“So Comrade Ye Mi, are you willing to deal with me on the premise of marriage?” This is the fourth time Jing Ziheng asked, and his attitude was solemn from beginning to end.

    His marriage was out of duty, and he took that responsibility seriously.

    “Well, I am willing.”

    Ye Mi nodded, her voice was not much louder than a mosquito, and she didn’t know where the courage to ask Jing Ziheng if he was willing to marry her had gone.

    The moment he heard Ye Mi’s affirmative answer, she didn’t know if it was an illusion, but Jing Ziheng’s tense face seemed to softened a little.

    Like a sigh of relief.

    “Now, as your object, I will treat you equally, and also inform you about my family situation in detail…”

    Jing Ziheng’s family has both parents, and there is an older brother on top of his head.

    Unlike Ye Mi, his family relationship is very good, and the family members care about each other.
Even if he has been in the countryside for three years, he can often receive letters from his family, and his feelings are very deep.

    “I will tell my parents about our relationship as soon as I go back, and I will marry you after getting their consent.
Please wait patiently, Comrade Ye Mi.” He said as if Ye Mi was eager to get married
    But that’s how it is now, men and women are interested in dating, and basically they run to the destination of marriage.

    Basically, saying the other person is an object is just a formality, it is like telling everyone that they are going to get married before the actual marriage, and they must get a certificate and serve wine within one month.

    “You…you arrange it, I don’t know much about this.”

    Ye Mi went to the countryside when she was still fourteen but almost fifteen years old, and there was no female elder around her who could teach her.
In the last life she had insisted to not get involved with a partner, how could she know how to get married.

    “Okay, leave everything to me.”

    Jing Ziheng didn’t expect Ye Mi, a young girl, to understand anything.
    After Jing Ziheng left, Ye Mi stood alone at the gate of the Educated Youth Court in a daze.

    “Ye Mi, what are you doing standing at the door?” Gao Yuan came out of the kitchen with a vegetable bowl and asked suspiciousy when she saw Ye Mi’s back.

    “No… I didn’t do anything.” Ye Mi was so frightened by Gao Yuan that she almost jumped up, turned around and ran back to the yard.

    Strange, she didn’t become a thief, so why is she acting so guilty?

    Seeing Ye Mi’s face, Gao Yuan was taken aback, and quickly went over and raised her hand to touch her forehead: “You don’t have a fever, why is your face so red? I thought you had a fever again.”
“Is it red?”

    Ye Mi tried her best to fan the wind with her hand, and forced an awkward smile: “Maybe it’s too cold outside, and it’s frozen red.”

    Before getting the news from Jing Ziheng’s parents, she didn’t want to tell anyone about their relationship.

    “That’s all right, come in for dinner, don’t just stand around here looking stupid.” Gao Yuan reluctantly accepted Ye Mi’s excuse.

    The food tonight was richer than last night.
Gao Yuan cooked sweet potato porridge, and also fried two dishes, one with sauerkraut and shiitake mushrooms, and one with garlic and cabbage.

    Both dishes were dripping with some lard, and Gao Yuan’s cooking skills were good, it was very fragrant, and everyone ate it to their heart’s content.

    “Ye Mi, why do you eat so little?” Seeing that there was only half a bowl of porridge in Ye Mi’s bowl, Chen Chunxiang couldn’t help picking up the spoon and wanted to fill her up, but Ye Mi stopped her.

    “No need, I’m not hungry, I can’t eat too much.”

    The meat buns she swallowed just now are still in her stomach, and she has a naturally small appetite, so she really can’t eat any more.

    Unlike yesterday, the porridge was packed in a big pot, and everyone can eat as much as they want.

    Because Gao Yuan added a lot of water, the porridge she boiled seemed to be a lot, and she was not afraid that it would not be enough to eat.
Of course, there would be no food left in the end.

    Seeing that Ye Mi really couldn’t eat, Chen Chunxiang had no choice but to give up, and glanced enviously over her slender body: “You’re so good, Your appetite isn’t big, unlike me, who eats as much as a starving ghost.” I must have been a pig in my previous life.”

    Chen Chunxiang has a round face and a slightly chubby figure.

    In this era where most people still can’t get enough to eat, this can be regarded as a manifestation of ‘wealth and honor’.

    But people also have that ability.

    For example, when harvesting beets today, Chen Chunxiang is the only one in the entire educated youth courtyard who can get 15 centimeters more than those strong laborers.

    She worked a lot and ate a lot, but it was all rations she earned on her own, and no one said anything.

    Just hearing her say this about herself, some people couldn’t hold back and said: “If I can eat meat every day, I would like to be a pig in my previous life.”

    “Come on, pigs can only eat pig grass and chaff, where can I eat meat?” Immediately, cold water was poured on it.

    “This year the team will kill pigs.” Ye Mi suddenly said.

    “Really?” Everyone’s eyes lit up, and they were excited!

    “Well, when I handed in the census book at night, I listened to the team leader.
This matter hasn’t been announced to the public, so we shouldn’t know it, so don’t tell it.”

Everyone quickly promised that they would definitely keep their mouths shut, but the excitement and expectation between their eyebrows could not be concealed.

    In fact, Ye Mi didn’t hear about it, but this year there will indeed be a pig killing, and the news will be announced in a few days.

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