When Jing Ziheng finished checking the last of Ye Mi’s big characters, a steaming bowl of bone broth vermicelli was placed before his eyes.


He raised his eyes and met the little girl’s bright smiling face like a spring flower: “This is your share.”


She filled Jing Ziheng’s big bowl to the top, and for herself she filled a regular size bowl about 80%.


Passing the chopsticks to Jing Ziheng, Ye Mi held her own rice bowl and ate as if she was starving.


After eating the warm bone soup, a stream of heat slid along the esophagus all the way to the stomach, soothing the irritable stomach, and the whole body felt comfortable and warm all over her body.


She sighed contentedly: “It’s delicious.”


Unexpectedly, Mr.
Jing’s cooking skills are not bad.


Before, he had never cooked a complete meal and so he couldn’t show his skill.
Now his bone vermicelli soup, had directly conquered Yemi’s foodie.


“Drink more if it tastes good.” Jing Ziheng picked up Ye Mi’s bowl and went to the kitchen to add more soup into it.

Ye Mi looked at the bone soup in front of her eyes, and frowned in embarrassment: “I’m full, I can’t eat any more.”


“It’s just soup, it won’t be problem if you drink it down slowly.”


Ye Mi didn’t struggle for a long time.
She took Jing Ziheng’s advice, as it appealed to her full stomach and still hungry mouth.
Ye Mi continued to drink the steaming soup.


This time, she ate slowly, but she still couldn’t finish it so Jing Ziheng finished eating her portion.


She hiccupped, patted her swollen belly, “It’s so full.”


“If you’re too full, go out for a walk to digest your food.”


Without giving Ye Mi a chance to refuse, Jing Ziheng took her little hand and led her around in circles in their yard.


There was no light in the yard, and the way was a bit dark.


There was the sound of a few cocks crowing in the corner: “Clack…clack…”


“Huh?” Yemi questioned strangely, “Did you hear the crowing?”


“I did.”


“Strange, where did the chicken come from? Did it come from the house next door? Then I have to ask Uncle Shen to come and take his chicken away.”


There are only three families close to their house, two of them have ducks and big white geese, but no chickens, only Aunt Chunxia’s cousin; Shen Chunshui’s family has chickens, so Yemi thought that the chickes escaped while no one was looking.


The relationship between their neighbors are very good, and no one will ruin their relationship just to covet someone else’s chicken.


Jing Ziheng clasped Ye Mi’s slender waist to prevent her from going out: “That’s our chicken.”


“Our family?” Ye Mi was startled.


She quickly broke away from Jing Ziheng, ran into the house and brought out the oil lamp, and moved closer to the place where the rooster crowed, and sure enough, she saw that there were two adult hens and a big rooster in the vacant chicken coop of their house .


The three chickens are alive and kicking, and they look very healthy.


“There are no baby chicks available for sale now, and it will take a while to buy them and raise them up.
I just asked someone for a few adult chickens to raise at home, so that you can eat eggs every day in the future.”


He wanted to nourish her body and the best way to nourish it is through dietary supplements.


“Eat eggs every day!” Thinking about this kind of life, Ye Mi jumped up excitedly, threw herself on Jing Ziheng, and put stamps on the left and right sides of his handsome face.


“Brother Ziheng, thank you.”


Her address suddenly became more intimate.


“Don’t be too happy, there is no such thing as a free lunch.” Jing Ziheng ruthlessly poured a basin of cold water on Ye Mi’s head with icey chips in it: “If you want to eat eggs every day, you will have to copy ten big characters every day.” , you can copy whatever subjects you like, but there must be no less than 3,00 characters, and the fonts must be as beautiful as possible, and you can’t be perfunctory.”


“Ah…” Ye Mi’s face suddenly collapsed.
In the future she could eat eggs every day yet the good life of eating it is not so happy anymore.


Why do you have to force me to study?


“Because you don’t like to.” Jing Ziheng honestly answered Ye Mi’s unintentional slip of the tongue with the truth.


Ye Mi: “…”


She didn’t like to hear the truth.


Although she hates copying books, the temptation of eggs is too great.


Ye Mi finally agreed to Jing Ziheng’s request, but she couldn’t get excited.


Even lying on the bed with him after showering and brushing their teeth at night she still felt a bit disgusted.


The oil lamp was blown out, leaving only the afterglow of moonlight in the room.


In the darkness, a big warm hand reached out, pulled her wrist that was sore from copying, and kneaded it carefully in the palm of his hand.


The uncomfortable feeling was relieved, and the depression in Yemi’s heart seemed to dissipate.


She suddenly began to reflect on whether she had been indulged too presumptuously these days.


In order to preserve her reputation, Jing Ziheng married her, gave her food and drinks and gave her money, but because she didn’t like studying, she always talked back to him and did all kinds of tricks.


Would he be bored?


The hands hidden under the quilt unconsciously clenched, Ye Mi calmed down and took a deep breath: “Jing Ziheng.”


“Huh?” The man made a short nasal sound, and Ye Mi’s ears were itchy again.
She raised her hand to scratch it, and then she opened her mouth, ready to apologize: “Is it right…”


“I force you to study, not because I want you to learn for me, but because I hope you can give yourself more options in the future.”

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