The after effects of drinking too much wine was evident on Jin Ziheng’s face.

Ye Mi rubbed the center of his brows, and easily pushed Jing Ziheng back: “Make room for me.”

Jing Ziheng obediently rolled over to and vacated a large space for Ye Mi.

A soft and delicate body lay beside him carrying a sweet fragrance mixed with the smell of alcohol.

The bed was not small, but the distance was too close, and the two of them were inevitably close to each other.

The place where they touched seemed to be on fire, scorching hot that couldn’t be ignored.

The heartstrings are slightly tensed, and the Adam’s apple rolled.

He suddenly opened his eyes and turned over, facing Ye Mi’s sleeping face, his movements froze.

The little girl still has a childish look on her face.
She is very thin and has little flesh on her cheeks.
If she were a little fatter, her chubby face would be cute and easy to pinch.

The dark circles under her eyes stood out against her fair skin.
She must not have had much rest last night, and she was tired again today.
No wonder she fell asleep so deeply as soon as she touched the bed.

Never mind.

Sighing from the bottom of his heart, he laid down slowly again.
She is still young, so wait a little longer.

Jing Ziheng originally wanted to sleep peacefully, but he didn’t expect Ye Mi to be dishonest while sleeping.


She might be a little cold, her small body twisted around and arched like a small worm into Jing Ziheng’s arms, leaning against his chest, rubbed against the warmth, and continued to sleep satisfied.


“She must be cold.”


Stretching out his arms, he dragged the quilt from the bed and spread it open covering the two of them, especially the little one in his arms.
He had to tuck every corner carefully for her.


In order to avoid the cold air leaking in, then she will be frozen again.


When she woke up, it was already the next morning.


Ye Mi stretched her waist comfortably, and tentatively opened one eye.


The sun shone in through the doors and windows, and the room was bright.
Its daybreak!


She overslept!


With her eyes wide open, she sat up abruptly, anxiously looking for clothes to put on.


She had to clean up the mess left by yesterday, and she had to return the tables, chairs, bowls and chopsticks, so as not to delay her work.


It’s all because she snoozed and woke up late, and she didn’t know if the time was too late?


As soon as the door was pushed open, a tidy and clean yard came into view.
The tables and chairs that should have been scattered in the open space of the yard were gone, not to mention the dishes, chopsticks, and plates on then that were borrowed from the neighbor’s house.


There seemed to be movement in the kitchen.


Ye Mi walked over and poked her head in.


There was a fire burning under the stove, smoke was coming from above, the water was boiling and there was a gurgling sound, and the strong smell of rice came from the pot, it was Jing Ziheng who was cooking.


Hearing the movement behind him, Jing Ziheng ordered without turning his head: “When you get up, go wash your face and brush your teeth and get ready to eat.” ”


Oh.” Ye Mi responded unconsciously, turned her head, took two steps and then turned back : “I want to take a bath ”


She likes to be clean and has to take a bath every day.
She forgot to take a bath yesterday and went to sleep directly.
Now her whole body is itchy and uncomfortable.


“The bathroom is on the left side of the kitchen door.
There is freshly boiled hot water in the vacuum flask.
You can take it and mix it with cold water and wash up.”


“I see.” Ye Mi withdrew and ran back to the house to get a change of Clean clothes and a hot water bottle.


When she came out, she took a good look at the small yard that would become her home in the future.


The yard is not big, once you enter the layout is the living room in the middle, and there are bedrooms on the left and right sides.


The husband and wife sleep on the left side, and the right side is empty.


The kitchen is next to the room on the right, and the bathroom and toilet are outside, and the room on the left is the utility room, which is a bit empty, with a few bags of food and some sundries piled up in the corner.


The impression hidden deep in her memory gradually emerged, and Yemi finally remembered where the yard came from.


It wasn’t Jing Ziheng’s new one, but an abandoned house in the village.


There are several dilapidated houses like this in Xiaotian Village that are unoccupied and in disrepair.
Even the poorest dilapidated households in the village will not live in such houses.


The locals think it is unlucky and may be haunted by ghosts.
Although it is forbidden to say such feudal superstition on the surface, but in private, it is impossible to control the resistance of others in action.


So these empty houses just sat idle.


Jing Ziheng probably applied for the right to live in this house with the team leader, and then paid someone to renovate the house, and fenced in the yard.


The changes were a bit big, and Ye Mi didn’t recognize it for a while.
She is not afraid of ghosts, and she has no resistance to living in a “haunted house”.
Instead, she thinks Jing Ziheng is quite clever.


So nice to have a home that simply belongs to them.


Refreshed after taking a bath, Ye Mi slipped out, and Jing Ziheng had already set up a table of breakfast for her to eat.

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