Chapter 47: Sprained foot



Yun Ke had come to Yun Ling’s place because his heart was troubled.


In his previous life, Yun Ling had not asked about the world’s affairs and had quietly cultivated in Hu Guo Temple.
After Gu Yu Qi died, Yun Ke could not sleep at night.
So he came to Gu Huo Temple and met Yun Ling by chance.
It was convenient for them to talk and this talk made these two brothers, who had hardly met before, very agreeable.


Although Yun Ling stayed inside a mountain temple, he had exceptionally broad horizons.
Gradually, Yun Ke often went to Hu Guo Temple, and he also asked the crown prince to study Buddhism in front of Yun Ling to open up his mind.
In this life, after he had been titled a prince and had left the palace, he had come to visit his sixth brother early.


Even if they did not discuss anything, it was also relaxing to just drink tea and play chess with him, because in front of Yun Ling, he felt that he could be open and relaxed.
There was no scheming and no need to be cautious.
He could just laugh unrestrainedly.


At first, Yun Ling was very surprised, but as Yun Ke came more often, he became accustomed to it.
He was very happy that Yun Ke could come to see him.


Yun Ke had just come to see Yun Ling today and was coming out of the quiet courtyard where Yun Ling lived.
Unexpectedly, he met Gu Yu Qi by chance.


Gu Yu Qi was wearing a goose-yellow dress.
Standing under the peach blossom tree, peach blossoms shrouded her head and body like pink clouds.
She was as nimble and moving as a fairy who had fallen into the forest.
Her eyebrows were open and her elegance was beginning to bloom.
She was dazzling.
Without the pride hidden in the corners of her eyes like in his previous life, and being a little more cheerful, she was even more attractive than in her previous life.


When she saw him, the smile in the corner of her eyes suddenly froze, turning into the resistance and alienation he was familiar with.


How funny, in her previous life, it was him who had resisted and alienated her.
However, once she had been reborn, she had changed.


What was she doing here? In his previous life, in order to seduce the princes and noble sons, she had flirted under the peach trees, putting on airs.
In this life, did she know to hide here?


Where was she looking at just now?


Yun Ke turned his eyes slightly and his eyebrows tightened.
She was actually standing there staring blankly at the temple his sixth brother was quietly cultivating in.


Instantly, an unnamed anger burst in his heart.
Everything Gu Yu Qi did in his previous life had been purposeful, from archery at the hunting grounds, composing a poem in the academy, viewing flowers at the temple.
In this life, she hid here with her noisy younger sister? Was she not just doing this for his sixth brother who was quietly cultivating in the courtyard?


Her goal actually turned out to be Yun Ling! Could it be that she could not count on Yun Yi because her reputation had been ruined, so she changed to Yun Ling?


Thinking of this, Yun Ke stopped in front of Gu Yu Qi.
“You come with me,” he said to Gu Yu Qi coldly.


“Who are you? How dare you disturb my young miss?” Bai Fu did not know Yun Ke.
When she saw Yun Ke walking directly in front of Gu Yu Qi, she hurriedly ran over to shield Gu Yu Qi.
She stared at Yun Ke with wide eyes, but her heart jumped up uncontrollably.
Although this man in white was abrupt, he was really too handsome and even people in paintings could not match his beauty.


Yun Ke glanced at Bai Fu lazily.
Then he directly lifted his hand to grab Gu Yu Qi, but Gu Yu Qi avoided him dexterously.


“Greetings, Your Highness Prince An,” Gu Yu Qi not only avoided him, but she also pulled away from Bai Fu who was staring dumbfoundedly at Yun Ke.


This girl usually looked smart, but she was also trapped by Yun Ke.
Gu Yu Qi sighed silently in her heart and could not help but smile bitterly.
What qualifications did she have to teach Bai Fu? When she first met Yun Ke at Hu Guo Temple, did he not also steal her soul away?


Gu Yu Qi lowered her eyes and whispered to Bai Fu, “This is His Highness Prince An.”


Bai Fu woke up as if from a dream.
Chun Xing pulled the other maids over and with Gu Si Yu, they bowed down and curtseyed.


Yun Ke waved his hand impatiently, signalling them all to leave.
He stared at Gu Yu Qi coldly.
“Since you know this prince, how dare you disobey this prince?” He paused after speaking, ‘Come here.” He extended his hand to Gu Yu Qi again.


Gu Yu Qi frowned and said, “This minister’s daughter dares not disobey the will of Your Highness, but this minister’s daughter and Your Highness are a female and a male.
If this minister’s daughter goes with Your Highness, it would damage this minister’s daughter’s reputation.
If Your Highness has something to say, just talk to this minister’s daughter here.
They are all this minister’s daughter’s younger sister and maids, and are all family members.”


What family?! In her previous life, she had abandoned the Marquis’ residence and had disregarded the Marquis’ residence’s reputation.
Even with her duty to uphold filial piety, she still insisted on marrying into Prince An’s palace.
In this life, her lips spouted family!


Yun Ke’s hand stretched out in midair clenched into a fist and dropped down.
He smiled coldly, “This prince did not consider everything fully.
Since Miss Gu is here, then this prince invites Miss Gu to sit at Sixth Brother’s quiet courtyard.
Surely this is not considered disrespectful?”


Since you are interested in my sixth brother, then I will let you see my sixth brother.
When you see him, would you still be interested in him?


Gu Yu Qi was stunned for a moment and could not help but raise her head.
What was going on here? The look of anger and exasperation just now had been replaced with what looked like generosity.


“I’m afraid that’s…” Gu Yu Qi was about to refuse but she was interrupted by Yun Ke, “What, is this prince’s face so thin that he cannot even invite Miss Gu? Then, does this prince need to send a letter to your Marquis’ residence and give a special invitation?”


Dang scumbag.
Gu Yu Qi gritted her teeth.
He obviously knew that what she was most afraid of was to have a relationship with him.
Seeing that she refused to go with him, he used this as a threat.
His main concubine had passed away not long ago.
If he officially sent a letter to their door, who knows what troubles that would cause.


After four years, Gu Yu Qi once again lamented in her heart.
This day would never end!


“Your Highness is exaggerating.
Since Your Highness is inviting, then this minister’s daughter dares not disobey orders.” Gu Yu Qi was already reluctant in every way possible, but she still said helplessly, “This time, this minister’s daughter brought her younger sister here to play.
Can Your Highness allow this minister’s daughter to send her younger sister back first?”


“Okay,” Yun Ke smiled coldly.
“This prince has nothing to do anyway, so this prince can accompany Miss Gu on a special trip.”


Come on! You making a special trip is just telling the whole world that I am meeting you here privately! Gu Yu Qi once again raised her middle finger to Yun Ke in her heart and could not help but curse.


It had been four years.
She was afraid that this meeting would end her peaceful days.
For the past four years, without Yun Ke interfering, she had lived happily.


Unfortunately, what comes would still come.




“Then we dare to disturb Your Highness,” Gu Yu Qi hated him to death in her heart, but she still smiled on the surface.
Her smile did not reach her eyes.
Yun Ke could see through her, but did not point it out frankly.


He could see Gu Yu Qi’s reluctance, but what use was her reluctance? He was Prince An, and she was only a daughter of the Ding Yuan Marquis.
No matter what, she could not oppose his wishes.
As long as he did not overdo it, Gu Yu Qi had no excuse to object.


“Yun Ke, I, Gu Yu Qi, will use the light of fire to illuminate the road today with my blood as the guide.
Let the gods in heaven stand witness.
If there is an afterlife, you and I will never meet again in any life.”


The oath she had made before her death in his previous life still rang in his ears.
Even after so many years, it still tangled in his thoughts at midnight.
She had become a demon in his heart in the previous life, his nightmare.
In this life, she stood alive in front of him, alienated and resistant.
How could he let her off?


Gu Yu Qi said to Chun Xing, “Take Second Young Miss back first.
Tell Mother that I am here at the quiet courtyard and will be back later.”


“Yes, Young Miss.” Chun Xing naturally knew Yun Ke.
She had met him four years ago at the inn and had a strong impression of him.


“Yan Zhi can stay here with me,” Gu Yu Qi added.


She asked Bai Fu to go back with Chun Xing.
When Bai Fu saw Yun Ke just now, she had shown a foolish expression just like she had at first, so she was a little worried.
Yun Ke had a cold face with an even colder heart.
If Bai Fu accidentally fell in love with him, then what awaited her would be doom and gloom.


Whatever the case, she had bought Bai Fu from a trafficker herself and had watched her grow up.
Gu Yu Qi did not want Bai Fu to go down her own path.


She hoped that the four girls who had grown up with her would find men who would truly love them in the future, instead of entering a whirlpool of power and plotting against each other.


Sure enough, when Gu Yu Qi said that only Yan Zhi was to stay behind, a trace of disappointment flashed across Bai Fu’s eyes.
Gu Yu Qi could only silently sigh again in her heart.


After Chun Xing took Gu Si yu away, Gu Yu Qi bowed to Yun Ke daintily, “Did Your Highness not say that he wanted to introduce this minister’s daughter to His Highness Prince Fu? Thi minister’s daughter dares to ask Your Highness to lead the way.”


“You really aren’t hiding it in the slightest.” Yun Ke saw that Gu Yu Qi was so liberal without any hesitation and the anger at the bottom of his heart was even stronger.
Was she so eager to fly into another man’s arms in this life? He just hoped that after she saw Yun Ling, she would still be so calm.


“It is not too stupid to hide myself in front of Your Highness?” Gu Yu Qi commented lightly.


“Hmph,” Yun Ke smiled coldly.
“Follow this prince.”


“Yes,” Gu Yu Qi did not refuse and lifted her feet, following Yun Ke’s footsteps.


She and Yun Ke walked in the peach blossom forest one after another.
There was infinite sorrow in her heart.
In her previous life, had she ever thought that she would follow Yun Ke so peacefully? It turned out that after the heart died, the situation was different.


She was not one to seek revenge.
The tragedy between them in her previous life could be blamed on both of them.
Both of them were too proud and she had been so blindly enthusiastic.
The gap between her and Yun Ke was thousands of years apart, completely insurmountable.
Gu Yu Qi felt that the time travel novels she had read were in vain.
The habits of modern people were simply too shocking when compared to the ancient times.


She had been too arrogant in her previous life, thinking that she was unique.
Indeed, she was unique, but who was to judge? Her words had been sharp and she said whatever she wanted.
All the noble ladies here were clever and ingenious with a sense of propriety.
Yet, she was careless and thought that what she did was right.
She deserved to be played into the palm of people like Zhang Wan Yi.


In her opinion, what she did was magnificent and everything had been a ridiculous and pitiable love.
However, she had forgotten that love was an issue between two people.
When only she was carrying the burden alone, it was not love, but just unrequited affection.
What she gave, she expected Yun Ke to pay back equally.
Was that possible? She had been a shell of an ancient era person in the previous life with a modern heart, but Yun Ke was a real ancient era man and all the behavioural norms of women were deeply ingrained in his heart.
What could she use to compete with Zhang Wan Yi?


The more she competed, the more noble and dignified Zhang Wan Yi looked.


Things that she had never understood in her previous life, she could be said to have understood in this life and she had thought it through.
So in this life, she would not leave the front door and go outside, not only to avoid Yun Ke, but for the reputation of the Marquis’ residence.


In her previous life, Yun Ke had looked down on her.
She had discarded the good position of being Prince Ding’s main concubine and had caused trouble all the way up to the emperor’s throne room.
During the period of deep mourning, she had insisted on marrying Yun Ke as a side concubine.
If this kind of thing was not self-deprecating in the eyes of men in the ancient era, then what was? She relied on her beauty to stand in the palace, but in his eyes, she was just a plaything that could be thrown away at any time.


In his eyes, her sincere giving was just a means to curry favour.


Gu Yu Qi sighed deeply.
In her previous life, she had always been the one expressing the wrong feelings.
However, even though she was wrong, Yun Ke was still a cold-hearted person.
She had loved him with all her heart for a dozen years, but she still had not melted his heart.


Gu Yu Qi’s faint sigh passed into Yun Ke’s ears and went straight to the bottom of his heart.


He was tempted to turn around and ask what she was sighing about.
However, Yun Ke still held back.


They walked through the peach blossom forest and a little further ahead, he turned onto a cobblestone path.


Gu Yu Qi was wearing embroidered shoes with thin soles.
The cobblestones on the path were very small and caused pain in her feet.
She wanted to walk over quickly, but her feet slipped helplessly and her ankle snapped to the side.
A piercing pain struck and she could not help but let a hiss escape her mouth.


“Young Miss, I’ll support you.” Yan Zhi’s feet also hurt.
Seeing Gu Yu Qi’s body bend, she hurriedly stretched out her hand to help her young miss.
However, she had not expected that when she reached out, she could not support Gu Yu Qi because Gu Yu Qi had already been dragged ahead.


“Sprained ankle?” Yun Ke supported Gu Yu Qi with one hand.
He frowned and looked at Gu Yu Qi’s skirt.


“No…” Gu Yu Qi wanted to hurriedly pull her arm away, but helplessly, Yun Ke grasped her tightly.
It really was sprained.
Gu Yu Qi herself had heard the sound of her bones snapping.
If Gu Yu Qi heard it, then Yun Ke naturally heard it…


Sigh, Gu Yu Qi sighed in her heart again.
Meeting Yun Ke was never good.
After four years, it was once again verified!


“Sit down first.” Yun Ke turned his eyes and looked around.
There was a stone bench under a solitary peach blossom tree by the side of the path.
It was paved with slate underneath the stone bench.
Yun Ke supported Gu Yu Qi and disregarding her objection, he took her there.
It was said to be leading, but it was more like pulling.
Gu Yu Qi rolled her eyes helplessly.
Her feet hurt even more…


Was this person deliberately adding fuel to the fire? Pulling so hard with his long legs stretched out, who could keep up?!


Or, maybe he felt that she had sprained her foot on purpose to get his attention.
So when Yun Ke settled Gu Yu Qi onto the stone bench, Gu Yu Qi said subconsciously, “Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t do it on purpose.
I didn’t sprain my ankle to keep you here, it really was just careless.
You can leave, I have Yan Zhi to accompany me.”


Yun Ke raised his eyes.
When his gaze met Gu Yu Qi’s big eyes that covered in a slight sheen of tears because of the pain, his eyes were cold and it seemed like he could freeze the water in Gu Yu Qi’s eyes just by looking at her.


“I really didn’t do it on purpose.” Dang, what kind of look was that, the one who sprained their foot was me! No one is stopping you.
Besides, in her previous life, forget spraining an ankle, even if she fell and landed face down in front of Yun Ke, he would not reach out.
Gu Yu Qi cursed in her heart but did not dare to say it.
Still, she could not help but add, “Just leave.
It’s not like I would blame it on you.”


“Leave?” Yun Ke’s lips curled, “What qualifications do you have to tell this prince to leave?”


Gu Yu Qi’s face paled slightly.
She sneered in her heart.
Yes, what was her identity and what was this person’s identity? She had been arrogant again.


Seeing Gu Yu Qi’s slightly pale face, there was a nameless irritability in Yun Ke’s heart.
Why did he always say the wrong thing to this woman?! He clearly wanted to say that he knew she did not do it on purpose, and that she should stop overthinking.

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