Take wedding photos.


Knowing that she was going to take pictures today, Ye Mi specially wore the shirt that she had kept in the box for many years hidden under the cotton coat.


It only takes a short while to take pictures, and there is a charcoal stove in the photo studio, which makes it much warmer than outside, and it is not too cold when she takes off the cotton coat.


“Come on, young couple come closer and smile, three two one, okay!”


With a click, the figures of Ye Mi and Jing Ziheng were forever frozen in a small photo.


Both of them had smiles on their faces, but there was a little bit of estrangement between them.


But in this era, many people have never met before marriage.
Many people take wedding photos more embarrassingly and stiffly than Ye Mi and Jing Ziheng.
Who look like two strangers who have been brought together by nature, so the shop owner is not surprised.


“Wash six photos, two smaller ones, we have to stick them on the marriage certificate.”


The remaining four are one for Ye Mi, one to keep for themselves, one to send home, and one for elder brother to take a look at.
Everything was clearly arranged.


Jing Ziheng added some money and asked the shopkeeper to help expedite the photos, so that they can get them when they come back from running their other errands.
They can take it away without having to make another trip.


The two left the photo studio and went straight to…the state-run restaurant.


They couldn’t help it, in the morning, in order to rush out early they didn’t eat, and then the two of them ran around for so long, both of them were hungry.


At the state-run restaurant Jing Ziheng ordered three big meat buns, and two bowls of soy milk, he originally wanted to add fried dough sticks, but Ye Mi refused.


She really can’t finish it.


She could only eat half of the meat bun.


Whenever this happened, Ye Mi secretly regretted not having a bigger stomach.


In this way, she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable looking at delicious food she couldn’t eat.


In fact, she can’t eat the whole bun, and there is also a reason why, the buns sold by the state run restaurant are really big.


A steamed stuffed bun is as big as a sandbag, and Yemi’s two hands may not be as big as a steamed stuffed bun.
It’s filled with meat stuffing, so it’s strange if she could manage to eat the entire thing.


In the end, Jing Ziheng ate his two buns by himself, and helped Ye Mi get rid of the remaining half of her buns, so nothing was wasted.


After eating and drinking enough, the two walked to the Civil Affairs Bureau, and were stunned by the traffic at the door.


“Are so many people going to get married?”


“It’s winter now.”


In winter, there is less work in the fields, and many rural people rush to marry their wives and husbands at this time, so it is normal that there are many people in the Civil Affairs Bureau at this time.


The two who came late had no choice but to queue up honestly.
Fortunately, the team was moving fast, and after about an hour, it was Ye Mi’s turn.


“Here are the documents, the two of you have to fill out a form.”


The aunt in the window handed over two forms, and there were matching pens on the counter.
Ye Mi took a pen and sat down with Jing Ziheng to fill out the form.


Many of them are multiple-choice questions.
For example, are you marrying voluntarily? You can just draw a tick and you’re done.
The final marriage vow is a bit difficult to complete


Ye Mi pondered for a second, resolutely gave up thinking, and poked her head quietly to see Jing Ziheng’s answer.


“Don’t look around when doing the questions.”


Ye Mi shrank her neck in fright, as if seeing her former head teacher.


Due to Teacher Jing’s majesty, she didn’t dare to make a second attempt, so she had to put on a bitter face… and write nonsense.


Anyway, there are words on the test paper.


After Jing Ziheng finished writing up his form and handed it in, he straightened up and inadvertently glanced sideways.


Hesitant tone: “Your writing is….”


Ye Mi just finished writing, showing off her masterpiece generously, proudly puffing out her small chest: “Wild and untamed!”


Jing Ziheng made a rigorous evaluation: “It has unique personal characteristics and can only be recognized by oneself.”


Ye Mi: “…”


She felt as if she was being ridiculed again, was it an illusion?


Fortunately, filling out the form is only a formality, people do not have so much leisure time to read your marriage declaration, and many people do not know a single word, and it is not realistic for you to ask people to write a splendid articles.


As Ye Mi said, as long as there are words on it.


“Fifty cents for the handling fee.”


“Let me pay.” Ye Mi stopped Jing Ziheng from taking out the money, and took out the fifty cents himself.


She feels that people can’t always spend money.


She can still afford fifty cents to get married.


Jing Ziheng didn’t fight Ye Mi, but stood aside, looking at her with a faint smile in his eyes.


The aunt behind the window stamped their marriage certificates a few times, and then handed back all the documents, with a kind smile on her face: “I wish the two of you a happy marriage for a hundred years and an early baby.”


“Thank you, please have some wedding candy .” Jing Ziheng took out a large handful of wedding candy from out of nowhere and gave it to the aunt.


After receiving the candy, the smile on the aunt’s face became more and more sincere: “The little girl and the boy are so handsome, and the baby born in the future will definitely be smart and cute.”


Ye Mi blushed immediately.
She had never heard such straightforward words, but Jing Ziheng was extraordinarily calm: “I would like to borrow your good words.”


The two walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, and the heat on their faces dropped only after being blown by the cold wind.


“Is this the end?” Looking at the paper in her hand, which was a marriage certificate, Ye Mi felt a little unreal.


“Then do you want to come and beat the gongs and drums to announce it to the world?”


“No way.” Ye Mi waved her hands repeatedly.


She wasn’t that thick-skinned.


The marriage certificate is just a piece of paper, it looks too flimsy, so Jing Ziheng simply bought two hard leather cases and wrapped them up, so it looks much better.


This kind of hard leather case is sold in the Civil Affairs Bureau, and it is not very expensive.
It costs one or two cents, depending on whether you need it or not.


After receiving the certificate, they rushed to the photo studio to retrieve the photos, and then returned to the village together.

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