“Huh!” Ye Mi sat up suddenly.

    Her face was pale and sweaty, as she looked at the strange yet familiar surroundings in shock.
    The dry and cracked mud walls, the rows of bunks, piles of sundries everywhere, and the torn newspapers pasted on the windows, blown by the cold wind.
    Ye Mi lived in this house specially dedicated to educated youths for five years, and finally died of illness here, so she was so familiar with it that she could hardly forget it.
    However, the various things crowded and piled up inside are a bit strange, unlike the sparse and spaciousness of the future.
   This small room originally accommodated eight people, only she and two other female educated youths were left in the end, and the rest were brought back to the city because of their family connections, or they couldn’t make it through, so they simply found a local to marry.
Moved out to live with their husbands.
    So what’s going on here?
    Ye Mi was stunned, as the half-closed wooden door was pushed open by a back.
    A round-faced girl with braided hair and a gray homespun padded jacket came in cautiously with a bowl of steaming Chinese medicine in her hand.
    Her name is Gao Yuan, and she is one of the educated youths who came to the countryside and lived with Ye Mi in the same room.

    As soon as she turned around, Gao Yuan looked at Ye Mi with confused almond eyes, and immediately raised her signature loud voice: “Finally awake,  is your body still feeling uncomfortable? It just so happens that the medicine is ready, so hurry up and drink it while it’s hot.

    Ye Mi was still not clear-headed, so she thanked her subconsciously, took the bowl in Gao Yuan’s hand, lowered her head, and drank this bowl of frighteningly bitter medicine in one breath.
    As soon as she finished drinking, before the bowl was put down, a small piece of brown sugar was stuffed into her mouth
    It was sweet, but it was a delicacy that she hadn’t tasted for many years, and it immediately dispelled the bitterness brought by the medicine.
    Seeing Ye Mi’s eyes widened like a cat, Gao Yuan couldn’t help reaching out and patting her on her fluffy little head.
    “Why do you look so silly? Could it be that having a fever made you stupid?”
    Upon hearing these two words, Ye Mi couldn’t help but tremble all over, with an uncontrollable fear.
    After all, she had a fever and burned to death in her previous life, in this very room.

    The feeling that she could only lie flat on the bed waiting to die was so hopeless that she never wanted to try it again in this life.
    Thinking of the death in her previous life, Ye Mi suddenly remembered that someone seemed to have said a lot of things in front of her hospital bed before she died.

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