Gu Yu Qi, who was hiding behind Zhang Wan Yi, and took a careful look.
He really had accused her wrongly in the last life.

To be able to make such a poem, it was no wonder that her reputation as a talented woman had spread throughout the capital quietly.

Whether it was the previous life or this current life, she had a reputation for being a talented woman.
It was just that in the previous life, he had felt that Gu Yu Qi’s behaviour had been too frivolous and reckless, and most of it had been to make a name for herself.

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Seeing that Yun Ke, who had always been cold, kept his gaze on Gu Yu Qi, Zhang Wan Yi felt uncomfortable in her heart, but she still enthusiastically pulled Gu Yu Qi to her side.

“This young miss from the Marquis’ residence has only just come to the capital from Jiangnan.
It is said that Jiangnan has outstanding people and seeing the appearance of my younger sister from the Gu family, it really is true.” Zhang Wan Yi said with a smile.
Ever since she was young, she had known what to say and when to say it.
The two cousins in front of them were the leaders in this generation of princes.
Although the emperor had long designated the crown prince, the news from the palace was that the emperor did not like the crown prince, which meant that the two people in front of them still had a chance.
Moreover, the present crown prince was not born from the empress.
Her empress aunt had no sons, only two daughters.

The crown prince already had a crown princess.
Even if she wanted to marry the crown prince, she could only be a concubine which was a lot worse than being the main wife.
Her father was a minister in the imperial court.
If she stood by Yun Yi’s side, she would help quite a bit and Yun Yi could consider having her as his main wife.
As for Yun Ke, he was born from a palace maid and had no background in the palace.
He relied on his relationship with Yun Yi growing up.
He was not a good match which was a pity.

The present emperor did not like the crown prince.
If the day came when the crown prince fell, it was not guaranteed that she would be the future empress.

Gu Yu Qi’s beauty had just begun to emerge.
She must have a good relationship with Gu Yu Qi first.
It was obviously unwise to suppress Gu Yu Qi now and hide her since Gu Yu Qi’s status meant that her beauty was destined to be unhidden.
Besides, she had notable talent and in time, she would definitely be famous throughout the great Qi dynasty.
It would be better to hold her firmly in her hands when she first arrived in the capital and before she became a prominent figure so that in the future, she would not have gained another enemy and lost a powerful helper.

So she did not mind introducing Gu Yu Qi to Yun Yi and Yun Ke.
Maybe Gu Yu Qi would return her kindness in the future.

Zhang Wan Yi had her own calculations, so she openly pushed Gu Yu Qi out.

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Gu Yu Qi wanted to vent her endless grievances to the heavens.
The person that she could not hide from was now standing alive in front of her with those icy eyes staring at her intently.

When had he ever looked at her with such a focused gaze in the previous life?

Gu Yu Qi’s heart froze.
Perhaps she had only gotten his attention at the moment of her death.
She had really lived such a sad life in the previous life.

In her previous life, the relationship between Yun Yi and Yun Ke had also been good.
Yun Ke’s mother was just a palace maid and she had died after giving birth to him.
He had been adopted by Yun Yi’s biological mother, the Virtuous Consort, so he grew up with Yun Yi.
Wherever they went, the two of them were always together.
Even the emperor always praised the brothers for having a harmonious relationship, showing love and respect as good brothers should.

Yet, was this really the case? Gu Yu Qi could only say “hehe”.

If it was true as the emperor had said, then why did Yun Yi die at Yun Ke’s hands in the end? It was a joke for brothers to show love and respect as good brothers should in the imperial family.

Gu Yuqi felt like she was being watched by Yun Ke as if she was being stared at by a poisonous snake.
She felt uncomfortable all over and it just so happened that a gust of cold wind blew, making her tremble involuntarily.

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