Reborn As a Son of Avenue

Chapter 9: Seven Years Old.

[You are cultivating the Taoist Scripture, the proficiency level of the Taoist Scripture +1. ]

[You are cultivating the Taoist Scripture, the proficiency level of the Taoist Scripture +1. ]

[You are cultivating the Taoist Scripture, the proficiency level of the Taoist Scripture +1. ]

[You are cultivating the Taoist Scripture, you have received the blessing of Dao rhythm, you have entered a state of epiphany, and your proficiency in the Taoist Scripture has been raised to consummation. ]

The voice kept ringing in my head.

”call. ”

Gu Changges opened his eyes, and a streamer flickered in his eyes.All the characters on the surface of the body dissipated, and the golden skin also turned into its original complexion.

”Chaner, have you stepped into the Divine Bridge Realm? ” Gu Daotians figure appeared beside Gu Changges and asked from above the void.

”Yes, Grandpa. ” Gu Changges nodded.Above the fusion spirit, is the bridge of God.He has indeed stepped into the Divine Bridge Realm, the first stage of the Divine Bridge Realm.After stepping into the extreme realm of fusion, he once again broke through and entered the current realm. This kind of cultivation speed is extremely terrifying. After all, he is only three years old.

The God Bridge Realm is using the spiritual energy to build a bridge within the body.

And Gu Changges not only built a bridge in his body, but also blessed by Tao, the bridge is extremely stable.The divine bridge is a bridge that connects the heaven and the earth with itself, allowing the monks to draw the spiritual energy of the heaven and the earth faster, and when they release the divine power, a powerful power bursts out.

Seeing his grandson nodding, although he has been shocked many times today, he couldn help but be amazed again at this time. ”Its a terrifying talent. ”

”Yeah. ” Gu Yans figure appeared and nodded in agreement.Another figure appeared beside Gu Changges, Elder Ling.

Gu Changges basically knows all the elders in the family, and Elder Ling is no exception. Seeing Elder Ling appearing, Gu Changges shouted obediently. ”Grandpa Ling. ”

”Chaner, I haven seen you for a long time. Here, here is a gift from Grandpa. ” Hearing Gu Changges calling him, Elder Ling smiled suddenly, took out the ring and handed it to Gu Changge. ”What is this? ” Gu Changge asked curiously after taking the ring.

”This is a space ring, it can store things, and the space inside is not small, but the most important thing is to protect you. This ring can save your life when you are in danger, so you should keep it well. . ” Elder Ling instructed.

Gu Changge nodded, put the ring on the index finger, covered with divine sense, and the ring immediately became the size suitable for the index finger. At the same time, there was a little more connection with Gu Changges divine sense, which was equivalent to that he had already bound the ring. ring.

A trace of consciousness entered the ring, and Gu Changge saw the gift that Elder Ling gave him.A lot of.All kinds of heaven and earth treasures and medicinal herbs.They are all needed for cultivation. ”These are just some training resources. If you need other resources in the future, you can come to Grandpa Ling. You can do whatever you want. ” Elder Ling said kindly.

”Well, thank you Grandpa Ling. ” Gu Changge nodded.Then, his eyes fell on the real dragon on the side, and he seemed to feel Gu Changges gaze. The real dragon, who seemed to be taking a nap, immediately opened his eyes, and the eyes of dragon and Gu Changge converged, revealing an intimate relationship look.

”This is… a dragon? ”Looking at the real dragon, GGu Changge had an unexpected look on his face.After coming to this world, he has seen many rare and exotic beasts, but he has not seen many dragons, let alone this black dragon, which is quite similar to the description of the Eastern Divine Dragon before crossing.

The horns of a deer, the ears of an ox, the head of a camel, the eyes of a rabbit, the neck of a snake…And so on, coupled with the shiny black scales, I have to say that this black dragon looks very domineering. ”This is a young real dragon that came to you. That bone is a gift from it. ” Gu Daotian said gently.

”Gift? ”Gu Changge nodded slightly. He noticed the bone before and didn care. Hearing the words at this time, he couldn help but jumped gently and landed next to the real dragon.

He wasn worried that the real dragon would hurt him. He could feel that the real dragon had no malice towards him. On the contrary, he was very close.

At this time, Gu Changge arrived, and the real dragon couldn help sticking out his head and rubbing against Gu Changge, expressing his intimacy. ”Did you give this to me? ” Gu Changge asked, pointing to the bone.

”Roar. ”The real dragon let out a low growl and nodded.

Gu Changges stretched out his hand to touch the bone. Just when he touched it, he saw that the original calf-sized bone suddenly became the size of a palm, which seemed to be quite spiritual.

But its just a dead mans bone, and thats because the bone itself is extraordinary.

Holding the bone in his hand, Gu Changges saw the strange characters looming on the bone at a glance.Suddenly my mind was blank.It seems to have come to another world from the forbidden land of the ancient clan.It seems that in the universe, there are thousands of stars all over the body, and when you look up, the sun is almost in front of you.

Gu Changges turned his head to look to the other side, his eyes widened.Those were two pitch-black true dragons.The size is really huge, I don know what strength, the nails on the claws of the two real dragons are bigger than the stars, and the tail swept across the room, and a planet was crushed.One of the real dragons even opened its bloody mouth and took a deep breath. Dozens of planets poured into its mouth, and it was chewed and swallowed like food.

”Roar. ”

The two real dragons roared.Suddenly they fought together.The terrifying body shape, coupled with its own terrifying forces, and arbitrary movements caused the black hole to appear frequently, but the aftermath of the casual battle shattered the black hole.The void trembled.

Morning Star smashes.Countless planets are torn apart.

Sharp dragon claws!Roar deep into the soul.

The scales emitting divine light covered the giant tail, and under the sweep, a starry sky turned into a restricted area.In Gu Changges eyes, the battle between the two real dragons seemed to have some special rhythm, which made him fascinated unconsciously.

[You have an epiphany and comprehend the True Dragon Art: True Dragon Claw. ]

[You have an epiphany and comprehend the True Dragon Treasure Art: Dragon Song Art. ]

[You have an epiphany and comprehend the True Dragon Treasure: True Dragon Fist. ]

[You have an epiphany…]

In his mind, a series of reminders sounded.

Gu Feng seems to be unknown.Indulge in the battle of two real dragons.The trembling starry sky.Shattered countless planets.Can attract his attention, a pair of eyes, only staring at the real dragon in battle.

It was not until a long time later, when Gu Feng came back to his senses again, that he found that he had returned to the forbidden area of ​​the ancient tribe.There is a lot of information in my mind.

”Roar. ”

Gu Feng couldn help roaring, but the sound turned into a dragons roar, which was deafening and spread over tens of thousands of miles. There was a huge real dragon phantom on his body, and his movements were roaring.

”Dragon chant? ”

Seeing this scene, Elder Lings pupils shrank slightly and his expression was amazed. ”Could it be that Fenger has already comprehended the True Dragon Art? ”

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