I don know, okay, just asking, when someone is pregnant, must you let the whole world know that she is pregnant? Lawd, people are still going to know that you **ed without a condom anyway. Whats the need even to rush and tell people about something that hasn even grown?

Kendra insisted that she wanted the whole world to know that she is expecting. This was after her haters said that she will never conceive, I don know why they said that but I love haters, they are the ones who build us and make us who we are. So I spent almost half a million on a pregnancy declaration, she would have just posted it on her social media page, and everyone would have known. What is the need of popping champagne and cutting a cake in honor of that?

”Sir, we are here, ” my driver checks with me before we alight. I have to check on my mother before I start my day. I hope she is not that sick the way Sofie said. She is the love of my life, like hell would I want to see her that sick? I want her to be fine and healthy. I don want her struggling to do anything.

Walking to the house, I see my mother busy watering the flowers. Why is she doing that, that is not her job. From a distance, I can hear her cough, the cough that was common some years ago. Fuck, I hope she won be going through that again.

”Mama, what are you doing? We have someone for that, ” I say before picking the water sprinkler from her hands. The strong but at the same time fragile hands. She looks at me and pushes me away.

”You know I can handle this, Xander, am old and old people don sit around doing nothing. How have you been? ” she has these pretty eyes. She might be smiling but trust me, she has been through hell and back but she still stands strong. She has never let herself look so small even when the big people want to walk over her. Thats why a real woman is a no for me. This is what I want, something strong, someone who can fight the way she is fighting.

We already have a wife, don we?

Fuck, I forgot about that. We are married. Maybe I should brush off the thought out of my mind before I lose it. I walk with her as she waters the flowers around the house. These are her friends when we are not around. She talks with them and feeds them every day.

”So, what was the party about yesterday? ” she asks as she places the sprinkler over the shade. She sits by the garden with shade. This is her favorite place, a place where she sits and reminisces as she thinks of her husband. I silently sit beside her, I know she will be happy that she will have a grandchild very soon.

”I don know if I am the right person to say this but you will still know, Kendra is expecting our first child, ” I said and I watch as her face lightened up. ”Thats very exciting news, why don you welcome her for supper? ” Why would I bring Kendra over for supper, the last time she was here it didn end well when the maid poured water on her accident she was very mad. I just nod, maybe she will agree to come or she will still be resistant to come, I don know.

I look at her, she doesn look sick the way Sofie described over the phone. She can be dramatic sometimes. She will say something just to have me come home and see mum. I come home every day, and I make sure I do. ”How are you feeling? I heard you were sick, ” she looks at me and stands up.

”Tell me Sofie told you that gossip, she can even keep that to herself, ” she said while sounding angry. Why is she this way? I am concerned about her. ”Mum, even a small headache concerns me, you remember when you ass….. ” she turns around angrily and points a finger at my face. It was my turn to keep quiet. I don want to start the anger issues now, her blood pressure is going to kill her.

I walk to her and hold her by the shoulders. She doesn need to be mad. She walks with me to the house and steps into the kitchen. Sofie was awake but sitting on the dining table with his laptop covering her face, she didn see me walk in.

”Sofie! ” my mother shouted and her face was up, the drool from yesterday still drawn on her cheeks. She has never behaved like a lady for once. I bet she wants to start wiping the drool with her hands. She rubs her nose and walks over to my mum. My mother glared at her and she knows that she did a mistake telling me about the headache.

I high-five her and walked into the kitchen leaving them staring at each other. She forcefully hugs my mother amidst her protest. ”Did you have to tell him? It was a headache? ” Sofie looked at her and changes her face looking at her. This doesn seem like its going to end let me head to my room.

Where are my keys, I thought I hang them with me, where did I put them? Looking at the wall where I hide them they were not there. Okay maybe I will break the door down and get in, trying to walk for the keys from the store room, I heard some shuffling coming from my room. Who must have sneaked in now? Adjusting the knob of the door, the door opens and there was a body on my bed, her legs peeping from the sheets. What the hell, please don tell me that Sofie brought her girl home and they used my bed to sleep on. I quickly jump to my bedside and yank the sheets off the body that was on my bed.

She moaned and the turned over not looking at me. How tired was she to sleep over like a log? Trying to move near her, I see my t-shirt but it was loosely hanging on her body while her thighs were left bare. I think I know this person, but the only way to confirm this is, by looking at her hair which is always curly on her face. Parting the curls gently, my hands shook while seeing her face, she smiles in her sleep before closing her lips tightly together. She place her hands on her chest while the other hand was gently placed over her head. What is Vanessa doing in my bed?

”Vanessa, ” I called trying to wake her up, maybe she is confused but this is not Sofies room. Wait, why am I even waking her up? I think Sofie is the one who asked her to sleep here in the first place. Why would she even give her my clothes to wear?

”Seriously, you are drooling over her, ” I looked at Sofie who was at the door standing with hands on her chest. I wonder why she wasn just born man, I would have slapped her. I walk up to her and drag her outside. ”My room seriously, why not yours? ” I asked looking at her. She shook her head and peeped into the room before looking at me.

”Many people have slept in my room, yours, no one has ever slept there, plus you are married and you never sleep at home, ” she said giving me the sluggish look. She never gives me a details answer that I want to hear. She is right though, her room is messed up, I bet if we were to clean it up, we will come across thousands of different panties that aren hers because she doesn wear them, plus different bras of all colors. Do you understand why I don want Sofie near her? For that simple reason, I don want an additional of hers in her room.

I leave her and go back to my room, ”What are you picking now? I thought you have everything in your new house? ” I close the door behind her and walk slowly to find Vanessa still asleep. I gently remove a tendril of her hair from her face. Perfect, just perfect. Look at that curved smile on her lips, look at how perfectly my t-shirt hugs her body without any problem. This is what I love, she turns around and I stand back, I don want her to think that I have been watching her while sleeping, that is creepy.

Creepy but youve been doing it for months, no, for years, Xander!

Fuck off dude, you make your own decision and this is me making my own decisions. I was just making sure she is okay.

Youve just said perfect and removed hair from her face.

Its perfect because every woman is perfect, what do you want me to say, ugly?

Nothing, I doubt that though, I just hope you are not planning on…

Cheating on Kendra? Hell no, I can , that is my wife who is expecting my baby, I have to respect her by all means. So back off, if thats what you have in mind, just sleep.

Then walk out!

”Xander! ” **, she is awake, should I turn around and lol ad her?

”Sorry, I…Sofie asked me to sleep here and said that you don use the room anymore. ” this is weird, what will I tell her? Should I tell her that I was just picking my t-shirt or should I say I was just, okay ** it.

”Ah,… ”

”Hello darling you are awake, ” okay mama, thanks for walking in now, I just wanted to say hi.

My mom walked in and hugged her. You would think this is her little daughter. Vanessa smiled and replied to her morning. I wanted to say hi but they started engaging in a chat and that was going to take like forever. Vanessa never got a chance to meet my family before the wedding, I bet if not for her being Kendras manager she will never have even attended the wedding or worst, she would have never known, maybe that is wrong because I knew her before I even knew Kendra.

”Mom, I think I will be going, please, take the medicine, I will see you in the evening. ” I walked to the door and out but Sofie was at the door standing as if she heard something bad. She just looked at me and was busy following me even after I walked out of my room. ”What now? Are you going to hit me? ”

She didn say anything instead, she just walked until I was by the car. ”You know, Kendra was the one who got the dress for Vanessa, right? ” she asked with he hands still on her chest. Why is she even saying that? Plus why would Kendra get her sister such a stupid dress, was her aim to embarrass her, or what was her goal then?

”What about it? ” I asked trying not to be interested. I was very interested to know why Kendra would do that. She has a lot of money plus I give her a monthly stipend, why would she go ahead and do that?

”Confront her, imagine that innocent girl who has her ass seen for no reason, her chest is all bare because her sister wanted that to happen to her. Do you even think the many is yours? ”

”Sofie, Enough! ”

Why would she always rub one thing after another on my face? First, it was Kendra who was a liar now, she doesn think the baby Kendra is having is mine, jeez, will she ever just stop? The baby is three months and I know that its mine because I was inside her without a condom on for that three months, what else isn here to talk about? She lifts her hands high and moves back leaving me to my thoughts.

”Make sure you confront her about the dress then! ”

I don know, plus how am I even going to start saying that to her, I don care what she does, all that I care about is seeing her deliver safely, I know she is not creating, I know she is not spreading her legs somewhere, or is it the phone that she had been hiding the whole days from me? Fuck you, Sofie, Kendra can lie to me. She won !

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