Reborn As a Son of Avenue

Chapter 1: Reincarnation

[Your soul is traveling, leaving the lower planes. ]

[You have entered chaos and go to the upper plane. ]

[Detecting the gaze of the avenue, spending power to steal the power of the avenue. ]

[Ding! You have been favored by the Dao, no matter in any world, you will be watched by the Dao, sheltered by the heaven, and shrouded in luck. ]

[The power of the system is exhausted, and the function of the system is reduced. ]

[Ding, keep the proficiency function! ]

[You have reached the upper plane, there are countless worlds, and you will enter one of them. ]

[You will start a new life! ]

In a daze, Gu Changge seemed to hear a series of icy voices constantly resounding from his soul. For some reason, his state was very strange. He felt the surrounding darkness and wanted to open his eyes, but his eyelids felt heavy, as if stitched together. , no matter how hard you try, you can open it.

His body couldn help but struggle.

Vaguely, Gu Feng felt as if he was in a soft thing, surrounded by softness.

”what. ”

There seemed to be a scream.

”Come on, maam, the young master is about to be born, maam, work hard. ”

”Its one third of the way out, Madam, come on. ”

”Come out, come out, young master come out. ”

It sounded like a girl screaming happily.

Hearing the voice, Gu Changge felt very sleepy and slowly fell into a deep sleep.

External Great World.

Godwark, the ancient city.

One of the four immortal clans, the ancient clan.

This is an incomparably huge city, the towering city walls are mottled with blood, and the black blood does not disappear all the year round, and it seems that you can hear the roaring of the gods and ghosts.

The city walls are tall and towering into the clouds.

If you look down on it from a high place, you can see this city, which is extremely vast. It is not an exaggeration to call it a city or a country. The four walls are continuous.

The ancients, in the entire External world, are also the strongest forces, and there are few forces that can be compared with them.

Even the other four immortal clans are not far behind.

At this time, in the center of the ancient city, there are dozens of islands suspended in the air. This is where the ancient clan is located. There are a lot of buildings on each island. You can see all kinds of strange beasts walking by, like unicorn-like auspicious beasts walking in the air, and huge birds with fairy beasts flying like phonixes.

Outside each island, there is a huge circular barrier shrouded in it, and there are mysterious runes flashing on the barrier from time to time, exuding the atmosphere to destroy the whole world .These are the formations of the ancients, protecting the ancient clan.

These taboo formations are combined with each other to form a terrifying formation that shrouds the entire ancient city.

In the center of dozens of islands, it is the place where ancient clan is located.

It is the home of the ancient clan, and the other islands are separated.

The largest island is called Immortal Island.It means the island where the immortals live.

Outside a courtyard building on Immortal Island, a middle-aged man looked flustered, slightly pale, and frowned, looking a little nervous and worried.

Especially listening to the screams of the lady in the yard, I was a little worried.

And right now.


The cloudless clear sky suddenly opened with a huge opening, and as the opening opened, dense cracks began to appear in the entire sky.

It was as if the sky was about to fall apart.

The middle-aged man is the patriarch of the ancient clan, Gu Chen

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