He cooked sweet potato porridge, fried sweet potato leaves, and cut a salted egg, half for each person, very hearty.


Ye Mi pawed at her bowl of porridge, sneaking glances at Jing Ziheng from time to time.


“Although I understand that the porridge in other people’s bowls is always the most delicious, can you stop being so obvious?”


Ye Mi puffed up her cheeks after being wronged suddenly: “I didn’t covet your porridge.”

“…Oh.” Obviously perfunctory.


In order to prove her innocence, Ye Mi lowered her eyes and stopped looking at Jing Ziheng, but after waiting for a while, the dinner table was really quiet, and she started to stir again.


Just trying to make noise.


“You cleaned up the table and chairs from yesterday?”


“Well, seeing that you were sleeping so soundly, you may have difficulty waking up.
After considering it, I decided not to trouble you ”


“Why do I always feel that you are mocking me?” Ye Mi Suspected.


Jing Ziheng raised his eyes, and his cold gaze fell on Ye Mi through the gold-rimmed glasses: “I suggest you research the meaning of the word in chinese .”


“No need.” The little head that had just popped out shrank back.


“Eat quickly, I have to go to work later.” Seeing that there was more than half a bowl of the porridge left in Yemi’s bowl, Jing Ziheng reminded her to eat faster.


“I can’t finish it.” Ye Mi rubbed her belly, making a bitter face.


Her little bird stomach is really hopeless.


Jing Ziheng didn’t say a word, took Ye Mi’s bowl, and ate up the rest of her porridge without hesitation.


“I cook, you wash the dishes.”


“Then what if I cook?”


“I wash.”


“Okay.” After happily reaching an agreement, Ye Mi obediently picked up the dishes and went to the kitchen to wash.


The two went out after breakfast, Jing Ziheng was going to school to teach the students, and Ye Mi had to work in the fields.
Fortunately, in fact, there is not much work in the field.


The main thing is to finish off the remaining beets, and this year can officially enter the slack season.
That way she can have a good rest at home for a while.


Ye Mi was bending over to harvest the beets, and the aunt next door laughed and joked when she saw her: “Sister Ye, you just got married yesterday and came to collect the vegetables this morning, isn’t your waist sore?”


Ye Mi didn’t understand what they were saying , Subconsciously replied: “Doesn’t hurt.”


She slept comfortably last night, took a hot bath in the morning, and ate a full meal.


Now she just feels full of energy and has energy all over her body.


The aunt who was making fun of Ye Mi was stunned for a moment, and exchanged glances with the big ladies and aunts next to her, and then burst into laughter under Ye Mi’s inexplicable gaze.


“Go, go, a group of older women are surrounding and bullying a little daughter-in-law, don’t you have any shame?” Aunt Chunxia rushed over and drove the group of unscrupulous old women away with a big face.


“Mi girl, don’t listen to their nonsense.
A group of people who are bored and want to know what’s going on in other people’s houses .”


” Thank you…thank you, Aunt Chunxia.”


Ye Mi, who only realized sometime later, turned red, and was so ashamed that she wanted to bury herself right there.


How can they speak so bluntly!


In the past Ye Mi was not married, and they knew how to restrain themselves in front of young girls, but now that Ye Mi is married, in the eyes of those big ladies and aunts, she is the same person as them, so they have no scruples when they speak.


After being teased, Ye Mi intentionally avoided those big ladies and aunts when she was working in the afternoon, but their words also reminded her.


She and Jing Ziheng… haven’t consummated their marriage yet.


When she got home from work at night, the house was quiet, and Jing Ziheng hadn’t come back yet.


Ye Mi went to the kitchen to cook the meal first, and she would eat it when Jing Ziheng came back, and then went to the house to go over the gift money and gift money list received from yesterday’s wedding.


She had inquired specifically before the wedding, according to the local custom, a gift money is received at marriage, and a gift must be returned later.


It means that the newlyweds take part of the gift money received as a subsidy for the wedding, and the rest is returned as a return gift to the relatives and friends who gave the gift, and then record the amount of money given by each person, waiting for the next time the relatives and friends get married , or if there is any happy event at home.
Follow this standard to continue the ceremony.


In this way, the balance of coming and going can be maintained, and the feelings of each other will not be strained.


Ye Mi still needs to discuss with Jing Ziheng how much money to take away, but she can calculate the amount of money received before he comes back.


There is also the cost of holding the wedding.
For this Jing Ziheng kept the accounts very carefully, and it was clear at a glance.


When Jing Ziheng came home from getting off work, what he saw was the back of his newlywed wife crouching at the table and earnestly keeping accounts.


His cold stare eased slightly, and he walked lightly behind her, looked down, and frowned unconsciously.


“I thought your untamed script was your cultural limit, but I didn’t expect it to be completely broken.”


Ye Mi was shocked by the sudden criticism from behind her, and when she turned around and saw that it was Jing Ziheng, he breathed a sigh of relief: “Scared me to death!.”


” I thought my head teacher was here.”


At that moment just now, she had the illusion that she was caught by the teacher on the spot when she missed class.


But she was clearly keeping accounts very seriously.


A guilty glanced at the messy ledger, and Ye Mi silently, remembered that there were billions of messes.


But the data is actually correct.


“You made a mistake here.
It’s 12.7 instead of 1.27.
The decimal point is wrong, and the entire calculation formula is wrong.
From here on, all the subsequent accounts have to be recalculated.”


Teacher Jing seriously corrected the little wife’s mistake.


Ye Mi pushed away the account book, got up and went out as if nothing had happened: “…you can figure out the rest, I’ll go and see if the rice is done.”


Escape if you can.


“The meal is ready, you come back.” Grabbing the kitten who was trying to slip away, he lifted her back and sat her down.


“Calculate again, and I’ll watch you from the side.”


Teacher Jing would not allow a student to give up halfway through the problem.


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