“Ye Mi.” Gao Yuan poked her head outside the kitchen, interrupting Ye Mi’s wandering thoughts: “Your partner is looking for you and said that you left something behind.

She tried recalling carefully, everything was taken, she didn’t leave anything behind.

    Confused, Ye Mi still hurriedly threw the washed rice and chopped potatoes into the pot to cook, then dried her hands and walked out quickly.  When passing by Gao Yuan, she teased her: “It’s only been so long since we’ve been apart, and I miss you so much, so how are you going to survive these few days?”


You,  just talk as much as you want.” Blushing with amusement, Ye Mi nudged Gao Yuan: “Help me see the fire.”


    Walking out of the Educated Youth Court, seeing the tall figure leaning against the bicycle again, Ye Mi’s eyes were filled with water vapor.

    It’s like an aggrieved child who can’t help but want to complain when she sees her parents.

    She forcibly suppressed the feeling.

    “What did I leave behind?” The little head leaned over and asked, still stretching out its hand, like a kitten begging for food.

  Something was placed against her palm, it was tightly wrapped in an oiled paper bag that still carried body heat.

    “The candied haws you haven’t finished eating.”

    The fingertips touched for a moment, a little cold, handsome and persistent brows frowned slightly.

    “Thank you.” Yemi remembered.

    In the afternoon, in order to make room for her things she carried back, the candied haws were wrapped and stuffed into Jing Ziheng’s windbreaker pocket before she finished eating.
The pocket was deep enough to hold the long strips of candied haws.

    It seems that Jing Ziheng found that the candied haws were still there on the way back.
He didn’t like sweets, so he brought them back to her so as not to waste them.

    After taking the candied haws, she wanted to leave, but just as she turned around, she was grabbed by the back of her neck.

    “Wait a minute.”

    The big palm clasped the slender shoulders and turned back.
The candied haws were temporarily taken away and stuffed back into the pocket of the windbreaker.
He took off the black leather gloves on his hands and put them on one by one for her.

    Ye Mi’s hands are small, not half as big asJing Ziheng’s palms, and the gloves he wears are too big for her hands, hanging on her hands like two leather bags.

    But the warmth sticks to the skin of the fingers, stretches upwards, and goes straight to the heart.


    She suddenly understood the meaning of ten fingers connecting hearts.

    “I don’t know how to tell you when my hands are cold.
I will lend you these pairs first.
I will get the license tomorrow and I will buy you a new pair along the way.” “

    No need…”

    “Candied haws.” : “Remember to eat it when you go back.”

    Long legs stepped on the bicycle, and said goodbye again: “I’m leaving.”

    Wearing gloves that didn’t fit her hands, she returned to the kitchen with an unfinished string of candied haws.
Yw Mi’s face was rosy and there was a smile at the cornor of her mouth.

    When Gao Yuan saw it, she laughed too: “Your partner is so kind to you, and it will be easier if someone takes care of you in the future.
Do you know how to live with others?

The long spoken advice was just like Ye Mi’s mother.

    But if her mother knew that she was going to get married in the country, she would never say such things to her, and maybe she would scold for it.

” I know,” Ye Mi trailed of, a bit like she was pouting.

    Gao Yuan was three years older than her and went to the countryside a year earlier than her.

    It may be because there is a younger sister who is about the same age as Ye Mi, so she takes extra care of Ye Mi, and Ye Mi is also very grateful to her.
The relationship between the two is much closer than other people in the Educated Youth court.

    Therefore, it was natural for Gao Yuan to ask many private questions that others would not ask.

“You really won’t say a word to anyone over there at home?”

    Gao Yuan can understand if she doesn’t say anything, but she is afraid that her family will find out from others later and cause trouble.

    Others only said that Ye Mi’s family was poor, with many brothers and sisters, and she was not favored, so the family did not give subsidies, but Gao Yuan knew a little about her family’s situation.

    The parents are a reorganized family, and they both brought the children born from their previous marriages, and Ye Mi is the child born after the parents remarried.

    She also has two half-brothers above her from one parent, and one half-brother and one half sister from the other, and a brother underneath.

    There are indeed a lot of family members, but her parents both have-careers, and her brothers seem to have jobs, and the income is unknown, but if she is willing, it is not difficult at all to subsidize her a young daughter who is sent to the countryside.

    But these years, Gao Yuan watched Ye Mi’s life with a cold eye, hahaha, and never saw anyone send her anything even once.

    It was as if she was dead.

    Ye Mi is also stubborn, her family ignores her, and she ignores them, so the two parties have lost contact for several years.

    But for such a big event as marriage, Gao Yuan felt that it was still necessary for Ye Mi to tell her family that it was one thing if they ignored her, but she should let others know.

    “I won’t say it.” If Ye Mi could be persuaded easily, she wouldn’t be so stubborn all these years.

    “Okay, as you like.” Gao Yuan just persuaded her casually, and she didn’t listen to it.

    After eating, Yemi didn’t rest, holding a pile of fabrics, and a piece of chalk that she didn’t know where it came from.

    She planned to make a suit for Jing Ziheng, just the most typical Chinese tunic suit, plus a shirt.

    The size was measured by a borrowed tape measure at the fabric counter of the supply and marketing cooperative, so Ye Mi knew it well.

    But when she got started, she found that her mind was confused and she made a wrong calculation.

    The black fabric is not enough to make a whole tunic suit.

    Jing Ziheng is tall, even if he is thin, it still takes a lot of fabric.

    It takes at least four feet of cloth to make a coat for him, and three feet for trousers, and a total of half a foot of spare cloth must be left over for collars, pockets and so on.

    This requires seven and a half feet, so the five-foot black cloth bought is not enough.

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