t first.
If she needed to serve tea and make amends, it should be her as a mother who should go.


“Mother, go back to the warm pavilion first.
I’ll come later,” Gu Yu Qi shook her head and said to Liang-shi.


“Daughter, are you crazy?” Liang-shi said anxiously, “If the princess and their parents hold you accountable, what will you do?”


“Mother, calm down, I’ll take care of everything.
Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” Gu Yu Qi’s mouth curved slightly, showing a bright smile to Liang-shi.
“You have to trust me.”


Is that so? Although Gu Yu Qi spoke calmly and had a smile that was full of confidence, the three people who had fallen into the water were noble girls after all, this…


“Mother!” Seeing Liang-shi hesitate again, Gu Yu Qi continued, “I really have a way.
Just trust me once.”


“That… Alright.” Liang-shi saw Gu Yu Qi’s assertiveness and could only walk to the warm pavilion half doubtfully.
From the bottom of her heart, she could not stop praying to the gods in the heavens, hoping that her daughter really had a way to avoid this great difficulty.


After Gu Yu Qi watched Liang-shi leave, she gritted her teeth and took out her hand that she had tucked into her sleeve.
The wound on her hand had turned her fingers blue and purple and the bloody wound had slashed deep into her bone, damn! She had actually been injured in order to save Zhang Wan Yi! She really had gone mad.
However, if she had not taken action just now, it was likely that Zhang Wan Yi and the others really would not have lasted that long.


Gu Yu Qi looked at the wound on her left hand and smiled bitterly for a while.
She should find something to wrap it in for now.


She walked slowly towards the shore.
Her feet had just landed on the ground when she saw a person appear from behind the rockery on the side of the path, blocking her way.


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Gu Yu Qi looked up and saw that it was Yun Ke.


“Greetings, Seventh Prince,” Gu Yu Qi was not in the mood to pretend to be polite with him right now.
She just wanted to go around and find something to bandage her wound.


She hurriedly curtseyed then took a step to the left of the road, but she had not expected Yun Ke to take a step to the side too.
Gu Yu Qi frowned and took another step to the right.
Yun Ke also stepped right, blocking her way again.


“Seventh Prince, what is the meaning of this?” Gu Yu Qi had lost her patience completely.
Her hand was hurting badly and she also had to go to the warm pavilion and explain what had happened just then.
She did not have time to fool around with Yun Ke here!


“Hand!” Yun Ke said coldly.


“What?” Gu Yu Qi was startled and did not respond for a moment.


“Your hand!” Yun Ke furrowed his brows impatiently, “Explain!”


Only now did Gu Yu Qi understand what he meant.
She just wanted to say: It’s none of your business! However, she still resisted it and did not spout it out.


“My hand is unimportant.” Gu Yu Qi was too lazy to even pretend and she just referred to herself as ‘I’, “Please move out of the way, I have other things to do,” She spoke impatiently.


Yun Ke was stunned at first, then the corner of his mouth curled up slightly and revealed a trace of a smile.

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Although he was smiling, his smile held no warmth.


“This prince does not want to repeat it a third time.
Your hand!” He said as he looked at Gu Yu Qi with a cold smile.


“Here!” Gu Yu Qi was so annoyed that she stretched out both her hands in a fit of anger.


“You were saving them?” Yun Ke glanced at Gu Yu Qi’s injured left hand again.
Not long ago, he had held it and it had been uninjured.
Yet, it did not take long for it to become like this.


“Why ask if you already know?!” Gu Yu Qi said impatiently, “You’ve seen it and you’ve asked, can you get out of the way?”


“Yes,” Yun Ke’s flashed slightly to the side, making way.


Gu Yu Qi glared at him then walked forward.


“Gu Cai Ren!” Suddenly, there was a shout from behind.
Gu Yu Qi looked back subconsciously but saw Yun Ke standing behind her, his eyes dark and deep, a shadow of a smile on his face.


Not good!


Gu Yu Qi was instantly struck by lightning.
Her hands and feet felt cold but she quickly reacted, “Who is His Highness the Seventh Prince calling?” She asked while blinking.
Although she was calm on the surface, her heart was surging in waves.
Gu Cai Ren! He just called her Gu Cai Ren! That was her title after she had entered the palace in her previous life.
He… He… Was also reborn! 

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