is amazed Gu Yu Qi.

Gu Yu Qi looked at Zhang Wan Yi suspiciously.
Could she also have been reborn?

This thought made Gu Yu Qi’s head swell a bit.
Since she had been reborn, she had felt that something was wrong with everyone… She could not help but feel like it was a little funny.

“Does it snow during winter in Jiangnan?” Zhang Wan Yi asked with a smile as she took Gu Yu Qi and strolled along the path outside the warm pavilion.

“Yes, sometimes it will snow a little,” Gu Yu Qi’s mind was a little confused and she replied offhandedly.

“What about spring?” Zhang Wan Yi kept asking questions like a curious baby.

“Spring in Jiangnan is beautiful,” Gu Yu Qi said lazily.

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“How beautiful?” Zhang Wan Yi continued asking.

You sister! Is there an end?!

“Jiangnan is fair and the scenery is familiar.
Sunrise basks the flowers in a fiery red and the spring waters are green and blue,” Gu Yu Qi had a sudden flash of inspiration and opening her mouth, she said such a sentence.

In her previous life, she had once told Zhang Wan Yi about Bai Ju Yi’s poem called Memories of Jiangnan.
Zhang Wan Yi had happily asked for this poem.
Within a few days, it was spread through the streets and alleys of the capital.
The author was naturally not Bai Ju Yi or Gu Yu Qi, but it was Zhang Wan Yi, the minister’s daughter.

Later on, Zhang Wan Yi also specifically apologised to Gu Yu Qi, saying that she had written it down because she liked the poem so much, and that she had not expected the servants in the residence to spread it outside.
By the time she knew, it had spread all over the streets in the capital.
She had also begged Gu Yu Qi to consider their good relationship and not talk about it for the sake of the Minister’s reputation.

At that time, Gu Yu Qi was already famous and naturally, she did not care about a poem by Bai Ju Yi.
The proud and arrogant her was a little complacent, thinking that with a stretch of her fingers, she would be able to turn stone into gold and benefit the ancient people born on native soil.
Later, when she married Yun Ke as a concubine and saw the poem inscribed on Yun Ke’s fan, only then did she know that no servant girl had accidentally spread the poem back then, and it was Zhang Wan Yi who wrote the poem on the fan and gave it to Yun Ke, making the poem famous.

It was just that when she told Yun Ke that it was her who told Zhang Wan Yi this poem, Yun Ke had never believed her.

After Gu Yu Qi finished speaking, she looked at the expression on Zhang Wan Yi’s face.
Zhang Wan Yi’s eyes lit up with surprise and envy, but there was not the slightest bit of shock or embarrassment.
Gu Yu Qi could now confirm that Zhang Wan Yi had not been reborn.

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“Good poem,” Zhang Wan Yi had a disbelieving expression, “I didn’t expect Younger Sister would be as well read as the rumours said and profoundly learned.”

Rumours? Gu Yu Qi obviously noticed the meaning of her words.
Just as she was about to ask further, she heard a clear male voice, “What a good, “Sunrise basks the flowers in a fiery red and the spring waters are green and blue.” Good artistic conception!”

Both Gu Yu Qi and Zhang Wan Yi were startled.
They looked back in the direction from which the voice came.

In the recesses of the pathway, hidden by plum blossoms, two young men in Chinese clothing came out.
When Gu Yu Qi saw them, the bottom of her heart trembled slightly and she unconsciously looked away.

She knew both of these people.
The one in front was the fifth prince, Yun Yi, and the one following behind him was like Gu Yu Qi’s nightmare.
Dressed in black with his black hair, he was handsome but his expression was cold and indifferent.
Who else was it but Yun Ke?

Such injustice, how could she meet him wherever she went?! All the better.
Two great enemies of her previous life were in front of her, and she could not move!

Are you playing with me? From the bottom of her heart, Gu Yu Qi looked up silently at the sky.

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