine in three months.”

“Three months?”

“Three months is enough time for him to move on and start a new relationship,” Ming Luchuan explained.

Xia Wennan was a little dumbstruck.

Ming Luchuan lowered his head and caressed Xia Wennan’s face.

Xia Wennan clasped his hand, and asked, “Are you sad?”

“About what?”

“About Lu Wenxing,” Xia Wennan said in a small voice.

“I’m not sad.” Ming Luchuan said in a level tone.

Initially, Xia Wennan intended to talk to Ming Luchuan, asking him if Lu Wenxing would suspect their relationship and what would happen if he came looking for Ming Luchuan, but when he observed Ming Luchuan’s complete lack of concern for this problem, he suddenly felt it was needless to continue bringing it up.

Hence, he pulled at Ming Luchuan’s hand and said, “Go to sleep.”

Ming Luchuan turned off the lights and reached out to draw Xia Wennan into his arms.

Xia Wennan believed that Ming Qin was truly cruel.
He was the one who ended his own relationship, and yet he couldn’t tolerate seeing other people happy.
Ming Qin had been able to keep the information about Ming Luchuan from Lu Wenxing for over twenty years, so why did he suddenly decide to tell the man now?

Xia Wennan felt wronged on Ming Luchuan’s behalf.
Ming Luchuan wasn’t Ming Qin’s biological child, so the latter had never considered Ming Luchuan’s feelings.
He was solely concerned with his personal happiness and had no regard for how his actions might affect Ming Luchuan’s life.

But, be that as it may, Ming Luchuan had never cared about Lu Wenxing in the first place, so how much trouble could that man really cause him? Isn’t Lu Wenxing the only one who should be troubled here?

Xia Wennan pressed himself a little closer to Ming Luchuan’s chest, who, seemingly not yet asleep, drew Xia Wennan deeper into the circle of his arms before falling asleep with his face buried in Xia Wennan’s shoulder.

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