concubine in the future, he would leave her the position of a side concubine more or less.
Yun Ke had overstepped!


It was quiet in the tent as everyone had their own thoughts.
Suddenly, they heard the sound of hooves outside and the three people in the tent raised their heads in unison to look out.


They saw a horse galloping fast.
Yun Ke sat on top of the horse and there was a petite figure in his arms that he held tightly to his chest.


“They’re back.” Princess Ping Hu hurriedly said to the palace maid beside her, “Go bring Imperial Physician Ning in.”


When Yun Ke went to save her, Imperial Physician Ning was already waiting outside the tent, so he entered in the blink of an eye.


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Yun Ke carried Gu Yu Qi into the tent with the fastest speed.
“Come, put her here.” Princess Ping Hu saw Yun Ke hesitate a little, so she immediately told Yun Ke to put Gu Yu Qi onto the soft couch.


Yun Ke did not beat around the bush and immediately put Gu Yu Qi down gently.
Then he retreated quietly to the side.


Imperial Physician Ning quickly took Gu Yu Qi’s wrist and took her pulse.


“How is it?” Princess Ping Hu asked urgently, “What happened to her?” She first asked Imperial Physician Ning, then turned and asked Yun Ke.


“Replying to Aunt, when I arrived, she had already fainted.
The eunuch accompanying her said that she had been fine the whole time but suddenly fell from the horse.
However, he was quick to catch her and she did not fall.” Yun Ke had regained his usual coolness and spoke lightly with his hands cupped.


Yun Yi frowned slightly, looking at Yun Ke’s face, “How can someone fall off the horse suddenly when they were fine? Imperial Physician Ning, what can you find?” Although he was asking Imperial Physician Ning, his eyes never left Yun Ke’s face.


Yun Ke knew that Yun Yi’s gaze was on him, so as soon as he finished speaking, he pursed his lips again and did not look at Gu Yu Qi again.
He retreated to Yun Yi’s side, then lowered his voice and said to Yun Yi, “Fifth Brother need not worry.
She should be fine.”


Only then did Yun Yi’s brows relax slightly.
He patted Yun Ke’s shoulder lightly, “Thanks.”


“A younger brother should share his elder brother’s worries,” Yun Ke said lightly.


Yun Yi then turned his attention to Gu Yu Qi.
He could not help but laugh at himself inwardly.
Perhaps he had overthought.
Seeing Yun Ke’s indifferent expression, there was none of the slight hastiness just now.
He had probably run out like that for him.


Imperial Physician Ning’s brows wrinkled, “Strange.” He took a breath, closed his eyes, then took Gu Yu Qi’s pulse again calmly.


After a long time, he opened his eyes again, “Feeling Miss Gu’s pulse, it seemed like she had eaten something she should not have eaten.” He spoke slowly after hesitating for a moment.


“What did you say?” Princess Ping Hu was usually calm and composed but even she became agitated.
“This princess had just sent someone to give her a bowl of sweet soup,” she said this after thinking about it for a while.
Surely there was nothing wrong with that bowl of soup… Princess Ping Hu calmed down and let her restless heart settle.


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Maybe she had eaten something before she came? Or was it the cold from before?


“I heard that she had caught a cold before.” Princess Ping Hu reminded the imperial physician, “Could it be that her cold had recurred?”


“No.” Imperial Physician Ning shook his head firmly, denying this conjecture, “If the cold recurred, then Miss Gu should have a fever by now.
Her pulse seems mild but in fact it is mixed with chaotic and fast small jumps.
She has been poisoned.”


Poisoned!!!!!! Princess Ping Hu felt slightly chaotic! Not only Princess Ping Hu, but even the crown prince, Yun Yi, and Yun Ke were all shocked after the Imperial Physician Ning spoke.


Yun Yi took a step forward and asked anxiously, “She was fine about an hour ago.
How could she be poisoned?”


Although Yun Ke was surprised, he could not show it too much in front of Yun Yi so he just lowered his eyes and listened quietly.


“What was she poisoned with?” Princess Ping Hu asked.


“It appears to be poison from the peacebloom.” Imperial Physician Ning said.


“How?” Princess Ping Hu frowned and asked, “The peacebloom is one of the regular herbs that this princess uses.
How can it be poisonous?”


“Replying to Your Highness, the peacebloom itself is non-toxic and only has a calming and sleepy effect.
However, if it is combined with other medicinal herbs, then it will be bad.” Imperial Physician Ning said, “Did Miss Gu take any other medicine when she had the cold before? Could the recipe be given to this servant to take a look?”


This… Princess Ping Hu felt a bit awkward.
If she asked the Marquis’ residence for the prescription, then would this matter become a big problem?


However… Forget it, it was more important to save her.
Princess Ping Hu tapped her foot and spoke to her personal palace maid, “Hurry up and go to the Marquis’ side and find the madam of the Marquis’ residence.
Ask her to bring the prescription over.”


She was in a coma right now and it was impossible to hide this.
She could only hope that the madam of the Marquis’ residence would not make a fuss.


In Princess Ping Hu’s courtyard before, she had come into contact with Liang Huai Yu.
She felt that this madam of the Marquis’ residence was nice and would not act recklessly.


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