Reborn As a Son of Avenue

Chapter 3: Three Years

”The avenues and the will of heaven appear together, and the golden dragon cheers and roars with luck. ”

”Damn, are the ancients going to give birth to the destiny? ”

”Destiny? No, this is the son of the avenue. ”

”Can you make a move… ”

”Impossible, as long as you make a move, the Dao Divine Thunder will fall directly that day, even if the Great Emperor will be directly smashed, the true spirit will not be able to escape. ”

In the void, one after another voice sounded.

Staring at the ancient clan with envy and hatred.

They are all strong men from other major forces, and they found that they came here and saw this shocking scene.

They are all the most powerful, and naturally they are very clear about what this scene in the sky represents.

The ancients clan took it off.

The ancients are already tyrannical and terrifying, if they go further…


Many figures in the void took a deep breath and felt terrified.

Some peoples eyes flickered, and they seemed to be planning something in their hearts.

But after seeing the dozens of figures quietly appearing above the ancient clan, he couldn help but shrink his pupils, retreated without hesitation, and left this place.

At this moment.

A melodious voice sounded from the heavens and the earth, as if the ethereal sound was looming, coming from outside the sky, or the six reincarnations. Endless fairy light and divine light emerged from the sky and the earth, and in the sky, a huge portal emerged.

This portal is surrounded by immortal energy, exuding a quaint and vicissitudes atmosphere, as if eternal.

The portal is engraved with mysterious runes that no one can understand.

”That, that is the gate of FairyLand! ”

”Could it be that someone stepped into the real fairyland, so the gate of the fairyland appeared? ”

”Fart, this is obviously because of the ancient vision. ”

”The ancients will give birth to evildoers. The gate of this fairyland is probably because of that evildoer, and they want to bring that evildoer into the fairyland. ”

A series of shocked voices sounded.

The gate of the fairyland, only after becoming a true fairy, can the gate of the fairyland be opened, and you can enter the fairyland, which is a higher world.

But the next moment.

Directly in the sky, the eyes that seemed to symbolize the Great Dao suddenly looked at the gate of FairyLand, and a golden thunder rang out, shaking the world, and even the void trembled.

The gate of FairyLand shattered instantly.

”hiss… ”

”The Great Dao is sheltered. Obviously, the evildoer that the ancients will be born is sheltered by the Dao, and the Dao is unwilling to step into the fairyland before it grows. ”

”Its so terrifying, but even so, when the monster who was born is an adult, Im afraid the gate of the fairyland will reappear, no matter if you step into the real fairy. ”

”don make enemies with this clan. ”

One after another sound, full of unparalleled shock.

Great hall, Immort Island.

”Master , Youngmaster is born. ”

A maid shouted happily and walked out of the yard.

But as soon as he walked out, he noticed the vision between heaven and earth, and he was stunned.

But this time.

It seemed like a foreboding.

There was joy in those golden pupils and thunder pupils.

The golden dragons hovering in the sky turned into streaks of golden light of luck and flooded into the courtyard.

The endless divine thunder also seemed to turn into flowing water, although the golden light of luck poured into it.

Within a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles, ten thousand beasts roared and ten thousand birds chirped, as if cheering and celebrating something.

One after another figure appeared around the yard.

A terrifying breath erupted, and the void trembled.

That is an ancestor of the ancient clan. They were born thousands of years ago or even tens of thousands of years ago. They are the heritage of the ancient clan and the guardian of the ancient clan.

Now they are all awake, gathered outside the yard, staring at the yard excitedly.

”I-I remember that the one in this yard seems to be Xiao Chenzi right? ”

”Yes, Xiao Chenzi has been pregnant for a long time and was born today. ”

”Hahahaha, God bless my ancient clan. ”

”Start all the formations, and don let any foreigners come in, lest the emperor have an accident. ”

”You don need to say it, its already activated. ”

An old man appeared beside Gu Chen, grabbed Gu Chen, and laughed excitedly. ”Xiao Chenzi, hahaha, you did a good job this time, giving birth to a son of heaven for our ancient clan, hahahaha. ”

”Uh, Dad. ” Gu Chen twitched the corners of his mouth, a reluctant smile appeared on his face. ”You, can you let go first? I want to go first and see my wife and children. ”

”Cough, you
e right, lets walk around, lets go in and have a look together. ”

The white-haired old man hurriedly nodded, let go of Gu Chen, and entered the courtyard with a group of old men, urging Gu Chen to enter the room from outside the room, and quickly took the child out to take a look.

Although he is the contemporary patriarch of the ancient clan, facing this group of supreme elders, Gu Chen couldn help twitching the corners of his mouth, and nodded helplessly and entered the room.

Not long after, he walked out with a baby wrapped in an unknown animal skin.

Seeing the child, a group of old men hurriedly gathered around.

”Thats the kid, thats right. ”

”Hiss… just born, but I feel that there is an inexplicable rhythm on his body, as if the world is right. ”

”Look at the forehead, there is something on this childs forehead. ” An old woman said hurriedly, looking at the childs eyes full of love and doting.

The childs skin is soft and supple, and on the childs forehead and between the eyebrows, there is a golden mark with a faint golden light.

It seems to be a golden eye, but there is a thunder mark in the eye.

”Old clan, do you know what this is? ” An old man turned his head to look at the person beside him and asked.

Others also looked over.

Next to the old man is also an old man. Although they seem to be about the same age, the one who is called the Clan elder is the oldest one of the ancient clan in this world. , has lived for millions of years, and has passed through many eras. Powerful and tyrannical, he is the patron saint of the ancient clan, and he is also very knowledgeable.

The clan elder stroked his breath, looked at the child with love in his eyes, and said softly. ”If I guessed correctly, the mark on this childs forehead should be the mark of the Great Dao. ”

”Avenue mark? ”

”I haven heard of it, what is this? ”

”There is no record in the ancient books. ”

The clan elder raised his eyebrows and said coldly. ”Keep your voice down, don disturb the child. ”

”Be quiet, this child is so cute when he sleeps. ”

After being said this by the clan elder, a group of elders who were well-known in the outside world and left behind many legends were all cautious at this time.

Seeing this, the clan elder nodded with satisfaction and explained softly. ”I also saw it by chance in an ancient book handed down from the ancient people of the upper realm. ”

”The ancestors of FairyLand? ”

”Not bad. ” The clan elder nodded and said. ”According to the rumors, the manifestation of Daos will is a golden dragon, and those who are favored by Dao will have golden dragon patternn on their foreheads. Once they are favored by Dao, they will practice unimpeded, and there will be no bottlenecks. Squeeze the evil spirits.

Besides, the Immortal Emperor can be expected! ”

”hiss… ”*

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