Chapter 5.2

Her heart is broken, and the gaping wound has not healed yet.

    From time to time, it will even get infected and bleed.

    “Candied haws.” A bright red skew coated in amber syrup appeared in front of her eyes, and I swayed teasingly, “Do you want to eat it?”

    Ahh, She mindlessly bit into it: “What’s next!”

    “Going shopping.” One big hand attempted to hold a smaller one , until it finally could carefully grasp it.

    “I have no money.” Her pockets were just as white as her face.

    “I have it.” A bundle of great unity, a bundle of various bills, were stuffed into hers pocket.

    The pocket is no longer clean.

    It stinks of money.

    But Ye Mi liked it.

    Covering the bulging pockets with both hands, like a kitten guarding the dried fish, she obviously couldn’t control her joy,.
but she looked around vigilantly to prevent someone from snatching the dried fish.

    “You have too much money in your pocket, and it’s easy to lose it.
I’ll hold the money for you and return it to you when we go back.” She was extremely greedy , but she wouldn’t think of stealing half a dime from others.

    “No, this is specially for you to buy clothes and wedding items.” Jing Ziheng lowered his eyes, the huge height difference between the two of them made him only see the to of her little head with short hair cut to the ears and blown by the wind.

    He raised his hand, then lowered it with restraint.

    “All of it?” Ye Mi was shocked.

    “Hmm.” Jing Ziheng raised his head, and then two bundles of familiar things were stuffed back into his arms.

    The money ticket he just gave.

    “It’s too much, I can’t take it.” Ye Mi insisted.

    But new clothes must be bought.
This is a wedding custom, which meant the beginning of a new stage of life.

    Moreover, after they got married and lived together, they did have to add some daily necessities, so they still needed to enter the supply and marketing cooperative.

    Quickly making a shopping list in her heart, Ye Mi grabbed Jing Ziheng’s wrist with his backhand, and dragged him into the supply and marketing cooperative.
Instead of looking at the ready-made clothes, he went straight to the fabric counter.

    “Please help me cut ten feet of cotton cloth.
I want the white one, and this red cotton cloth.
Three feet is enough.
I want this black cloth.
Give me four feet.”

Looking at Jing Ziheng’s long legs, Ye Mi changed her words: “No, the black cloth needs five feet, where is the thread? I’ll choose the color myself.”

    Seeing Ye Mi’s quick-wittedness, the salesman also took the things efficiently , calculating as he talked to them: ” This cloth is very expensive.
This is thirty-six cents a foot, and the other cloths are twenty-eight cents, all of which add up to a total of five yuan and eighty-four, and you have to get a cloth ticket.”

    Ye Mi turned to look at Jing Ziheng, Jing Ziheng understood, and stepped forward to give the money and tickets.
After buying cloth and thread, the two went straight to the daily necessities counter.

    This time they bought a thermos, a washbasin, two new towels, a toothbrush, toothpaste…

    If they didn’t need it or the two of them already had, they didn’t buy it, and none of what they needed was left behind.

    Both of them carried a lot of things in their hands, and walked out with a large harvest.
When they passed by the sewing machine counter, Ye Mi’s eyes couldn’t help being attracted, and she stared at it for a long time before reluctantly pulling away.

    Can’t afford it, forget it.

    She doesn’t deserve it.

    Jing Ziheng, who was following behind her, paused slightly.

    There are so many things that there is almost no room for the car, and there is almost no space for people to get on the car.

    This is very inconvenient, the two discussed it, and decided not to take pictures today, and come back when they are free next time.

    The next time will be when they register their marriage.

    When an educated youth gets married, in addition to the necessary identity and household registration documents, the youths also have to submit an application to the brigade they belong to and get a letter of approval.

    In fact, the brigade is required to stamp an official seal on the marriage application form.

    This is a necessary process, but basically isn’t strict.

    People just wanted to get married and live together with a partner.
If the captain didn’t have any deep hatred with a person, there was no need to make applying for a marriage difficult.

    And if the brigade disagrees, in fact, the educated youths can bypass the brigade captain and directly submit the application to the commune, or even the city, and there will always be someone willing to approve it for them.

    At that time, the higher-ups will be held accountable, and it will not be their business

    Bumping back to Xiaotian Village, standing at the entrance of the village, Yemi was in trouble, faced with a pile of things.

    The little brow wrinkled and frowned: “I can’t carry it.”

    She needed to take all the fabric back to make clothes, but she bought too much, which was not what her fragile arms could bear.

    “I’ll see you off.” Without saying a word, Jing Ziheng pushed Ye Mi back to the Educated Youth Court with a cart full of things.

    Ye Mi hurriedly followed, tilted her head and asked, “But the village primary school and the educated youth academy are not in the same direction, will it take too much time for you?” The educated youth academy and the village elementary school are located in the east and the other in the west.

    To send Ye Mi back, Jing Ziheng had to circle the village in a big circle, which was really time consuming.

    Jing Ziheng stopped and stared at Ye Mi seriously.

    Ye Mi felt uncomfortable being ooked at, and touched her face to make sure there was nothing dirty: “What’s wrong?”

    “You are my partner.” Jing Ziheng said.

    Therefore, it was only natural for him to send her home.

    “Thank you then.” Ye Mi wanted to hold back, but the smile on her face couldn’t be suppressed no matter what.

    It turns out that finding a partner is such a joy, why didn’t she find out in her previous life?

    The two walked back to the Educated Youth Court together with a car full of things between them.
Along the way, they bumped into many villagers, and even the Educated Youth saw the two of them.
Everyone looked surprised, but Ye Mi and Jing Ziheng let others look at them openly.

    Some curious people asked, and they also said frankly that they were in a relationship.

    The marriage application has already been handed over to the brigade by Jing Ziheng, and when the brigade leader gets off work tonight he would stamp the official seal, he can go directly to the town’s Civil Affairs Bureau to get the certificate tomorrow.

    They are not superstitious, so they don’t need to pick any auspicious day to register.

    Ye Mi slowly came to the realization.
“So fast?”

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