Chapter 12.1

A soft and delicate body suddenly covered his back, Jing Ziheng’s body froze, and he didn’t even react when the melon candy in his hand was snatched away.


He paused for three seconds, then slowly turned his head, staring heavily at Yemi who was holding the melon candy, waving a mouthful of small white teeth, and gnawing like a little hamster.

“Is the melon candy delicious?” He opened his mouth and realized that his voice was hoarse.

“Very good!” Ye Mi’s lips were covered with snow-white icing, and she stretched out the tip of her tongue tentatively, rolling the icing back into her mouth.

The crisp and sweet taste exploded in her mouth, it was a delicacy that has been lost from her memory for a long time.

She squinted her eyes contentedly, with a happy expression on her face, like a cat cub who got dried fish.

Looking at the ignorant and seductive appearance of his little wife, Jing Ziheng’s Adam’s apple rolled and his eyes dimmed.

“Give me some too.”

This time he couldn’t bear it anymore, his tall body enveloped her.
He picked up a corner of the melon candy that hadn’t been eaten yet, and blocked the small mouth that was holding the other side of the melon candy.

The heat and breath are intertwined, and the sound of water filled the ears.

Ye Mi opened her eyes wide in astonishment at first, frightened by the scorching breath, and instinctively wanted to push people away, but later remembered that she was a wife, and the intimacy between husband and wife was justified, so she persuaded herself little by little, to let go of her resistance, and finally became too jittery and timid to respond.

After a long time, the two parted.
Jing Ziheng rested his chin on Yemi’s thin shoulder and panted slightly.

After much difficulty, the breath gradually stabilized, but it was almost ignited again by a word from the person in his arms.

“Why…don’t you continue?” Yemi asked in a low voice, puzzled.

She has never seen a pig run, but at least she knows that the consummation of the marriage is not just a matter of kissing.

“…you’re too young.” Jing Ziheng hugged Ye Mi for a moment, then sighed regretfully, “I can’t do it.”

Ye Mi puffed up her cheeks, “…I’m eighteen years old.

The word “eighteen” was particularly emphasized.

In fact, she is already metally in her twenties.
In Xiaotian Village, at this age, she can quickly become the mother of two children, maybe more.

“It’s still too young, be good, wait a little longer.” The tone seemed to be comforting an ignorant child.

Ye Mi: “???”

She’s not in a hurry, not at all!

Its unclear, but she had the feeling of being criticised.

Jing Ziheng stepped back and looked down at Ye Mi.

The little girl looked dazed, her almond eyes widened, and his figure was reflected in her clear pupils, her cheeks were covered with fine powder, and her short hair was a little messy, like a kitten that had been brutally fluffed.

His Fingertips twitched, he didn’t need to hesitate anymore.
His big palm moved towards her and finally covered Yemi’s little furry head.
He rubbed it, it felt very good, he couldn’t hold back, touched it a few more times, and then got up and prepared to leave.

“Where are you going?”

“To brush my teeth.” The footsteps that left stopped, and then turned back to fish Yemi out of the bed: “You too, If you eat candy at night and don’t brush your teeth, it will cause toothache.”

“But I already brushed.” Ye Mi tried to resist.

The bed was covered in warmth, and she was actually told to leave it? It’s going to be cold when she comes back later, and she won’t want it then.

“Brush it again.” It’s a pity that the man’s toughness cannot be avoided.

In the end, the couple stood in a row in the yard under the moonlight in the middle of the night – brushing their teeth.

After finally getting it done, Ye Mi fell asleep in almost three seconds after touching the bed again, even snoring a little.

It can be seen that she was deeply asleep.

Jing Ziheng lay quietly on the outside of the bed, squeezed Ye Mi’s small hand, and wrapped it around his palm.
The thin wrist could not even fill his tiger’s mouth, and he felt like he was holding a bone.

“Young, weak, and chronically malnourished.” His mother is a doctor.
Even if Jing Ziheng didn’t study medicine, he knew some common medical knowledge from childhood.

At least he knew that, based on Ye Mi’s current physical condition, it would be very dangerous for her to conceive and give birth to a child.
No matter what, he had to help her get back the nutrients she had lost before.

The family has to raise chickens, so that the little girl can eat eggs every day in the future.

The beets were harvested in the morning, and the fields were empty, with no work to be done until next spring.

The head of the team announced that the agricultural slack period has started, and the afternoon is off.

It was rare for Ye Mi to go home early, so she made her own lunch and ate it by herself, then took out her sewing basket, moved a chair and sat down in the yard, and continued to pack thousands of layers of bottoms.

After she married Jing Ziheng, she followed his habit of eating three meals a day, instead of two.

Just after sewing a circle, there was a knock on the door outside the courtyard.

“Who is it?” Could it be that Jing Ziheng is back?

Ye Mi got up and walked to the door, dispelling the speculation in her heart.
For convenience, Jing Ziheng would bring his own meal in the morning, stay at school to eat at noon, and would not come back until the students finished school in the evening.

It’s only around two or three o’clock in the afternoon, and it’s still early before school ends at 4:30.

“Who is it?” To be on the safe side, Ye Mi shouted again while guarding the door.

“Ye Mi, it’s me, Bing Shuyuan.” Bing Shuyuan’s voice came from outside the door.

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