Ye Mi grimaced at the pile of messy accounts, “Can I count them? It’s so difficult to calculate.”


“You only needs to use the simplest addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.”


Jing Ziheng took another blank piece of paper and placed it In front of Ye Mi: “Fill in the newly calculated accounts here, remember to write neatly.”


Ye Mi held the pen, hesitant to start: “I don’t want to calculate.”


She said; simply straightforward.


For a person who doesn’t like to study, asking her to do even the simplest addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is annoying.


Especially when it was done involuntarily.


“You do the math obediently, and I’ll give you pocket money after the math is done.” Teacher Jing offered a reward to lure.


Ye Mi instantly pricked up her ears, as if she was carrying out an underground transaction.
The little dog turned her head furtively, and asked in a low voice, “How much?”


Jing Ziheng raised a finger.


Ye Mi lost interest in an instant, and lay back lazily: “Just one point, I won’t do it.”


Too little money, not enough motivation.


“One… Mao.” ( 毛: Máo.
equivalent to one tenth of a yuan).
Jing Ziheng originally wanted to give one yuan, but he changed his words when he heard that the little girl’s initial expectations for him were so low.


“Deal!” Ye Mi sat up straight in an instant full of energy, scratching at the ledger and starting to recalculate.


With rewards dangling before her, enthusiasm runs high.


The recalculation of the ledger was completed faster than Ye Mi expected.


After all, what was used here was the simplest addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and she didn’t need to do the calculation again if she got the first half right.
In this way, it took less than ten minutes for Ye Mi to finish the calculation again.


“When we got married, we bought fabrics, took pictures, and held a banquet… all the miscellaneous items cost exactly one hundred yuan, and the gift money everyone gave was thirty-seven and eighty-five cents.
Even if we took half of the gift money, we would have to pay more than eighty yuan.


Getting married is expensive.”


Ye Mi began to feel worried about their future life, wouldn’t they be in debt after getting married?


But marriage is so expensive.


They only spent one hundred yuan, because the new clothes were made by Ye Mi herself, which saved them a fortune.
And the biggest reason is that the two of them have no relatives in Xiaotian Village, and the only guests they entertain are the captain and other village officials.
As well as some individuals they were close to and the educated youths of the educated youth courtyard.


There were only six tables set up, even if the dishes were good, but the vegetables were grown in the field, the rice is the food stored in the family, and the wine is brewed by the farmers themselves, so the fish, meat and tofu cost a little money.


So this cost is already the result of two people’s efforts to control it.


She heard that some people in the surrounding villages have a lot of relatives, they can set up dozens of tables for banquets, and when they get married, they will empty their families and have a lot of debts.


As soon as the family was formed, it was already dragged down.


“It’s not your money, who are you frowning for?”


The warm fingertips pushed on Ye Mi’s tightly furrowed brows, and flattened the overlapping mountains.


“I feel sorry for your pocket.”


“I have money, so I don’t need you to feel sorry for me.” Jing Ziheng turned around, took out a suitcase from under their bed, opened it, and took out a wallet from the suitcase.
The wallet was bulging and contained a lot of money.


Jing Ziheng gave Ye Mi a large unity and a dime: “Your reward.”


He has always kept his promises.


Ye Mi was stunned for a moment, then smiled happily, reached out and took away the dime: “This is the first time I have received a reward from the teacher.” She used to see students who did well in their studies get small rewards.
She has also been greedy for rewards such as small book awards, but unfortunately, she is not competitive, her studies are not good, and there is nothing she can do if she can’t get the rewards.


“Take it.” He shook the banknotes, reminding the confused little girl that the money hadn’t been taken away yet.


“You gave too much.” Yemi said.


She is not blind, of course she can see the dazzling unity, but it’s just that she can’t touch the money that she didn’t earn.


“This is for family use.” Jing Ziheng explained: “I am currently working as a math and music teacher in the village primary school, and also as the vice principal.
My monthly salary is 20 yuan, and there are some allowances such as food stamps, cloth stamps, and industrial stamps.
From now on, half of it will be handed over to you for household use every month.”


“Okay, then I will keep the money.” Since it is for household use, Ye Mi readily accepted it.


She didn’t earn much work points when she went to the fields, and Jing Ziheng couldn’t get work points with his wages, so the rations they shared at the end of the year were not enough for the two of them, and they needed to buy from someone who had surplus food.


When she is free, she can slowly reclaim the land behind the yard as a private plot for the two of them.


This year, we will open up the wasteland and fertilize, and next year we will sprinkle some vegetable seeds, so we will have a source of vegetables.
Calculated in this way, it may cost less than ten yuan a month.


After dinner in the evening, Jing Ziheng took the initiative to wash the dishes.


Practicing the promise of ‘you cook, I wash the dishes’.


Ye Mi stayed in the house to take the extra rags and shoe soles left over from making clothes before, and made the most complicated and cumbersome layered soles.

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